Okaloosa County Jail View, Florida: Inmate Search

Located in Crestview, Florida, the Okaloosa County Jail serves as a crucial component of the county’s criminal justice system. With a commitment to public safety and transparency, the jail provides essential information through its inmate search, jail view, and mugshot records. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide for accessing and understanding these resources, while also emphasizing responsible and ethical use of the information.

Okaloosa County Department of Correction

Okaloosa County Jail View

Jail View is a user-friendly online system that allows the public to access current inmate information at the Okaloosa County Jail View site. It serves as a valuable tool for families, friends, attorneys, and other interested parties to stay informed about the status of inmates in custody.

How to access Jail View for Okaloosa County

To access Jail View, visit the Okaloosa County Jail’s official website and click on the “Jail View” link. This will redirect you to the Jail View portal where you can search for inmate information.

6 Step by step Process to check Inmate Details

  1. Enter the following web address in your browser’s address bar to access the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office website: https://www.sheriff-okaloosa.org
  2. Locate the “Inmate Search” or “Jail View” link within the top menu of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office homepage.
  3. Click on the “Inmate Search” or “Jail View” link to be redirected to the Jail View portal.
  4. Enter the inmate’s first name, last name, or booking number in the search bar. Select from the dropdown menus to filter by release date or booking date.
  5. A list of inmates matching your search criteria will appear, along with their booking information, charges, bond amounts, and other relevant information.
  6. Click on the inmate’s name or booking number in the search results to view additional information about his or her case.
Remember that the Jail View portal is regularly updated, but there might be occasional delays in displaying new information. Always use this data responsibly and respect the privacy of inmates and their families.

Inmate details

Jail View provides essential inmate details such as name, booking number, date of birth, and physical description. It also includes information about the charges against the inmate, bond amounts, and court dates.

Booking and release information

In addition to inmate details, Jail View displays booking and release information, helping users understand the inmate’s custody status.

Inmate Search in Okaloosa County Jail

Why is inmate search essential? An inmate search allows users to locate specific inmates within the Okaloosa County Jail system. It is particularly helpful for individuals seeking to provide support to inmates or track their progress through the criminal justice system.

Okaloosa County Jail inmate search

Online search options

The easiest way to conduct an inmate search is through the jail’s online inmate search portal. Users can input the inmate’s first and last name or booking number to find relevant information. To ensure a successful search, provide the inmate’s full name, date of birth, and booking number (if available).

Telephone and in-person inquiries

For those without internet access, telephone and in-person inquiries are alternative options. Contact the Okaloosa County Jail directly for help.

Tips for a successful search

When searching for an inmate, double-check the spelling of their name and use variations if necessary. Additionally, be prepared with alternate identifying information, such as a date of birth or booking number.

Mugshots at the Okaloosa County Jail

The role of mugshots in the criminal justice system Mugshots are photographs taken of individuals upon their arrest. They play a vital role in the criminal justice system by aiding in identification, investigation, and public awareness.

How to access Okaloosa County Jail mugshots

Mugshots can be accessed through various online databases, such as the Okaloosa County Jail’s official website or third-party sites dedicated to mugshot records.

Local law enforcement agencies and media outlets may also release mugshots for public viewing, particularly for high-profile cases or ongoing investigations.

To access Crestview-specific mugshots, use the same online resources and law enforcement channels mentioned earlier. Ensure that you refine your search criteria to focus on Crestview and Okaloosa County Jail.

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Jail Visitation Hours

DayVisiting Hours
MondayNo Visitation
Tuesday10:00 AM to 4:40 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM to 4:40 PM
Thursday10:00 AM to 4:40 PM
Friday10:00 AM to 4:40 PM
SaturdayNo Visitation
SundayNo Visitation

Okaloosa County Jail Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Office NameOkaloosa County Sheriff’s Department
Address50 2nd Street, Shalimar, Florida, 32579
Phone Number850-651-7410

Information about Okaloosa County Jail, Florida

Facility NameOkaloosa County Jail
Facility TypeCounty Jails in Florida
Address1200 East James Lee Boulevard, Crestview, FL, 32539-3114
Phone Number850-689-5690
CountyOkaloosa County

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