PLEASE READ!!! Info for 7pm General Assembly

Beginning Sunday, Dec. 4th the 7pm General Assembly will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only. The other days (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) will be reserved for discussion, committee meetings, planning sessions, and other community events, including encouraging participation in neighborhood GA's. Please watch the website for announcements of discussions and activities. This was passed by a super majority at the GA on 11/29.

With the new General Assembly schedule, it was also voted to adjust the procedure to get an item added to the agenda for voting. Now all proposals must be submitted to the Secretariat by Sunday at 3pm each week. The Secretariat will then meet at 4pm each Sunday to formulate the agenda for each night that week and post to Submission procedure is as follows:

  1. The presenter must add the formal proposal to the forum under "Potential Proposals"
  2. The presenter must email directly with a link to the forum post along with the proposer's availability that week for both the initial presentation and voting, which takes place on two different days.*

*Alternatively, any formal proposal that is written down for those with no access to Internet, can be handed to a member of the Secretariat directly during any General Assembly to be included in the agenda the following week.

If a presenter feels that an emergency proposal needs to be addressed before the following week, Secretariat will review the situation and if it is time sensitive, work it into the existing agenda. Please note, an emergency proposal is anything is discovered and brought forward within the same week of that proposal item.

See full proposal here:




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