iPhone 6 :The world’s most expensive Iphone

There are people that do not know what to do with money whenever it’s clearer, eccentric with pasta (and sometimes tasteless) required to purchase any product or as in the case we are going to talk, enough dough to make iPhone June 1 sole purpose and very expensive. They have recently taken the fancy gadgets companies to devise designs for this new model of iPhone. Limited production, rather than prohibitive prices, each more extravagant designs …

Until recently, the designer Alexander Amosu , specializing in customized mobile phones, cameras and laptops with precious metals and diamonds, created a single unit of iPhone 6 gold plated and coated diamond (it was called Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6 ) and all giving a terminal value of $ 2.7 million . Yes you read correctly, the casing 18 carat solid gold, the 6,127 white diamonds lining the terminal and of course, a huge diamond of 51.29 carats, the exact shape of the famous apple logo, have made ‚Äč‚Äčthis monster whatever it costs.

iphone6 the worlds most expensive mobile

Can you to be as shocked and horrified by such economic and spawn “artistic”, but surprisingly this is not the world’s most expensive iPhone . The company Goldgenie offers three different alternatives for your personal iPhone 6 , we’ll find yellow gold, rose gold and white gold . The three categories have a coating edges terminal diamonds and all this makes a sum of 3.96 million . An iPhone 6 of nearly four million, that inside has no difference with which we may acquire any of us, that if foreign customization with materials and precious jewels do an “exclusive” object.

iphone-1_1What do you think? Do you would buy these models if you flush with cash?

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