Samsung Creates Interest With “the Next Galaxy”

The campaign for the launch of the new Galaxy smartphone range has begun. It has done this through Twitter, where Samsung has released a teaser that comes with the message “The Next Galaxy”, accompanied by a publication and a video. By now we know little, but do not forget that the Mobile World Congress 2015 is approaching.

” I am #TheNextGalaxy “.

With this teaser we are preparing to meet the Samsung Galaxy S6 , the new smartphone from the Korean company that could become a great success if all goes well. Missing so little time to celebrate the Mobile World Congress 2015 is a clear sign that the offices of Samsung are increasingly eager to advertise your device and presenting it to users.

In the video we hear a narrative that creates even more expectations to the public. This reads: “A great vision. A unique view. That’s what inspires me, “while at the same time we are seeing how the camera moves through a darkened with spotlights strategically placed and moving toward a lighted tunnel end. At the end there is an icon labeled: ” I am #TheNextGalaxy “.

The Unpacked event in which the mobile is announced will take place on March 1st in Barcelona, ​​shortly before the Mobile World Congress 2015 will be the ideal time to learn what the company has prepared for this new terminal, which should bring together the most powerful technical components in terms of what we require today. It is also very possible that Samsung take the event to announce some other proposal. There would be ruled developments in wearable or in relation to other phones that are part of the Galaxy environment . We’re a few weeks of the event, so you just have to be a little patient.

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Rumors about the next mobile grooming Samsung

The New Galaxy Tablet’S Will Be Thinner Than The Ipad Air 2

Rumors about the next mobile grooming Samsung are numerous and increasingly know more of them. This leads to the interesting thing right now is to know your next tablet: the new Galaxy Tablet S model . What will? A leak says it will have a smaller than that presented by the thickness iPad Air 2 , allowing you to emphasize much on the market.

Rumors about the next mobile grooming SamsungAs discussed in various international sources, Samsung will opt for this model by using a metal frame as we saw in other recent models. The aim is that the device looks a premium appearance at its best and that users recognize at first glance that this is a model of great power and quality from first contact.

It will go on sale as rumors suggest, in two versions: 9.7 inches and 8 inches. This means that Samsung has decided to change the screen size from the previous incarnation of the tablet. We do not know if or trade policy if for comfort to the time of making the screens . In any case, the previous model had a 10.5 inch screen at most 8.4 inch and smaller in size, so that the change is not drastic.

This Galaxy Tab S2 use the format 4: 3 picture that has also taken in tablet Galaxy Tab A Plus and Galaxy Tab A . The main difference between these models is that the 2 models Galaxy Tab to fit the mid range while the Tab S2 be high-end , responding to customer needs. From all this we may know more with the arrival of Mobile World Congress to be held in a few weeks.

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maxx audio install on cynogen mode

MaxxAudio reaches all Android why should install it now?

MaxxAudio is one of the great innovations that came with the OnePlus One . A sound enhancement system and equalizer that works perfectly and allows mobile terminal one of the best players in the world. Now, thanks to XDA, any Android user can enjoy some of its characteristics, why should we install in our terminals?

maxx audio install on cynogen modeA few days ago we told you that the OnePlus One was updated with a new OTA with significant improvements. Despite not arrive with Android Lollipop, OnePlus decided to incorporate an interesting application , especially for those who love music. MaxxAudio This is a software that improves the sound of our smartphone by adjusting various parameters . Thus, especially when using headphones, you can enjoy greater wealth in virtually all frequencies, customizing the maximum tones depending on the music you’re listening to at that time. MaxxAudio is composed of various functions that touch almost every possible aspect for maximum performance.

As time has passed, the guys at XDA have managed to extract the MaxxAudio application and the libraries used by the terminal, so that anyone can install it on your Android device and test it. Obviously not OnePlus want Oppo or other Android phones can get the benefit of Maxx Audio, but often the ingenuity of the developers is greater. If we visit the application thread on XDA check that all users have indicated that Maxx Audio works both in Cyanogen Mod Cyanogen Mod 11 and 12 , having an opportunity to also work on other Android devices.

MaxxAudioTo install it, we need to have our rooted smartphone , otherwise we can not do anything. Just move the libraries present on the downloaded file to the appropriate folders on your smartphone and install the apk. Some who have tried Maxx Audio indicate that if have not benefited no noticeable improvement, but others who claim the difference is huge, especially if we get the 10 bars of original EQ that can be enjoyed in the EPO (for now This has been tested only in CM12, no other ROMs).

Moreover, there is a solution to almost every problem that can be found, especially about the impossibility of complete settings enable all the yarn itself. Also, keep in mind that our smartphone DSP also be of high quality, ie the component that is responsible for eliminating noise and play music with maximum detail.