Meet the Social Media Team of Occupy Chicago

We have an awesome Social Media Team and they want to share their opinions, experiences and provide you with another source of reliable information. 

Here's a list of our Twitter users on the Social Media Committee: Follow us!

  • @OccupieChicago
  • @pHinkasaurus
  • @jujueyeball
  • @ThatEgyGuy
  • @PhilipDeVon1
  • @megmantis

Disclaimer: The views expressed by members of the Social Media Committee do not necessarily reflect the views of Occupy Chicago.

A lot of our committees also have their own Twitters. 

Here's a list of our official satellite Twitter accounts: Follow us!

  • @OcLaborOutreach
  • @OCDirectAction
  • @OC_Outreach
  • @OCPress
  • @OCArtsandRec
  • @OTH_Chicago
  • @IC_Chi



Social Media


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