The Proposed Restructuring of the Finance Committee


The finance committee needs to be improved in terms of communication, accountability, and transparency


The Proposed Restructuring of the Finance Committee

1. Clean Slate

a) By passing this proposal the GA would accept the nullification of all previously passed finance procedures and
positions. Hence, going forward, previous internal procedures formed within the finance committee would then be
superseded by what the newly formed committee constructs.

2. Transparency

a) Subject to the personal and GA responsibility and duty to follow up with the finance committee to ensure that all
necessary tasks are being performed and all information is being communicated effectively, there must be a monthly
report on the past month's transactions, current balance, pending, transactions, any outstanding debts, and who the
current POCs are.
b) The GA may request additional report backs at any time
c) To pass the request for a report back it only needs to be proposed once and passed by a simple majority. It would
then fall on the responsibility of the GA to ensure that the finance committee is aware that there is a request for an
additional report back
d) The report back should be given within 7 days of when the request was made. Again this is subject to the
personal and group responsibility to follow up and ensure this is done.

3. Structure and Dynamics

a) At any given time there will be 3 POCs responsible for handling the finance committee duties and respond to GA
requests. Of those 3 active POCs only 2 would be able to write/pick up or distribute checks/funds.
b) Every month one of the POCs would be rotated out and replaced with a new member from the finance committee.
Each member will serve no more than 4 months at a time as a POC.
c) The first 3 POCs will serve only 2, 3, and 4 months respectively to ensure that the rotation of POCs is staggered.
d) The other members (non-active POCs) of the finance committee may be as active as they want to be in the
communication of information of the finance committee related business, but they may not request/pickup or
distribute checks/funds unless called upon to fill in, in an emergency situation which is the result of a definite or
indefinite absence of a currently active POC.
e) Should an active POC retire or take a leave of absence from the movement finance would reserve the right to give
temporary access to a new POC until the GA can approve access to a new contact.

4. Security

a) It is to be of 8th Day's understanding who the 2 current active POCs are that have permission to request/pick up
checks and 8th Day must request that photo ID be presented to verify the current POC in order for a check to be
picked up.
b) Should the 8th day contacts need to be changed or updated at any time a password would be needed to give to
8th day before said changes would take effect.
c) The GA reserves the right to select or dismiss any and all 8th day contacts at any time.


It will be implemented with cooperation from the 8th Day Center for Justice as well as the personal and GA responsibility to make well informed decisions as well as maintaining personal responsibility to follow up when necessary



Proposed By: 

David "Olo", Justin B., Matt H.



Date Proposed: 

Saturday, November 3, 2012