A Series of SouthSide Teach-Ins Kicks Off with a Panel Discussion on School Closings




Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 7:30pm to 9:15pm


First Unitarian Church of Chicago (5650 s Woodlawn) in Hull Chapel


Occupy the SouthSide, Education Comm

The Education committee is partnering with Occupy the SouthSide to bring a series of bi-weekly teach-ins to the southside of Chicago where the effects of many 1% policies, from austerity to the prison-industrial complex, are strongest.
The teach-ins will all take place at the First Unitarian Church of Chicago, (5650 s Woodlawn) on Thursday evenings after 7pm. The Social Justice Council of the church has officially endorsed Occupy Chicago, and now hosts bi-weekly general assemblies for Occupy the SouthSide at the time time and location on weeks when there is not a teach-in.

The first teach-in will be Thursday, Feb. 2nd at 7:30pm on the topic of School Closings and their impact on the community.

There will be a panel of academic and activist speakers each given a short time to present before the format opens up to allow participants to discuss and ask further questions of the panelists.

Confirmed speakers are: Dr. Kenneth Saltman, Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Research at Depaul and author of "The Failure of Corporate School Reform."

Nathan Goldbaum, Co-Chair of CORE, Caucus Of Rank-and-file Educators.

Rico Gutstein, representing Teachers for Social Justice.

We have invited KOCO but their participation is unconfirmed.


Future SouthSide teach-in topics include the prison-industrial complex, and other issues important to that community.


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