Social Media meeting minutes 11/27



Josh gives instructions over Skype 

Keilah brings up 4 things coming up, see agenda 

Alec with OccupyPHX, don't know much about it, solidairty against ALEC. 
e-mailed education but they never got back. 

Explains ALEC: they're a private group hooking up legislators and coroporations creating 'model' bills. 
Occupy PHX wants to bloow the lid on it to shut it down or just put heat on it. First step is to link them with Outreach or DA to figure out what theyw ant to do, just inform people? We're not to create action. We should reach out to Ezra from OccupyPHX. 

Keilah: Were you at Pilsen? 

Micah: No 

Keilah: We voted on solidarity with them. Doing an education thing. 

James: First thing we can do as SM is tweet about what ALEC is, the acoryn expl. any information, any news, link. 



Kelvin: You can't rely on DA to do anything, you kinda just have to do it 

Keilah: Mark said DA could handle it 

Micah: Let's make this education thing. 

James: Tweet articles or stuff they've been involved in 

Micah: Let's ask Ezra what the most important site is to form our strategy 

Ben: Why is there a dealine? 

Multiple: The ALEC summit will be then. 

Ben: This is an ongoing thing, no deadline is necessary 

Keilah: The hashtag is #occupyALEC 

Micah: We'll do our own research, but let's contact Ezra 

Ben: We could fight this for the next 6 months, let's keep this going 

Micah: We could mention Phoenix is having this action 

Ruben: But we should keep the heat on? 

Ben: Yeah 

Some volunteers to research Alex: Ben, James, Josh 

Keilah: Next we have actions against Sears and CME 

Micah: Which committee? 

Kelvin 10-12pm 

Micah: Flying squads will be doing the action, we need to push awareness 

Kelvin: We need people to come out but also make calls 

James: Phone numbers to Senators? 

Kelvin: Yes. 

Micah: Once we get the numbers we'll put it up. 

Kelvin: Natalie created a Facebook note 

Micah: You can't link to a status, so we'll link to the note the Twitter 

Ruben: Let's put it on the website instead 

Keilah next is HR 0610. It's being voted on. People were supposed to call 

Kay: This has been going on several weeks, I called a while ago 

James: I saw a Tweeter using #IndefiniteDetention 

Keilah: Next we have National Defense Authorization Act 

James: The Google Group has an ACLU link. It's on their blog and basically it's saying that America is a battle field; martial law. The military can arrest American citizens without trial, for using binoculars, using cash, informing the public using internet or cell phone to research information 

Josh: There's actually 2 bills about to be passed. There's the NDAA one and then that reduces the taxes you have to pay on online trading. It (the NDAA) is unconstitutional. I think it's a diversion away from cutting taxes, it's a huge tax cut. I think it's just a huge diversion so people miss the tax bill. Tonight I'll find it and e-mail it. 

Micah: So let's publically out both of them 

Everyone: Agreed. 

Ben: I think the takeaway is we need a good source referring to all this legislation because we probably don't have the resources to track 

James: A lot of gov. websites are open about what's being voted 

Ben: But do we have resources to research everything? 

James: I think the problem is that if someone breaks it down they might be biased or incomplete. ACLU is pretty good. 

Ben: We can do start an investigation too. Rather than 2 days ahead 

James: maybe a month ahead of time we can know what's up. 

Keilah: Next is a solidairty action with LA 

James: RT their Livestream, etc. 

Micah: Someone try to stay up with this. If they're using a hashtag, let's use it too. It's set for 0001 hours 

James: We didn't get the calendar up? 

Micah No, IC has their own system. 

James: Last night I stopped tweeting at 1. 

[Getting a couple people hooked into GroupMe] 

Keilah: That's what I gathered in 72 hours I was doing this. Proposals are next. 

keilah: I want people who tweet a lot about Occupy Chicago to be on the SM committee page. 

Micah: If we're talking about posting personal accounts, I think we have to vote on it. 

James: I feel like I have a lot of radical views, I'm on the fence 

Stack begins: 

Josh: I think it's good because it prevents people who claim to be with us saying crazy things. We can verify who is with us. 

Ben: 1 it's an official endorsement, which is slightly problematic. 2, Twitter is set up where you can @occupychicago, and then we can just RT them. I @occupychicago and it isn't alwoays replied 

James: If we know who it is, we're more likely to RT 

Micah: My only concern is it would be an official endorsement, I use 9% of my Twitter for occupy. People could follow us if they see oc RT us but there are a lot of people @oc that don't even know what's going on. For me it's a low priority. I think if people are using twitter it's their primary information source anyway. If people not want theirs listed, that's cool too. 

Josh: What we could do is just put a disclaimer on the bottom of the page regarding the endorsements. 

Keilah: I got this idea from NY they have a live feed, live tweeter, 2 types of live tweeters, different types of lists, media people they promote. I think it's a good way to get to know other people on the ground. I like to tweet pictures, other people like to tweet different things. 

James: during dead times we could tweet articles about us. Every year, Black friday sales beat last years sales. How can recession always lead to more sales? An example of dialog to fill the dead air. RT good points or articles out there. 

Micah: We could vote on it now to see if it passes. 

[It passes] 

Micah: If we put this on the page, whoever wants to be on there can be edited in later. 

[Showed some information on how to create site content] 

Keilah: Next we're talking about Media Funel 

Micah: Let me start, anyone without access let me know. Media Funnel is something we can post to Twitter, Facebook, etc. We can solve the problems of giving out passwords. We'll get posting accountability. We can have a moderation queue. You can also do "brand monitoring", we can watch the #occupychi hashtags. 

James: is there a mobile app for this? 

Kay: So if you contribute will you see the queue? 

Micah: Yeah, it shows up in the "review queue" 

Keilah: I'm kinda confused. It didn't ask me for my twitter, but I posted as official Occupy Chicago 

Micah: Yeah, the channels we set up are the official Occupy Chicago. We're gonna figure out things we like and don't like, so let's play around with this thing. 

Keilah and others: Any mobile version? 

[The answer seems to be no] 

Ben: We could just let new people use Media funnel and then once they're proven to not be screwing around, we can let them do it from their phone 

Ben: Twitter Analytics, clout is one 

Keilah: Josh is paying for one for Twitter analytics 

Micah: Why? Why do we need to study that 

Keilah: You get to see spikes in activity. How many people follow/unfollow, dormant times 

James: It's important to see what trending topics get the most attention/ RTs. Article resharing, etc. We can learn what works 

Ben: You can track who RTs your tweets and get in tune with em and get em involved 

Micah: I just don't like paying because therer are free options. We should have someone in charge of interpreting the information 

Ben: I can help, I don't know who Josh is, but... 

[Discussion on Clout, a free service] 

Kay: Clout seems a bit limited. 

Micah: Kinda like they're just trying to hook you into the Clout network. 

Ben: We need to set goals on how we need to grow. 

Kelvin: If we look how closely, we can see our impact of our publicism 

Keilah: Watching the spikes are interesting 

James: Twitter isn't the same as Facebook. If somoene is following you along with 600 othwers, your posts 5 minutes later could be down the page. 

Ruben: You can schedule tweets? 

Micah: Yeah, we can just copy paste 

Ruben: I think there's a limit to posting the same thing 

Micah: It's time based. 

[Discussing IC's scheduling system, Ruben rouses some rabble] 

We vote on a system to require creating content on before we'll tweet them 

[Passes unanimously] 

Keilah: Next, GA twitter account 

James: I've noticed OWS has a lot of different Twitter accounts. It seems like no one is tweeting when important events occur. 

James: Live tweets, GA tweets, news tweets, event tweets 

Keilah: Put up education, direct action, press twitter accounts on our committee page. 

James: We need to make sure to retweet our satellite Occupy Chicago twitter feeds 

Keilah: We need to push LA eviction, Sears CME tax cuts, and later on ALEC. 




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