Happy Valentines Day Messages,Sms For Her/Him

best valentine quotes wishes for boyfriend

Sweet Valentines Day Messages,And Greetings To wish Her/Him Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Valentines day Cute Messages: Sweet words for Valentine’s Day If you are looking for ideas to write him a nice love letter on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, so come and get inspiration by browsing our sample letters. Romance, passion, tenderness, humor: there is something for everyone, all the couples! There is even a small text to throw a invitation to a romantic dinner. Enough to melt her heart!

Valentines Day Messages

1.Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you. One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

2.Curved high on a mountain, covered deep in dew, I saw these words… I LOVE YOU! ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

3.Even though Valentine’s day costs a lot more with a girlfriend, you are the one girl in this world who is totally worth it. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

4.“I hope for Valentine people write letters by hand , even ungrammatical , with erasures , markers reds and burnt edges with a lighter , not insignificant messages that light up on the screen of a mobile whatsoever. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

5.As a friend, you have always watched my back and been the pillar of support to lean on. You’ve shared my happy and sad times without complaining. You are a true friend with benefits! Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

6.It doesn’t matter if you are thousands of miles away from your lover. Distance can never be the reason for not sending a love message to your partner. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

7.Somewhere, someone dreams of your smile and finds your presence in life so worthwhile. So when you are lonely, remember it’s true that someone somewhere is thinking of you ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

8.My love for you is proved by the romance and care we both share. You are my someone special and I wish I never lose you ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

9.I feel like a child – appy and smiling, but not so good when left alone. You’re to blame for my condition! Now fix it. Meet me soon ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

10.You fill my life with a sense of warmth and bliss, and I cannot imagine a day without looking into your eyes, holding your hand, or kissing your lips. Happy Valentine’s Day to the center of my universe. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

11.I prayed for God to send me someone truly amazing. He heard my prayer, and I am so thankful that He chose to send you. Happy Valentine’s Day – you are truly heaven sent. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

12.Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day full of romanticism and love. With you, however, it’s Valentine’s Day every day! I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

13.My love for you gives me joy and pure happiness and I never thought I could ever be so lucky. Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

14.The day we met, I looked into your eyes and I immediately knew that you were going to be my sweet Valentine for life! Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

Wishing Happy Valentines Day With Love Poems to Her/Him Boyfriend/Girlfriend

is our day
even if we say sweetie
between us is
the feast of love every day
happy valentines

- Valentine greeting cards for her -

is the perfect day
to send my love
to a wonderful woman
I wish in your heart
of beautiful dreams of happiness
that I’d like to do ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Love sms valentine for women -

this message of love
my dear wife
would bring you
a supply of happiness
that will last all year
good valentine ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Small wish for valentine wife -

words of tenderness
that come from my heart
to kiss you with
my eternal love
happy Valentine

- Love messages for girlfriend valentine – ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

I love you sweetie
in return I get
your sweet magic
you’re the destination
of my heart ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Valentine poems for women -

on this special day
for lovers
this is the perfect opportunity
to shout my love
I will never stop
loving you ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Word of love for her valentine -

asssez I do not share
my dreams and hopes
and yet you’re part
I do not say often enough to you
that I love you tenderly
good valentine ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Greeting valentine for femmei -
your heart keep me prisoner 
I will not be delivered 
because you love me that 
is worth more than my freedom ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Love valentine greeting cards -


if you were a tear 
in the corner of my eye 
I dare not cry 
for fear of losing you 
I love you so much 
my love ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Love sms valentine -

I love you for many things 
for your beautiful smile 
that touches me 
in your gentle hand 
on my shoulder 
I just love you 
because you’re you ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Little love valentine wish -

I love you as 
only you can love make you 
feel like you give me to say 
I love you like 
I never loved ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Love message valentine -

happy valentine 
you’re talented, charming, 
exciting, witty 
and fun simply amazing ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Romantic poem valentine -

the elusive love 
the inexplicable love 
love that dream 
love always love 
good valentine! ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Little word of love valentine -

happy valentine sweetheart 
great tenderness and joy 
on this day when my heart 
only search your happiness 
I love you my love ♥ ♥Happy Valentines Day♥ ♥

- Little love valentine wishes -

’10’Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her/Him to surprise Lover{boyfriend/Girlfriend}

Valentines Day Gifts and Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Best Valentines day Gift ideas for her/him

Almost Valentine’s Day and of course you want to surprise your love. But how can you do this in a nice way? Awkward? No, Romantic Gift helps you a hand. Please, no less than ten fun and original Valentine Gifts for him and her.

1. Valentine card. Always good!

Surprise your love this year with a real card, which is delivered good old-fashioned by the postman. Sure it is small but sweet gesture appreciated. Even better is to surprise your Valentine with a card and gift. A gift card and you can easily order via ‘Greets. How about a hug, chocolate or balloon. In short, The choice of fine Valentine Gifts is great.

Valentines Day Gifts and Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

2. Beautiful bouquet of flowers

A beautiful romantic surprise: beautiful bouquet of flowers! These can be ordered easily online and have it delivered by Euro florist. Want a special bouquet for your Valentine? Then we can recommend ‘Frederique’s Choice’. Here you beautiful bouquets, bouquet with lovely names like Paris, Venice or Crazy for ordering finger. Super convenient from Frederique, you get a biodegradable vase included with all bouquets.

3. Wish Your Valentine With chocolate

Do you want an original and very nice way to show your love Valentine? Send a chocolate telegram. You can express your Valentine message on the chocolate telegram. (read our review)

4. The ultimate Valentine Gifts: a hotel

The ultimate Valentine gift is surely a hotel stay. Therefore Surprise your Valentine with a lovely weekend in a romantic hotel! View our selection of romantic hotels or hotels with private jacuzzi! Super romantic is also a romantic package. With a romantic package is your stay even more special by the romantic extras like, a night in a luxury suite, rose petals on the bed, champagne breakfast and an intimate dinner. For a nice romantic package we can ‘Hotel Moment recommend.

5. Bracelet with personal (love) Text

What a great gift this is! More personal, we can hardly find. You can give namely Zazzy’ a bracelet with a 3D printed name gift. Here you can choose from a variety of materials with which the bracelet can be printed. Also you can choose the color. Would you want to produce great things you can also make a necklace with name designs. Super love the 3D rings. Bracelets are available from Best price

Personalized Romantic Gifts & Romance Gift Ideas

Creative Valentines Day Gifts Ideas

6. Personal Valentine Gift

Valentine gift you have to have a personal touch, but you still have no idea what or how this gift should look like. Take a look at ‘YourSurprise’, in this large shop you will find fine gifts for Valentine. Of a chocolate heart ‘to’ mug ‘and’ kiss‘, which can provide you with your own image or personal text.

7. My Heart’s

Surprise your loved one or friend with this white washed wooden heart with your own personal wishes. In this way you let your heart speak literally, super anyway! )

8. Romantic Getaways

No card or flowers, but give this year Valentine romantic getaway gift. This is both a super nice gift! A (romantic) getaway example: a day floating in a whisper boat, a cave brunch or a romantic candlelight cruise! For more trips you can look at our selection of Romantic Getaways’

9. A day spa

With a day spa surprising not only your Valentine, this is also a great gift for Valentine Tijs yourself. That’s not distressed, seems to us? You can visit one of the big saunas as Zwaluwhoeve or Thermae 2000′. For smaller saunas or sauna at your in the area, you can go to SpaOnline. This website contains almost all the saunas in the Netherlands. In addition to a sauna overview you can buy here also entrance Discounted tickets. That is not pervert The gift is in the form of a gift certificate.

valentine's day creative gift ideas

valentine’s day gift ideas for girlfriend

10. Nice scent

A nice cologne, any woman or man is not to love now? Also with this Valentine‘s still one of the most popular gifts! Where you can find better than the perfume specialist ‘Douglas’ Not only in the city you can come to ‘Douglas’ visit, also you can go on the Internet. All known perfume brands are also available online and in addition, the perfumes, as in the city, beautifully packed for your Valentine.Of course there are many more super beautiful Valentine Gifts. These gifts can be found in our ‘Gift Finder. Or look at Valentine gift for him and here forValentine gift for her, “are you looking for a gift for two? Look at our selection Present for two.” Whether your loved one surprised with a Valentine gift or not, we wish you a wonderful day!

Happy Valentines Day ‘HD’ Images,Pictures,Photos With Love Quotes,Messages,Wishes

Valentine's Day Stock Photos, Videos and Images

Happy Valentines Day HD Images,Wallpapers,Pictures,Photos

Happy Valentine’s day 2015 to all of lovers around the world. In this page, we share the best Happy Valentine images, valentine cards, valentine images with quotes. Wish you have happy Valentine with your love ♥

Valentines Day HD Images,Wallpapers: The day when the love will shower from sky on the lovers. And on this very romantic day we are always here, to give you latest happy valentines day images 2015 and valentines day wallpaper for romantic greetings. Send this valentine’s day wishes by sms or messages to your love

Below I have given few happy valentines day images 2015 to share with your boyfriend, girlfriend. Just right click on this valentines day images 2015 and save it in your PC or mobile and then share it with your loved ones.

Valentines Day Images,photos,wallpapers Valentine Cards to share on facebook

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Happy Valentines Day Pictures

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Best Valentine’s Day Pictures, Images,

Happy Valentine's Day Images, Cards, Sms and Quotes 2014

Happy Valentine’s day 2015 images

40 Lovely and Sweet Animal Pictures for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day

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valentines day images

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Happy valentines day Images for Her/Him

40 Free Valentine's Day Images

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Valentines Day Flower Pictures | Send Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day Images


40+Happy Valentine’s day Messages,Wishes,Greetings ,SMS,For Her/Him/Boyfriend,Girlfriend

Best valentines day wishes on Ecard gif

Best Valentines Day Messages,SMS,Greetings,to Keep Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Her/Him Happy By Wishing

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Valentines day Messages for her/him

1.To love someone deeply gives us strength. Feeling deeply loved by someone gives us courage. (Lao Tzu)♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

2.To love is to risk not want him. To hope is to risk pain. Try is to risk failure. But you have to take risks. For the most dangerous thing in life is to risk nothing. (Leo Buscaglia). ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

3.Love is like war. Easy to begin but very hard to stop. (HL Mencken ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

4. In dreams and in love there be impossible. (Janos Arnay). ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

5.I do not love you because you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful because I love you. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

6.Rate especially love to receive. It will survive long after your treasures have disappeared and your health ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

7.Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own happiness. (Robert A. Heinlein) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

8.We love not when we find the perfect person, but when we learn to believe that an imperfect person is totally perfect. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

9.If you do not love me, I will never loved. If I do not love you, I will never love. (Samuel Beckett) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

10It is possible to give without loving. But it is impossible to love without giving. (Richard Braunstien) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

11.Draw a circle, not a heart around the name you want. A heart can be broken, but a circle goes on forever. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

12.You need to have an open meeting your true love eye. But you need to have both closed to keep. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

13.Love is joining despite all odds. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

14.When two people increasingly need to see each other less and less to others, is that they are in love. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

15.I love you not for who you are, but for what I am when I am with you. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

16.It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death. (Thomas Mann) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

17.If you deceive someone, you lose one of the greatest treasures of life. You lose the ability to trust. Because without trust, love is impossible. (Osho) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

18.Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. (Henry Louis Mencken) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

19.Do not tell me you love me. Show me. (Omage Jossy) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

20.In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the longest distance you can build bridges. (Hans Nouwens) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

21.A bell is no bell to ring. A song is no song until you sing. A love is not love until you give away. (Oscar Hammerstein II) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

22.Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternity. (Henry Van Dyke) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

23.If we reject the love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our life will be empty, and our greatest loss ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

24.To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. (David Viscott) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

25.Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love. (Nelson) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

26.True love has no happy ending. True love has no end. ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

27.I decided to go for love. Hate is too great a burden. (Martin Luther King, Jr.) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

28.During my youth love will be my teacher; maturity, my help; and in old age will be my charm. (Kahlil Gibran) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥


29.Thou that I love, small, red wheat grain, will be tough fighting, life will be hard, but come with me. ( Pablo Neruda ). ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

30.There are kisses that produce ravings of love hot and mad passion, you know them well are my kisses invented by me, for your mouth. (Gabriela Mistral) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

31.Love is life, and life is love; begets madness and gives way to delirium; purgatory and heaven joys martyrdom; your pain is so strong that his happiness is pain. ( Joaquín Dicenta ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

32.Because you’re mine, because you’re not mine, because I look and die, and worse than I die if I do not look at love, if I do not watch. ( Mario Benedetti ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

33.Is prohibited without rejoice miss you, forget the moments that made ​​me love, all because our paths have stopped hugging, forget our past and our present pay. (Alfredo Cuervo Barrero) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

34.If I were God, the earth and the waves, angels, demons subject to my law. And deep deep chaos involved, eternity, space, heaven, the worlds I’d give for a kiss! ( Victor Hugo ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

35.To love a woman, feel her breath, and listen to his side sweet and harmonious accent; have your mouth to our united mouth and neck in our laid back, is the great pleasure of life, the deepest enjoyment that can be enjoyed over the world! ( Manuel Acuña ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

36.I must pretend that there are others. It’s a lie. Only you. My misery and my happiness, inexhaustible and pure. ( Jorge Luis Borges ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

37.No, love is not late. Your heart and mine know that there late secretly love. ( José Ángel Buesa ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

38.In you thought, in your hair that shadow world would envy, and put a point in my life in them, and I wanted to dream that you were mine. ( José Martí ) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥

39.Love is life, and life is love; begets madness and gives way to delirium; purgatory and heaven joys martyrdom; your pain is so strong that his happiness is pain. (Joaquín Dicenta) ♥ ♥ Happy valentines day ♥ ♥