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Below is a list of events that have been confirmed by the education committee. Keep checking back, as this page will be updated frequently as more events are added.


Unless otherwise indicated, all teach-ins are presently scheduled to take place in the plaza at Lasalle and Jackson (i.e. the one extending from Jackson toward Van Buren, where the café is, near the entrance to the Board of Trade). Keep checking back to see if locations have been updated.

Friday, October 14, 3pm

Teach-in On the History of the Occupy Movement At University of Chicago

Facilitator: Larissa (#occupychi)

This Friday, 3-4:30pm there will be a History of the Occupy Movement teach-in organized by a University of Chicago student, Larissa. It will be at the University of Chicago, in Harper 130. Members of OccChi people will be speaking on the origins and development of this movement, as well as ideas for the future of OccupyChi. Afterward, Larrisa will be leading those interested up north to headquarters at Lasalle and Jackson (to be there around 5pm).


Friday October 14, 4pm:

The Illusion of Free Markets and the Rise of the Police State

Facilitator: Professor Bernard Harcourt, (University of Chicago)

There is no such thing as a “free market” and there never has been. Laissez-faire is an illusion. But it’s an illusion that has masked a massive regulatory framework that daily redistributes wealth to the top 1% of society. It has also facilitated the growth of a police state that is characterized by mass incarceration and pervasive stops-and-frisks of minorities. In this discussion, we will explore the relationship between laissez-faire and mass incarceration, looking not only at the Chicago Board of Trade and our current carceral state, but as well at the birth of the penitentiary in the early 19th century during a period now known as “the Market Revolution.”


Saturday, October 15, 3pm

‘Communist Manifesto’ Discussion Group

Facilitator: Professor Aisha Karim (St. Xavier)

This will be a discussion of the most famous document of working class struggle of all time by Marx and Engels. What is class struggle? What is an internationalist framework? What misconceptions have surrounded this document, and its school of thought? How can its ideas help inform the movement of the 99% today? The Communist Manifesto can be downloaded for free here: English Spanish


Sunday October 16, 3pm:

Greed and Capitalism

Facilitator: Professor Forrest Perry, (St. Xavier University)

Description: Among the most persistent ideological obstacles to understanding and transforming our current (and really messed-up) economic system are the beliefs that humans are unalterably greedy and that capitalism, because it is grounded in greed, will exist as long as greed exists. The purpose of this teach-in is to challenge those belief. In doing so, we’ll talk about human nature and the nature of capitalism. There will be brief references to vampires and Frankenstein’s monster.


Tuesday, October 18th, 4pm

Racism in Chicago

Facilitator: Keeanga
Details TBA (check back)



Coming Soon!



If you have questions about any of these events, or are interested in arranging something, please feel free to contact us. We will have an official “…” email very shortly, but for now please write to and they can forward your message to us.

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