Madison County Huntsville Jail View: Inmate Roster Search

Madison County Jail View is a valuable resource for individuals seeking information or details about inmates housed in the Madison County Jail in Huntsville, Alabama. This comprehensive overview will guide users through navigating the Madison County Jail website understanding the booking process locating loved ones using Jail View and additional resources and support services.

jail view Madison County


  • Madison County Huntsville Jail offers an inmate search portal to access inmate records, charges, and case descriptions.
  • Huntsville Jail houses various types of inmates and operates under strict security measures and guidelines.
  • To search for an inmate use the online inmate search portal entering the required identification details and applying filters.
  • Mugshots and personal identifiers are available through the inmate search but privacy considerations must be observed when sharing this information.
  • Release date information may be limited or unavailable alternative sources may be required for accurate information.
  • Visitation policies and guidelines at Huntsville Jail vary depending on the inmates status and housing location.
  • Inmates have access to communication options like phone calls, mail, and messaging services, with specific policies and restrictions in place.

Madison County, Huntsville Inmate Search

Inmate search platforms such as Jail View Madison County are essential tools for individuals seeking information on inmates in correctional facilities. These services allow users to access inmate records obtain timely updates and better understand the charges and case details associated with the individuals in question. Madison County Jail View offers a comprehensive and user-friendly database for locating inmates within the Madison County jail system.

Overview of Madison County Jail Facilities

Huntsville Jail located in Madison County, Alabama, is a correctional facility that houses various types of inmates including those awaiting trial serving sentences or in transit to other facilities. Security measures in place ensure the safety of inmates and staff alike and the facility operates under strict guidelines and regulations.

Madison County Inmate Search Step-by-Step

To perform a Madison County inmate search, follow this clear and step-by-step process:

  • Access the inmate search portal: Begin by visiting the Madison County Jail View website or Any the online inmate search portal specific to Madison County, Alabama.
  • Locate the search bar: On the website, find the inmate search bar or tool, which is typically located on the homepage or under a designated “inmate search” tab.
  • Enter inmate identification details: Input the required identification information for the inmate you are searching for. This may include their name, booking number, or date of birth.
  • Apply filters if necessary: If the portal provides filtering options, use these to refine your search results further. Filters may include gender, age, booking date, or charge category.
  • Review the search results: The search results will display a list of inmates matching the information you provided. Carefully review the results to locate the inmate you are seeking.
  • View inmate details: Click on the inmate’s name or any associated link to access their full profile, which should include information such as charges, case descriptions, mugshots, and personal identifiers.
  • Take note of important information: Once you have located the inmate and reviewed their details, make a note of any essential information you may need for future reference or communication with the inmate.

Accessing the Inmate Roster

Various resources are available for individuals looking to access inmate information. Online inmate search portals such as Jail View Huntsville, AL, allow users to search for inmates easily. Additionally the Department of Corrections database provides further information on inmates in the state of Alabama. Utilizing the official website for Huntsville Jail View is another helpful resource for locating inmate records.

Viewing Inmate Details: Charges and Case Descriptions

Upon locating an inmate on jail view in Madison, AL, users can access information regarding charges and case descriptions. Understanding these details is essential for obtaining a comprehensive understanding of an inmate’s legal status and any pending trials.

Mugshots and Personal Identifiers of Inmates

Mugshots and identifying features are essential components of inmate records. These details available through jail view in Huntsville, Alabama, help users verify the identity of the individual in question. Privacy considerations must be taken into account when sharing or disseminating this information.

Limitations of Release Date Information

Release date information may not always be accurate or readily available through jail view in Huntsville, AL. Factors affecting release dates include parole eligibility sentence modifications or other legal proceedings. In these cases seeking alternative sources for release date information is advised.

Visitation Policies and Guidelines

Visitation rules and regulations at Madison prison facilities vary depending on the inmate’s status and housing location. Scheduling visits and obtaining approval for visitors is essential before arriving at the jail. During visitation hours, visitors must adhere to the facility’s guidelines and conduct requirements.

Visitation Timings

DayVisitation Timings
Sunday9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
MondayNo Visitation
Tuesday9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
WednesdayNo Visitation
Thursday9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
FridayNo Visitation
Saturday9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Various Ways of Communicating with an Inmate: Phone Calls, Mail, and Messaging

Inmates at Huntsville, Alabama, jail viewing facilities have access to various communication services, including phone calls, mail, and messaging. Regulations and restrictions apply to these services and it is crucial to familiarize oneself with the specific policies for each method of communication.

Inmate Rights and Grievance Procedures

Understanding inmate rights and the grievance process is essential for ensuring fair treatment and addressing any concerns or complaints. Inmates at the Huntsville city jail view facility have the right to report grievances and seek assistance in resolving issues. Family members and friends of inmates should familiarize themselves with these rights and procedures to better support their incarcerated loved ones.

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Contact Information of Huntsville Jail

Huntsville Jail’s address and contact details are essential for those looking to visit or communicate with an inmate. Visitation guidelines and schedules vary depending on the inmate’s status and housing location. It is essential to reach out to the jail authorities to obtain accurate information regarding visitation and other related matters using jail view in Madison County, AL.

Madison County Detention Facility Addresses

Physical Address815 Wheeler Ave, Huntsville, AL 35801
Mailing AddressPO Box 2047, Huntsville, AL 35804
Main Line(256) 519-4800
Administration(256) 519-4839
Administration Fax(256) 519-4840
Email for Comments, Complaints, and

Madison County Arrest Statistics

Madison County Arrest Statistics
Total arrests (3 years)7,470
Arrest rate (2017)687.46 per 100,000 residents
Violent crime arrests380
Recent Arrest Trends
Aggravated Assault311
Violent vs. Non-Violent Crimes
Violent crimes (2017)380
Non-violent crimes (2017)2,074
Crime Rate by Age Groups
Misdemeanor Crime Rate by Race
Madison County Jail and Inmate Records
Total jails825
Total jail population825
Female inmates145 (18%)
Male inmates690 (82%)

FAQs – about the Madison, Huntsville Jail Inmate Search

Common queries about the inmate search process at jail view Madison County AL facilities can be addressed through accurate and up-to-date answers provided by the facility or online resources. Additional resources for further information include official websites inmate support groups and legal professionals.

How can I search for inmates in Alabama, Madison County Huntsville Jail?

To search for inmates in Madison County Huntsville Jail visit the jail view Huntsville online inmate search portal enter the required identification details and use filters to effectively narrow down search results.

What information do I need to perform an inmate search at Huntsville Jail?

For an inmate search at Huntsville Jail you’ll need the inmates name, booking number, or date of birth. Additional information, such as their physical appearance or charges, can help refine the search.

Can I access inmate release date information through the Huntsville Jail inmate search?

Inmate release date information may not always be accurate or available through the Huntsville Jail inmate search. Factors such as parole eligibility sentence modifications, or legal proceedings can affect release dates. Alternative sources may be required.

What are the visitation policies and guidelines for Huntsville Jail inmates?

Visitation policies and guidelines for Huntsville Jail inmates vary depending on the inmate’s status and housing location. You must schedule visits obtain visitor approval, and adhere to facility guidelines and conduct requirements during visitation.

How can I contact an inmate at Huntsville Jail?

To contact an inmate at Huntsville Jail, you can send mail make phone calls, or use messaging services. Note that specific regulations and restrictions apply to these communication methods.

Are mugshots and personal identifiers of inmates available through the Huntsville Jail inmate search?

Mugshots and personal identifiers of inmates are available through the Huntsville Jail inmate search. Ensure you consider privacy concerns when sharing or disseminating this information.

What are the communication options available for inmates at Huntsville Jail?

Inmates at Huntsville Jail can communicate through phone calls, mail, and messaging services. Familiarize yourself with the specific policies and restrictions for each communication method.

To ensure a smooth and effective inmate search process it is essential to use reliable and accurate resources such as Huntsville, AL jail view, and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide. Understanding the importance of privacy considerations and inmate rights will further aid in successfully navigating the search process.

In Wrapping up. jail view in Madison County, Alabama, is a valuable tool for locating and accessing information about inmates in the Madison County jail system. By utilizing this resource and following the guidance provided in this article individuals can effectively navigate the inmate search process and obtain the information they need.

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