A History of Occupy Up To Now

Hey everyone, 

This is a really cool video that was put together that covers the Occupy movement thus far. This is kinda long, but it is totally worth it. Enjoy :)


"In October 2011 I visited 10 different "Occupy Wall Street" encampments to gain a better understanding of the movement. I edited a short film that documents my experiences in Chicago, D.C., New York City, Providence, Boston, Montreal, Albany, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. My film shows the Occupy Movement in its first phase, which I'm calling "The Awakening".

Please take a moment to view this and share it with others. I'm hoping to generate interest in the project and continue covering the movement into its next phase.

If you're interested, visit www.occupytravels.com for more media in the coming weeks.

Thank you!"

Author's email: occupytravels@gmail.com


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