Occupy Chicago – Phase 2 – Mobilization

Just want to give a quick update.
Around 2am this morning there was an issue with the cops and us needing to make immediate action to make all things there 100% mobile, all bodies must be constantly moving, and absolutely no sitting/sleeping. This resulted in a 3am emergency assembly to discuss how we were going to address this and the long term necessity of an HQ where people can actually camp and stuff can remain setup.
What came about through this discussion was implementing “Occupy Chicago, Phase 2 – Mobilization.” During the day, we are now having people split into smaller groups of about 15 and target different relevant locations in the area. We’ve organized 4 carts each with all necessary items for the breakout groups. In addition, we filled a van with all kinds of extra supplies that are being moved into storage. Good news is, the push gave us a great idea to extend the message past the Fed foot traffic and got major news people out for interviews!
More updates to come on specifics of Occupy Chicago – Phase 2.


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