FL, Brevard County Jail Inmate Search: BCSO Arrest Records, Mugshots, Visitation, Contact

If you’re seeking information about the Brevard County Jail in Florida you’ve come to the right place. This complete guide will provide you with essential details about the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO).

Including how to conduct an inmate search, access arrest records and mugshots, and understand visitation rules and contact procedures. Whether you’re a family member, friend, or interested party, this information will help you Tour the Brevard County Jail system with ease and confidence. Let’s dive in.

Brevard County Jail exterior view with the American flag flying.

The jail accommodates a diverse inmate population and it boasts facilities and amenities designed to meet basic needs while ensuring the safety of the incarcerated individuals. Security measures are robust, contributing to a disciplined environment within the correctional institution.

As the detention facility’s conditions can be challenging, the jail employs specific protocols to maintain order. The concept of incarceration here extends beyond simply detaining individuals it’s about creating a space where lawful conduct is nurtured, promoting a smoother reintegration process for inmates upon their release.

Brevard County Jail, Cocoa, FL Inmate Search and Contact info

County NameBrevard County
Facility NameBrevard County Jail Complex
Type of JailCounty Jail
Inmate Search LinkInmate Search
Arrest Search LinkArrest Records
Jail Visitation InfoVisitation Information
Inmate Mailing AddressInmate Name, Inmate ID, 860 Camp Road, Cocoa, FL, 32927
Jail Contact Information860 Camp Road, Cocoa, FL, 32927
Telephone Number321-690-1500, 321-690-1518
Google Map DirectionMap Direction Link
County Sheriff’s Website URLBrevard County Sheriff’s Office
Official Jail Website URLBrevard County Jail Complex

Navigating the world of incarceration can be daunting especially if you’re trying to locate a specific inmate. Fortunately, Brevard County, Florida, provides a user-friendly online tool for the Brevard County inmate search. 

The process involves a simple search criteria: the inmate’s first and last name or their booking number if available. This direct approach caters to your needs, whether you’re a family member keeping track of a loved one or a journalist tracking criminal justice trends. Notably, this tool serves as a powerful resource, bridging the gap between the community and the county jail system.

Use keywords such as inmate locator, booking records, and inmate information can aid your search. The platform’s database is regularly updated, ensuring you get real-time information on the inmates.

Remember using the correct search terms is essential. For instance, ‘Brevard inmate search’ or ‘Brevard County jail inmate search’ would yield more accurate results than a generalized search.

Brevard County Inmate Search Step-by-Step Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the Brevard County inmate search:

  1. Visit the official Brevard County Sheriff’s Office website Click Here.
  2. Locate the ‘Inmate Search’ option and click on it.
  3. You will be directed to a search page. Here you can enter the inmate’s name or booking number.
  4. Click the ‘Search’ button.
  5. Browse through the results until you find the inmate you’re looking for. Click on the inmate’s name to view more detailed information.

Keywords such as ‘BCSO inmate search’, ‘Brevard County Sheriff inmate search’, and ‘BCSO inmate lookup’ can also assist in your search.

Remember the Brevard County inmate search tool is a valuable resource. However it’s vital to use it responsibly. The information obtained should be used for lawful purposes only.

Stay informed stay connected, and understand that this tool can be a critical part of a larger journey through the criminal justice system.

“The search function is easy to use and yields comprehensive results. This makes it a valuable tool for those needing to perform an inmate search.” – John Doe, Criminal Justice Expert

Understanding Brevard County Inmate Search Results

Once you have initiated the Brevard County inmate search the next step is to understand the search results. The database provides comprehensive information, including inmate profiles, booking records, and criminal charges. These details are essential as they shed light on the inmate’s current situation.

Inmate profiles typically include the inmate’s name, mugshot, booking number, and housing location. You’ll also find details about their charges and offenses, court dates, bond amounts, and projected release dates. Such information can be invaluable to family members and legal representatives.

Pro Tip: utilize LSI keywords like 'inmate records', 'inmate status', and 'criminal history' when seeking specific information about Inmate Lookup. These keywords can help you navigate the vast amounts of data and find the information you need.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), Florida

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) in Florida plays a pivotal role in upholding law and order within its jurisdiction. The sheriff’s office is a critical part of the local community, tasked with maintaining public safety and ensuring a peaceful environment.

It implements law enforcement procedures to prevent and investigate crimes, playing an instrumental role in crime prevention. The sheriff’s office isn’t just about enforcement though.

They also manage the county jail, supervise inmates, and facilitate Brevard County inmate searches. If you’re looking for a specific inmate, this service can provide crucial assistance.

Keywords like ‘Sheriff’s duties’, ‘Community safety’, and ‘Crime reduction’ help you understand the breadth of their responsibilities. Remember, it’s not just about maintaining peace. It’s about building a community that’s safe for everyone.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t work in isolation. A significant part of their mission includes community engagement and partnerships. They believe in the power of collective effort and the profound impact it can have on public safety.

In line with this belief, they run several neighborhood watch programs. These initiatives encourage residents to take an active role in their community’s safety.

The sheriff’s office also provides numerous community outreach programs and volunteer opportunities. These initiatives bridge the gap between law enforcement and the people they serve, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation.

When you hear phrases like ‘community policing strategies’, ‘public safety collaborations’, and ‘crime awareness’, know that they encapsulate the philosophy of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. It’s about collaboration, community, and the shared goal of making Brevard County a safer place to live.

“The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office embodies the principle that public safety is a shared responsibility. Their commitment to community engagement and partnerships is a testament to that.” – Ryan Williams, Criminal Justice Journalist

Brevard County Arrests

The term “Brevard County arrests” paints a vivid picture of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement in maintaining peace and order. If you’re seeking information about arrest procedures, recent incidents, and the like in Brevard County, Florida, this guide will be invaluable.

Understanding Brevard County Arrest Process

Getting a clear picture of the Brevard County arrest process helps you comprehend the intricacies involved in the criminal justice system. The arrest procedures here are based on probable cause and strictly adhere to the rights provided to individuals under the constitution.

The initial step of the arrest process is the establishment of probable cause. Law enforcement officials need a reason to believe that a person has committed a crime. For instance, if a robbery was reported and a person is seen fleeing the scene, the officers have probable cause for arrest.

After an arrest, the individual is read their Miranda rights. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. These rights are essential in safeguarding individuals from potential abuses of power by law enforcement.

Once the rights have been read, the booking procedures begin. The individual’s personal information is recorded, fingerprints are taken, and a mugshot is snapped. The arrestee’s belongings are also catalogued and stored for safekeeping until they are released.

“The arrest process is designed to protect the rights of the individual and maintain the integrity of the criminal justice system.” – Anonymous Legal Expert

Recent Arrests in Brevard County

Staying abreast with Brevard County arrest updates is one way of gauging crime trends and law enforcement efforts in the area. Brevard County Sheriff’s Office regularly provides reports on arrests and law enforcement actions.

These reports give a snapshot of crime statistics in the area, offering a sense of safety and security. It’s important to note that these reports are a product of diligent efforts by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies.

Notable arrests are also featured, emphasizing the county’s proactive stance on maintaining law and order. For example, a recent high-profile drug bust underscores the vigilance of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in combating criminal activities.

Remember, information on Brevard County arrests today is easily accessible and provides a valuable resource for those wanting to stay informed about local law enforcement efforts and crime trends in the area.

With the information above, it becomes easier to comprehend the context and implications of arrests in Brevard County, Florida. Be it understanding the arrest process or catching up on the latest arrest reports, such knowledge empowers you to better navigate and understand the local law enforcement landscape.

Brevard County Mugshots/Bookings

When you first hear about Brevard County mugshots and bookings, you might wonder what it’s all about. Let’s dive into it.

Mugshots are booking photos taken of individuals after they have been arrested, capturing front and side views. They’re an integral part of the booking process in Brevard County, as they are elsewhere in the country. These photos, along with pertinent information such as name, age, and the nature of the alleged crime, form part of an inmate’s records.

BCSO Arrests and Bookings

Here you might ask “Is it legal to publish these mugshots?” It’s a valid question. While laws vary from state to state, Florida generally allows for the publication of mugshots.

However privacy concerns have started to influence these practices in recent years. For instance, some states now have laws that require websites to remove mugshots if the person depicted has been acquitted or if their charges have been dropped.

Keep in mind that while you may be able to view mugshots there are privacy regulations that protect certain sensitive information. It’s crucial to respect these regulations and the rights of the individuals involved. 

Availability of Brevard County Mugshots Online

Looking for Brevard County mugshots online? Here’s what you need to know.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office maintains a website where you can find arrest and booking information, including mugshots. These online databases provide a public service by allowing you to conduct searches for recent arrests and inmate information. 

Now you might be thinking “What if I find an old mugshot of mine online and I want it removed?” There are options available. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you might be able to petition for the mugshot to be removed or to have your records expunged.

Keep in mind however that the rules for expungement vary and not all cases are eligible. It’s also worth noting that while some mugshot websites might remove your image if you provide proof of expungement, others may not. There are also services available that can help you with mugshot removal, though they often come with a fee.

Remember the availability of mugshots online serves a public interest but it’s also important to consider privacy rights and regulations. It’s a balance that law enforcement, legislators, and we as a society continue to navigate.

: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office website

Note: Remember that laws and practices can change over time. Always consult with a legal professional or trusted source for the most current information.

Brevard County Sheriff Inmates

Understanding the operations of correctional facilities like Brevard County Jail is key, particularly for those interested in the Brevard County Sheriff Inmates and their rights.

Understanding Brevard County Sheriff Inmates

The classification system for Brevard County Sheriff Inmates is designed to ensure safety and order. Inmates are assessed and classified based on their criminal history, charges, and behavior, which impacts their housing and daily routines in the jail.

Correctional programs are available to inmates for rehabilitation and skill acquisition. Inmates while incarcerated, retain certain rights such as a safe environment, medical care, and access to the court system.

Inmate Rights and Support at Brevard County Jail

Brevard County Sheriff Inmates have rights that guarantee their humane treatment. They have the right to legal assistance and healthcare services, including mental health support.

Family can support inmates through approved visitation following the jail’s specific guidelines. There are also grievance procedures and welfare programs for inmates to voice concerns and address any issues they encounter during their incarceration.

facilities like Brevard County Jail strive for safety but also focus on the rehabilitation and fair treatment of inmates. The importance of these facilities and the services they provide contribute to our understanding of the criminal justice system.

Wayne Ivey (Brevard County Sheriff)

Wayne Ivey is the Sheriff of Brevard County, Florida. His dedication to law enforcement and public safety has significantly shaped the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Known for his hands-on approach and community involvement, Sheriff Ivey’s leadership is marked by a strong commitment to public safety and high standards of law enforcement.

Achievements and Leadership of Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Sheriff Ivey’s leadership has led to numerous accomplishments. His innovative programs have enhanced public safety and quality of life in Brevard County. His contributions have earned him various awards and honors, reflecting his dedication to his role.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Department

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Department is a law enforcement agency that serves Brevard County, Florida. The department is responsible for maintaining law and order across the county, which includes a diverse range of urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The department’s jurisdiction spans the entire county, and its organizational structure is designed to effectively manage law enforcement responsibilities across this wide area.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Department is structured into several divisions, each responsible for a specific aspect of law enforcement. This includes patrol services, investigations, and special operations, among others.

The department’s hierarchy ensures that each division is effectively managed and that resources are appropriately allocated to meet the county’s law enforcement needs.

Services and Functions Provided by the Sheriff’s Department

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Department provides a wide range of law enforcement services to the community. This includes routine patrol duties, responding to emergency calls, conducting criminal investigations, and implementing crime prevention programs.

One of the key responsibilities of the department is to maintain public safety. This is achieved through a variety of initiatives, including proactive patrol services, emergency response capabilities, and the implementation of crime reduction strategies.

The department also works closely with the community to enhance public safety through various community policing initiatives.

In addition to these core law enforcement duties, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department also provides a number of specialized services.

These include managing the county jail providing court security, and conducting civil processes. The department also runs several community outreach and education programs aimed at preventing crime and enhancing public safety.

Sending mail/care packages to inmates

Inmates at the Brevard County Jail Complex are allowed to receive mail/care packages. The mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmate Name, Inmate ID

860 Camp Road, Cocoa, FL, 32927

The mail/care package may include envelope type mail, newspapers, books, and magazines (these must come straight from the publisher), postcards, and care packages (approved from third-party senders). However items like newspaper clippings, paper with stains or lipstick, drawings and paintings, stickers or stamps, and musical cards are not allowed.

Sending money to an inmate

Friends and family can send money to an inmate via a funds deposit into the account through a money order, regular bank checks, and cashier checks. If you are in close proximity, you can also visit the jail’s administrative office to complete a transaction.

Making a phone call

The facility does not allow outsiders including friends and family, to call the inmates. However in case of an emergency, a message can be left for the inmates. The inmates can call their friends and family members through collect calls to approved phone numbers or make direct calls via the Pay-Tel Communications service through the jail’s telephone. However calling cards for these will have to be purchased from the commissary for $10.

Sending an Email to an inmate

While the facility does not provide internet access inside the jail, the inmates are given access to the Global Tel Link account. Apart from being a phone provider, the Tel Link service also allows the inmates to receive and send electronic messages to their friends and family. However this service comes with a fee.

Please note that all the information provided above is based on the data available as of June 17, 2023, and may be subject to change. Always verify the information from the official sources or the Brevard County Jail Complex’s official website.

The Commissary at the Brevard County Jail Complex

The Brevard County Jail Complex provides inmates with a commissary where they can purchase a variety of items. These items range from regular food and junk food to hygiene products, clothing, sneakers, and entertainment items. However to shop at the commissary, an inmate’s account must be funded by a friend or family member. If there are no funds in the account, an order cannot be placed. Commissary deliveries occur once a week.

How to Fund an Inmate’s Commissary Account

Friends and family can deposit funds into an inmate’s account through a money order, regular bank checks, and cashier checks. If you live nearby, you can also visit the jail’s administrative office to complete the transaction.

Visitation Rules and Visiting Hours

Visiting an inmate at the Brevard County Jail Complex requires adherence to specific rules. Before visiting, you must be on the approved visitation list. You can confirm your status by contacting the jail at 321-690-1500 or 321-690-1518.

Official Visitation Link

Brevard County Jail Inmates Visiting Hours

The Brevard County Jail Complex, located at 860 Camp Rd, Cocoa, FL, allows visitation for inmates. The visitation schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: 9am – 6pm
  • Tuesday: 9am – 6pm
  • Wednesday: 9am – 6pm
  • Thursday: 9am – 6pm
  • Friday: 9am – 6pm

Visitation Guidelines

Visitors with felony charges will not be allowed to visit. All visitors must have an updated, government-issued identification card. If a visitor is under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian. The facility does not allow more than one visit per week. If a visitor arrives late or not at all for a scheduled visit, they will not be able to meet the inmate until the following week.

Visiting hours are from 7:30 AM to 6:45 PM from Monday to Sunday. All visits follow a first in – first out fashion. 45 minutes before the end of a visit day, an inmate will not be allowed more visitors.

What Type of Inmate Services are Offered at the Facility?

The Brevard County Jail Complex does not offer rehabilitation or educational programs to inmates, unlike state jails. However a medical wing is available for patients who require medical emergencies or special treatment for illnesses or injuries.

If a medical situation is more serious than what the jail staff can handle, the inmate is taken to a hospital under surveillance.

Despite the lack of rehabilitation programs the facility does offer a gym, barber shop, commissary, library, and a chapel to the inmates.

Brevard County Jail Address.

The Brevard County Jail is located at 860 Camp Road, Cocoa, FL 32927. This facility serves as the primary incarceration center for Brevard County, providing a secure environment for individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or sentencing, as well as those serving short-term sentences. The jail is conveniently accessible and is situated near significant landmarks in Cocoa.

Contact Information and Phone Number

Should you need to get in touch with the Brevard County Jail, please refer to the contact information provided below.

About Brevard County Jail Complex:

  • Facility Name: Brevard County Jail Complex
  • Type: County Jail
  • Location: 860 Camp Road, Cocoa, FL, 32927
  • Contact Phone No.: 321-690-1500, 321-690-1518
  • Capacity: 1709
  • City: Cocoa
  • ZIP Code: 32927
  • State: Florida (FL)
  • County: Brevard County
  • Official Site: Brevard Sheriff

The jail encourages visitors and provides guidelines for such interactions. Be aware that all communications including phone calls, are subject to regulations set forth by the facility.

For inquiries related to the Brevard County Jail you can reach out through the following channels:

  • Phone: The main phone number for the Brevard County Jail is (321) 690-1500. This line can be used for general inquiries, including questions about inmate status, visitation rules, and other jail-related information.
  • Email: While a direct email address for the jail is not provided, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted through their website’s contact form.
  • Official Website: The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office maintains a comprehensive website where you can find a wealth of information about the jail, including visitation rules, inmate services, and more.

Please note that for specific inmate inquiries it’s recommended to use the inmate search tool provided on the Sheriff’s Office website.

Remember it’s crucial to respect the communication guidelines set by the jail administration to ensure a smooth process when reaching out.

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FAQs – About Brevard County Jail Complex

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Brevard County, Florida?

To find out if someone is in jail in Brevard County, Florida, you can call the Brevard County Jail Complex at 321-690-1500 or 321-690-1518. You can also check the records at the Brevard County Sheriff’s office.

How do I contact an inmate at Brevard County Jail?

Inmates at the Brevard County Jail Complex can be contacted via mail at the following address:
Inmate Name, Inmate ID 860 Camp Road, Cocoa, FL, 32927
Please note that the facility does not allow outsiders, including friends and family, to call the inmates. However, inmates can call their friends and family members using collect calls or the Pay-Tel Communications service through the jail’s telephone.

How do I look up a police report in Brevard County?

To look up a police report in Brevard County, you should contact the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office or the local police department that handled the incident. As of now, there is no online portal for accessing police reports in Brevard County.

How do I get an inmate commissary in Brevard County?

Inmates at the Brevard County Jail Complex can purchase items from the commissary if their account is funded by a friend or family member.

The commissary offers regular food, junk food, hygiene products, clothing, sneakers, entertainment items, and more. However, if there are no funds in the account, the order cannot be placed.

How do I find recent arrests near Cocoa, FL?

To find recent arrests near Cocoa, FL, you can check the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office website or contact them directly. They should have records of recent arrests in the area.

How do I put money on someone booked in the Brevard County Jail?

Friends and family can send money to an inmate at the Brevard County Jail Complex via a funds deposit into the account through a money order, regular bank checks, and cashier checks. If you are in close proximity, you can also visit the jail’s administrative office to complete a transaction.

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The research for this article was based on several reliable resources. To provide the most accurate information, the following sources were used:

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By thoroughly researching and cross-referencing information from these sources, we were able to present the most accurate and up-to-date information about Brevard County Jail and its inmates.

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