Jackson Correctional Institution Malone, FL Inmate Search, Contact info

Navigating the complexities of the correctional system can be daunting This blog post aims to demystify the Jackson Correctional Institution in Florida a facility with its unique rules and regulations. We delve into the institution’s infrastructure inmate population and procedures for inmate searches and mugshots.

The blog post also explores the institutions’ visitation rules timings and outlines the rehabilitation and education programs offered. Additionally readers will find accurate and up to date contact information.

Image of Jackson Correctional Institution, a prominent jail facility in Florida, depicting its infrastructure and population.

This post has been written to be easily understandable with a commitment to verified facts and clear concise information. The goal is to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the Jackson Correctional Institution operations and procedures.

Note that while this post strives to provide comprehensive information it is always a good practice to reach out directly to the institution for the most current information.

Jackson County Correctional Facility Inmate Search & Contact info

County NameJackson County
Facility NameJackson County Correctional Facility
Type of JailCounty Jail
Inmate Search LinkInmate Search Link
Jail Visitation InfoVisitation Timings
Inmate Mailing Address4012 Lafayette Street, Malone, Florida, 32445
Jail Contact InformationJacksonCI.WardenOffice@fdc.myflorida.com
Telephone Number850 482965
Facility Websitehttp://www.dc.state.fl.us/ci/104.html
Official Jail Websitewww.jacksoncountyfl.net

Jackson County Correctional Facility Malone, FL: Overview

Located in Malone, Florida Jackson County Correctional Facility was established in 1991 as part of the Florida Department of Corrections. It was built to accommodate a maximum of 1346 inmates but recent data shows a higher daily average of 1389 inmates showing an increased need for its services.

Over time, the facility evolved from a punitive institution to one focused on rehabilitation Inmate programs aim to prepare residents for societal reentry A significant shift in the facility’s philosophy was seen when Jackson and Graceville Work Camps were included under its purview offering inmates opportunities to learn valuable skills

Under the supervision of Warden Jimmy Johnson, the facility maintains a secure environment ensuring lawful and respectful treatment of inmates. The history of Jackson Correctional Institution is one of adaptation and evolution marking its importance in Jackson County’s correctional system.

Understanding the Jackson County Correctional Facility

The Jackson County Correctional Facility serves as a holding center for those awaiting trial or sentencing. This institution maintains a high standard of care and security ensuring safety and order.

Recent Developments at Jackson Correctional Institution

If you wish to stay updated about the latest events at Jackson Correctional Institution consider subscribing to Florida Department of Corrections news portal. It presents relevant and recent information about the institution.

Jackson Correctional Institution Infrastructure, Population, Inmate Life

Jackson County Correctional Facility a medium security prison houses male offenders within a modern multi building complex With 13 housing units each unit includes two person cells and dormitories Amenities include medical and mental health care facilities, a kitchen and dining area a library and recreational areas.

Jail Population

The facility is home to a diverse inmate population With a higher daily average of 1389 inmates than its maximum capacity of 1346 the demographic ranges from minimum to close custody inmates Most inmates are serving long-term sentences and a considerable portion is involved in various work programs contributing to the local community and learning essential life skills.

Inmate Life at Jail

Life within the facility revolves around discipline safety and rehabilitation. Inmates take part in programs including vocational training GED classes and substance abuse programs. These activities aim to equip inmates with the skills and mindset needed for a successful life post-incarceration.

the facilitys infrastructure meets the demands of a diverse inmate population while fostering an environment conducive to rehabilitation

Inmate Search at Jackson County Correctional Facility

In the process of locating an inmate in the Jackson County Correctional Facility one must follow certain steps and consider privacy rules. The following is a guide to assist in the successful search for an inmate.

  • First visit the official website of the Jackson County Correctional Facility Look for the option that refers to inmate search or inmate locator Click Here to Link
  • On the search page input Enter all the details about the inmate This usually includes the inmates first and last name more details may be needed like the inmate’s date of birth or inmate number
  • Hit the search button once all the details are filled in
  • If there are multiple results, browse through them until you find the inmate you are looking for

Remember to respect privacy laws and regulations during this process. Use this information responsibly

Tips for Easy Inmate Lookup

Are you looking to locate an inmate? You can perform an inmate search for Jackson Correctional Institution with ease on the Florida Department of Corrections website. This tool allows you to find inmates by their names or by their unique identifiers.

Mugshot Search

Searching for inmate mugshots in the Jackson County Correctional Facility entails a few simple steps. Keep in mind that mugshots are part of public records but their use is governed by certain legal constraints. Here is a quick guide to finding mugshots of inmates at the correctional facility.

  1. Start by accessing the official website of the Jackson County Correctional Facility
  2. Navigate to the inmate search section. You should be able to find an option to access mugshots or jail records.
  3. Input the required inmate information the first and last name of the inmate Sometimes you may need to provide the inmate number or date of birth
  4. Hit the search button and browse the results for the desired mugshot

Ensure you comply with all legal and privacy requirements when accessing and using this information

Rehabilitation and Education Programs for Inmates

At the heart of Jackson Correctional Institution efforts lies the core goal of rehabilitation and the reintegration of inmates into society. An array of programs serve this mission targeting personal growth vocational skills and education.

In the realm of personal growth counseling services are pivotal. Individual and group sessions cover topics such as substance abuse, anger management, and family dynamics. These encounters encourage introspection, foster emotional intelligence and enable inmates to break free from harmful patterns of behavior.

Vocational training program

The vocational training program at Jackson Correctional is diverse aiming to equip inmates with practical skills and work ethics that will serve them well upon release From carpentry to culinary arts inmates can learn trades that can lead to gainful employment These programs managed by trained staff emphasize the balance between hard work and personal satisfaction.

Education Program

Education is another cornerstone of rehabilitation at Jackson Correctional Inmates can complete their GED and partake in a range of further educational courses setting a strong foundation for a more prosperous future This commitment to learning encourages inmates to envisage a life beyond prison providing them with tools to actualize this vision.

Jackson Correctional Institution continues to improve its rehabilitation and education programs underlining its commitment to turning lives around. This holistic approach has yielded many success stories with many former inmates leading fulfilling lives post-release.

Jail Visitation Rules and Timings

To maintain a supportive and healthy environment for inmates at Jackson County Correctional Facility visitations are permitted under strict guidelines Both the visitor and inmate must adhere to these rules to ensure a smooth and beneficial visitation process

Here are the key points to remember:

Visitation hours: Visits are conducted during specific time slots throughout the week Check the current schedule with the facility administration or on the Jackson County Jail official website.

Visitor requirements: All visitors must have valid identification and must be on the approved visitor list of the inmate they wish to see. An adult should accompany minors.

Prohibited items: Personal items including cell phones, wallets and bags, are not allowed in the visitation area Visitors must store these items in lockers or leave them in their vehicles

Visitation process: Upon arrival visitors must register at the front desk and wait for their names to be called. They may deny please arrive early as late visitors entry.

Remember maintaining the decorum of the jail visitation process is vital It contributes to the inmates wellbeing and the overall order of the institution Breaking these rules can cause the cancellation of visitation rights.

Video Visitation

To strengthen connections between inmates and their loved one’s Jackson Correctional Institution has introduced video visitation services. With this service you can connect with inmates remotely without the need to travel to the institution.

Access the Visitation Form

Jackson Correctional Institution offers an online Visitation Form a prerequisite for visiting inmates The form requires essential information such as your name inmates details and planned visit date Its necessary to fill and submit the form truthfully as any misrepresentation can lead to a denial of visitation rights.

The Visitation Form can be accessed at this link Click Here. After submission await approval from the institution before scheduling your visit. Always remember your communication plays a vital role in an inmate’s rehabilitation process.

Correctional Institution Visitation Timings

DayVisitation Hours
MondayNo Visitation
TuesdayNo Visitation
WednesdayNo Visitation
ThursdayNo Visitation
FridayNo Visitation
Saturday8:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST
Sunday8:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST
Note: Once approved as a visitor complete the Visitation Request Form between Monday 5:00 AM and Wednesday 5:00 PM EST for the same weeks visitation Appointments must be scheduled in advance walkups aren't allowed Don't call to schedule the facility cannot handle high call volumes Ensure you use only the official forms provided by the Florida Department of Corrections.

Communication with Inmates

Inmates at the Jackson County Correctional Facility have various communication channels at their disposal. These methods help maintain their contact with the outside world and promote mental wellbeing.

The primary communication methods include:

  • Mail services: Inmates can send and receive letters through the jails mail system. However all mail is subject to inspection for contraband and inappropriate content.
  • Phone calls: Inmates have access to phone services but all calls Will be recorded and subject to monitoring for security reasons. Inmates can make outgoing calls only.
  • Electronic messaging: In some cases inmates may have access to secure electronic messaging systems. This service is like email but is also subject to monitoring

Its crucial to remember that misuse of these communication channels can cause privileges being revoked. Communication must always be respectful and follow the guidelines set by the jail administration.

Jackson Correctional Institution Inmate mailing

It is possible to send mail to inmates in the Jackson Correctional Institution. However all incoming mail must follow the institution’s strict guidelines to ensure safety and order within the institution.

To stay connected with loved ones inmates at Jackson Correctional Institution can receive mail. Here are the essential steps you need to follow

  • Write the inmates full name followed by their Department of Corrections number on the envelope
  • Include the institutions name and address. The full address is Jackson Correctional Institution 5563 10th St Malone FL 32445
  • No return address will cause discarded mail. Write your full name and address on the top left corner of the envelope.

While it is important to maintain communication there are certain restrictions for inmate mail. For instance certain items like money gifts or explicit content among others are strictly prohibited. Always adhere to the Florida Department of Corrections mailing rules to avoid mail rejection.

Note: The prison administration reserves the right to open and inspect all incoming mail for security reasons. Your cooperation ensures a smooth and secure communication process with the inmates.

Inmate Services

At the Correctional Institution in Malone, a variety of services aim to ensure inmate wellbeing and rehabilitation. These services reflect a commitment to upholding human rights and preparing inmates for a productive life post release.

These essential services include:

Healthcare: The institution provides medical dental and mental health services A team of professionals conducts regular checkups and handles emergencies, ensuring inmates’ physical and psychological health needs are met

Meals: Nutritious meals are a priority Dietary requirements are catered to ensuring inmates with medical or religious dietary restrictions receive meals

Recreation: Recreational activities are available for physical health and stress management Facilities may include a gym outdoor fields or craft workshops

Religious: services The institution respects the faiths of all inmates, providing space and time for various religious practices and services

These services represent the institutions’ commitment to maintaining a humane environment that prioritizes rehabilitation and respect for inmate rights

Inmate Release and Parole

Upon completion of an inmate sentence at the Jackson County Correctional Facility, there is an established process for their release. Here is a brief breakdown of what you can expect.

First inmates are informed of their imminent release. They are then processed for release which involves a final check of documents and retrieval of belongings held in storage during incarceration

For inmates under parole there is an additional process to determine parole eligibility. This is handled by a parole board which reviews the inmates behavior participation in rehabilitation programs and readiness for reintegration into society.

After the release it is not the end of the road. Post release support is a critical part of the process. Various support programs help released inmates transition back into society helping with job placement housing and counseling.

Jackson County Correctional Facility Address, Contact Information

The Jackson County Correctional Facility is a vital part of Malone Florida law enforcement. You may need to contact this facility or even visit for various reasons. Here are the relevant contact details you would need.

Address4012 Lafayette Street, Malone, Florida, 32445
Phone850 482965
Operational Hours24/7

Remember to respect the rules of the correctional facility during any form of interaction. Always adhere to visitation guidelines if planning to visit an inmate. Each interaction is crucial in maintaining the facility safety and operational efficiency.

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What is the physical address of the Jackson County Correctional Facility in Malone, Florida

The physical address of the Jackson County Correctional Facility is 5563 10th Street Malone, Florida 32445-3144. Its an essential establishment in the region overseeing the local inmate population

How can I conduct an inmate search at the Jackson County Correctional Facility

To conduct an inmate search at Jackson County Correctional Facility you can use their online inmate lookup tool available on their official website. Additionally you could contact the facility directly for information adhering to their guidelines to ensure privacy laws arent violated.

What are the visitation rules and timings for the Jackson County Correctional Facility

Visitation at Jackson County Correctional Facility is strictly by appointment. Once approved as a visitor complete the Visitation Request Form from Monday 5:00 AM EST to Wednesday 5:00 PM EST for the current weeks visitation hours are from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm CST.

How can I find mugshots from the Jackson County Correctional Facility

Mugshots from the Jackson County Correctional Facility may be found online but availability depends on local laws and regulations. Its recommended to reach out to the facility or check their official website for information regarding mugshots.

Does Jackson Correctional Institution offer video visitation

Yes Jackson Correctional Institution offers video visitation However like standard visits, video visitation must be scheduled in advance. Detailed information about video visitation can be found on the institution’s official website.

How can I send mail to an inmate at the Jackson County Correctional Facility

To send mail to an inmate at Jackson County Correctional Facility ensure you have the correct mailing address which is Inmate Name ID Number Jackson County Correctional Facility 4012, Lafayette Street Malone, Florida, 32445. Check their official website for specific guidelines on what can and cant be included in the mail

What are the operational hours of the Jackson County Correctional Facility

The Jackson County Correctional Facility operates 24/7 providing round-the-clock supervision and services foinmates.es However for public queries and services like visitation specific timings may apply which can be found on their official website.

How does the Jackson County Correctional Facility contribute to the community in Malone, Florida

The Jackson County Correctional Facility plays a crucial role in the community by maintaining public safety and providing rehabilitation programs for inmates. These efforts not only support law enforcement but also foster social reintegration for those incarcerated.

What rehabilitation and education programs are offered at the Jackson County Correctional Facility

Jackson County Correctional Facility provides a range of rehabilitation and education programs. These often include vocational training life skills education substance abuse programs and more details about these programs can be found on their official website.

How can I contact Jackson County Correctional Facility

Jackson County Correctional Facility can be contacted through their phone number 850 482965 or via email at JacksonCI.WardenOffice@fdc.myflorida.com. You can also visit their official website for more contact options and information.


References form an integral part of any research based work. They provide a clear pathway to the original source of the information establishing credibility. For the details given in the previous sections information was primarily sourced from the official website and other reliable sources.
Here are the references used for this article:

  • 1 Jackson County Correctional Facility: www:jacksoncountyfl.net Primary source for contact information
  • 2 Florida Department of Corrections: www.dcstatefl.us Useful for cross verification of information.
  • The Bureau of Justice Statistics: www.bjs.gov General data about correctional facilities.

Remember always validate information from trusted sources when conducting any research related to correctional facilities. It is imperative to respect privacy regulations and legal boundaries

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