May 1 ~ Chicago Spring - MAYDAY!

Occupations all across the globe will stand up and defend the 99% on May 1st. Occupations in cities across the country are calling for a General Strike. In Chicago, we are organizing a massive gathering of laborers, immigrants, students & more. On May 1st, we will shut down the 1%. We will picket the banks and take the streets. We will have mutual aid, a free feast, music and community. We will strike May 1st.

So that we can live, not just survive. 

Join us, Chicago. Bring the end to corporate abuse of Democracy.  

We are Workers. We are Students. We are Documented. We are Undocumented. We are Occupiers. 

They are Detaining Us. They are Shutting Down our Clinics. They are Closing our Schools. They are Taking our Wealth. They are Busting our Unions. 

DETAILS: We will assemble at 10:00AM at Lasalle & Jackson, departing from the picket and close the banks which abused their bailout funds.
Meeting up at 12:00PM at Union Park, 1501 W Randolph St.
At 1PM, we will march to Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn Street!

To contact us about getting involved, for more information and/or to endorse and support this action, email:

Everything you need to know about the #ChicagoSpring is here:

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