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Looking to get insights about Broward County Main Jail? You’re in the right spot. This guide helps you to find details about Broward County Main Jail from conducting an inmate search and mugshot lookup, to knowing the jail visitation timings, to understanding how to send money or packages to inmates.

Also, this post provides relevant contact info for the facility. Designed with an easy-to-understand approach, this resource is a one-stop solution for all the Broward County Jail-related inquiries. Let’s dive in and discover more about navigating the complex system of inmate services and facilities at Broward County Main Jail.


Broward County Main Jail Inmate Search and Contact Information

State NameFlorida
County NameBroward County
Jail NameBroward County Main Jail
Type of JailCounty Jail
Inmate Search LinkBroward County Inmate Search
Jail Visitation InfoBSO Jail Visitation Information
Inmate Mailing AddressBroward County Main Jail, Inmate First and Last Name,
Inmate ID #, PO Box 9356, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310
Jail Contact InfoBroward County Main Jail, 555 SE 1st Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Telephone Number(954) 831-5900
County Sheriff’s URLBroward County Sheriff’s
Official Jail Website URLBSO Main Jail
Driving DirectionsGoogle Maps Directions

Broward County Main Jail: An Overview

Broward County Main Jail, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, serves as the primary detention center for Broward County. This medium to maximum-security facility houses approximately 1,538 beds, accommodating adult male inmates awaiting trial or serving short-term sentences. 

Spearheading operations at the jail is the Broward Sheriff’s Office, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the inmates, staff, and wider community. At Broward Main Jail, a bunch of services are offered, ranging from medical care to legal resources, essential for the inmates’ welfare during their incarceration.

Key Features of Broward County Main Jail

You will find the Broward County Jail, known for its stringent regulations and systems in place. When aiming to perform a Broward County jail inmate search, it’s essential to know the system. You’d find the Broward jail search tool invaluable, and the Broward County jail mobile inmate search, incredibly user-friendly. What’s more, you can view Broward County Jail mugshots dating back to 2023, ensuring complete transparency in this process.

Broward County Main Jail Services

Broward County Jail provides crucial services to inmates. These services include:

  • Comprehensive medical care: Ensuring inmates’ health and wellbeing is maintained throughout their stay.
  • Legal resources: Allowing inmates access to necessary legal materials and counsel.
  • Rehabilitation programs: Offering opportunities for inmates to better themselves through various programs.

The Broward County Main Jail not only ensures inmates serve their sentences but also aims to equip them with skills and knowledge to prevent recidivism.

Broward Sheriff’s Office’s role in jail operations

The Broward Sheriff’s Office plays a critical role in the Broward County Main Jail’s operations, providing supervision, regulation, and administration of all aspects related to inmate custody and care. From maintaining law and order within the jail to managing the ‘Broward County Jail Inmate Search’ and ‘Broward County Jail Mugshot Lookup’ databases, the sheriff’s office is deeply involved in ensuring the jail operates smoothly.

With the Broward County Main Jail’s operations clearly defined, understanding its inmate services becomes easier. Whether it’s conducting an inmate search in Broward jails, using the Broward County Jail mobile inmate search service, or understanding the visitation rules of the Broward County Main Jail, the next sections provide valuable insights for anyone seeking such information.

Broward County Main Jail Facility

Jail Capacity and Security Levels: As the main correctional facility for Broward County, the Broward Main Jail has a capacity of approximately 1,538 beds. It’s designed to cater to medium to maximum-security inmates. With security being a top priority, the facility is equipped with advanced security systems and manned by well-trained personnel. You can rest assured that the Broward County Jail takes every measure to keep both the inmates and the community safe.

Incarceration offenses: Inmates housed in the Broward County Main Jail have been arrested for various offenses within Broward County. These range from minor infractions to more serious felonies. The ‘Broward County Jail Inmate Search’ tool allows one to look up inmates by name or booking number, providing information about the charges they face. A point to remember: each inmate is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of the crime they are accused of.

Inmate essential services

At the Broward County Main Jail, the focus goes beyond incarceration. Inmate welfare is a key concern, with numerous services offered to address their needs. Here are some services you should know about:

  • Medical Care: Healthcare professionals are on hand to provide needed care, ensuring inmates’ wellbeing.
  • Legal Resources: Inmates are given access to necessary legal resources, crucial in preparing their defense.
  • Rehabilitation Programs: The jail offers various programs to help inmates acquire skills and knowledge that can aid their reintegration into society post-release.

From the capacity and security levels to the overview of inmate offenses and essential services, the Broward County Main Jail ensures that its operations meet all required standards while ensuring the safety, security, and wellbeing of its inmates.

Broward County Main Jail Inmate Search

Are you trying to locate someone in the Broward County Main Jail? The Broward Sheriff’s Office provides an online Broward County Jail Inmate Search tool that you can use. Here is a simple guide to using this tool:

  1. Visit the Broward Sheriff’s Office website. Click Here for the Direct Link
  2. Look for the ‘Inmate Search‘ link and click on it.
  3. Enter the inmate’s first and last name or booking number in the provided search boxes.
  4. Click ‘Search‘ to get a list of inmates matching your search.

Take note that this online search tool will give you details such as the inmate’s booking number, booking date, charges, bond amount, and release date, if available.

Inmate Search Function

There is also a specific Broward County jail inmate release search tool that allows you to track when an inmate will be released. This Main jail in Broward County maintains a comprehensive database which includes all inmates, mugshots, and release dates. Not forgetting, for any assistance or query, there’s the Broward County Jail phone number readily available for your convenience.

BSO Jail Mugshot Lookup

In addition to general inmate information, the Broward County Main Jail also provides mugshot lookups. After performing an inmate search, click on the inmate’s name to view more details, including their mugshot. Keep in mind that the availability of mugshots may depend on certain legal restrictions.

Tips for Searching for a Broward County Jail Inmate

Here are some tips to help your Broward County Jail inmate search go smoothly:

  • Ensure you have the correct spelling of the inmate’s name.
  • If possible, have the inmate’s booking number handy as it is a unique identifier.
  • Be patient as the system updates – it might take a few hours for a newly admitted inmate to appear in the online system.

Remember, the more accurate the information you have, the easier it will be to find the person you are looking for in the Broward County Jail inmate database.

Broward County Main Jail Rehabilitation Programs

The Broward County Main Jail has several rehabilitation programs geared towards aiding inmate reformation and easing their transition back into society. Here’s a brief look at some of the types of programs:

Educational Programs: These programs aim to provide inmates with the academic skills they need to succeed once they’re released. Programs can range from basic literacy to GED completion courses.

Vocational Training: Inmates can also learn valuable job skills in areas such as carpentry, culinary arts, and more.

Substance Abuse Programs: For inmates struggling with substance abuse, these programs provide counseling and resources to help them overcome their addictions.

Mental Health Services: These services provide psychological support and counseling to inmates who need it.

Rehabilitation’s Impact on Inmates

These rehabilitation programs have a profound impact on inmates at the Broward County Main Jail. They are an important tool for reducing recidivism and helping inmates to reintegrate into society upon their release. The programs provide inmates with the skills and resources needed to find stable employment and lead productive lives. Rehabilitation programs are an essential part of the correctional system’s commitment to public safety and individual reform.

Communicating with Inmates at Broward County Main Jail

For folks who prefer to write, the Broward County Jail address is listed on their official website, so you can send letters to inmates. For families and friends of inmates, this main jail Broward County provides, is a key link in maintaining connection with their loved ones. It goes without saying, whether it’s a simple Broward County Jail lookup or requesting specific Broward County Jail records, your needs will be catered to efficiently.

How to Send Mail or a Care Package

To send mail to an inmate at Broward County Main Jail, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Address the letter properly. Include the inmate’s full name and inmate ID.
  2. Use the official Broward County Main Jail address.
  3. Keep in mind, mail will be inspected for contraband before it reaches the inmate.

Procedures for Sending Money to Inmates

Here’s a guide on how to send money to inmates:

  1. You can use online services to transfer money directly into an inmate’s commissary account.
  2. You’ll need the inmate’s full name and booking number.
  3. Double-check to make sure you’ve entered the correct information to avoid any problems.


Broward County Main Jail
Inmate First and Last Name, Inmate ID #
PO Box 9356
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310

Making a Phone Call to an Inmate

Inmates can’t receive incoming calls, but they can call you. They might use a collect call service, where you’ll be charged for the call. Make sure your phone carrier accepts collect calls to avoid any issues.

Guidelines for Sending an Email to an Inmate

Sending an email to an inmate at Broward County Main Jail involves these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with the jail’s email service provider.
  2. Locate the inmate using their full name and inmate ID.
  3. Write your email and send it. Emails will be monitored for security reasons.

Broward County Main Jail Commissary

The commissary at Broward County Main Jail plays a vital role. It’s the store inside the jail. Inmates use it to buy goods like snacks, hygiene items, stationery, and more. It helps improve the living conditions of inmates. These items are bought with funds from the inmate’s commissary account. Family members and friends can contribute to this account.

How Inmates Can Access Commissary Services

Inmates can access the commissary once they have funds in their accounts. They can buy items through a catalog, which lists available products and their prices. The inmates place their orders, and the items get delivered to them. There are limits on the amount of goods they can purchase. This limit depends on the rules set by the jail.

Visitation Rules and Regulations

Visiting an inmate at Broward County Main Jail requires knowledge of the rules. First, you must be on the inmate’s approved visitor list. Each inmate can have up to five visitors. Minors need to be with an adult. Visitors need to show a valid ID. Clothes should be conservative and respectful. No cell phones, weapons, or drugs are allowed. If you break these rules, it may lead to visitation denial.

Visitation timings

Visitation hours vary based on the inmate’s housing location. The general visitation hours are:

Mon-Fri7:30 – 11:30 AM12:30 – 4 PM
Sat-Sun7:30 – 11:30 AM12:30 – 4 PM

Broward County Jail Contact Information

Physical Address and Accessibility

Broward County Main Jail is located at 555 SE 1st Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301. It is in downtown Fort Lauderdale and is easily accessible by public transportation. Parking spaces are available nearby for personal vehicles.

Contact numbers for inquiries

Here are some useful contact numbers for the Broward County Main Jail. For general inquiries, call (954) 831-5900. If you have a question about the inmate information or booking, call the Inmate Information line at (954) 831-5900. The Commissary Services can be reached at (954) 831-5900.

BSO Jail Communication Details

Physical Address555 SE 1st Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
General Inquiries(954) 831-5900
Inmate Information(954) 831-5900
Commissary Services(954) 831-5900
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Wrapping Up

To close, it is key to grasp the functionality of Broward County Main Jail. Every bit of information, from inmate search to visitation timings, serves a critical purpose. The access provided to mugshot lookups, sending money, and even packages significantly eases the process for those with loved ones inside. Even though a jail system can appear complex, understanding its components makes interaction smoother. All the information provided aids in navigating this complex system, ensuring transparency and lessening worry.

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