This week, NATO, one of the largest military organizations in the world and the armed wing of the global 1%, is descending upon Chicago.  Today, we at Occupy Chicago cordially invite you to join us and thousands around the world in a week of action in protest.  We will highlight the connection between our local struggles, global struggles, and the policies of the thieves and oppressors of NATO and G8.

The G8 summit has fled to “Fort” David – far from public scrutiny – but its flight does not deter our indignation at its purpose, and we will still protest in absentia the agendas they put forth. The NATO summit remains in Chicago, and those who participate in G8 will fly to the Windy City as soon as their heavily fortified meeting adjourns. We will be there to meet them. We will make our fury known. We will show them that while they continue to impoverish and tear the world apart, we will not rest.

These two international bodies — both unaccountable and undemocratic — will be making decisions and formulating policies that will further impoverish and oppress the 99%. Unless we stand to oppose their priorities we’ll soon be faced with an even bleaker future of racist scapegoating, endless occupations, environmental devastation, and worsening social inequality.

This week, Occupy Chicago is hosting ten days of action in protest of the NATO and G8 summits. We want you to come to Chicago and let the warmongers know what kind of world is possible. In the sprit of the Chicago Spring, you and your community

will be able to act upon paticular yet interrelated themes of social justice everyday from May 12th until the 21st. The ten days of action have been designed to highlight problems that affect the world by highlighting how they affect our city and illustrate the connection between our struggles and the commonality of our fight. See you in Chicago.

May 12-13 People’s Summit: ‘Visions for Our Future, Action for the Now’
May 14 Education: ‘Save Our Schools, Protect Our Teachers’

May 15 ‘No Human is Illegal’
May 16 Foreclosure: ‘Housing is a Right No Foreclosures, No Evictions!’

May 17 Environment: Planet Before Profits and War

May 18 Austerity/NNU March: ‘Tax the Rich!’

May 19 Occupy/Health: ‘Health Care Not Warfare’

May 20 Imperialism/CANG8 March: ‘No to NATO!’

May 21 Democracy: ‘We Are the 99%/ We Are Unstoppable, Another World is Possible’ FEATURING *Boeing: Shut Down the War Machine*

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If you are unable to stand with us in the streets of Chicago, you can join this truly international fight in other ways.

– Have your organization, or Occupation, endorse the week of action
– Draft a solidarity statement that we can deliver to NATO
– Plan a solidarity action on May 19th or 20th
– Stand against NATO and G8 wherever you are, spread the word, organize!

In solidarity,
Occupy Chicago

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