W.C Turk's "The Last Man" Endorsed by Occupy Chicago General Assembly

TIME’s Man of the Year Writes a Book

W.C. Turck’s “The Last Man” Offers a Chilling View of America ’s Future

In the first novel to arise from the Occupy Movement, W.C. Turck’s The Last Man engrosses readers in the soulless world of corporate ruling, oppressive homogeny, and despair that is the future America . Turck sees his work as especially timely with the current state of our country, calling his book, “a celebration of human diversity and the inherent ascension of individual autonomy.”

In The Last Man, America is ruled by a single corporation which has eliminated nationality, religion, race, and love, replacing citizens with Associates who provide for the Corporation. When a black child is born as the result of a system malfunction, the Corporation allows him to grow up, yet segregates him from the rest of society before putting him on trial for simply existing. In his struggle for freedom, the Last Man discovers a secret society whose leader is intent on destroying the Corporation, and must decide which side he truly stands on.

“Royalties from the The Last Man are being donated to support Occupy Chicago, and the book is endorsed by our General Assembly," says Rachael Perrotta, a member of the Occupy Chicago Press Committee. "This book really gets to the core of what the Occupy movement is and who we are fighting for. It’s a must-read for anyone who supports our struggle for freedom and justice.”

About W.C. Turck and The Last Man

As the first book to arise from the Occupy Movement, The Last Man takes a hard look at the future of America under the ruling of a single, power-hungry corporation. W.C. Turck is an acclaimed author and social activist for human rights and international peace, in addition to acting as a passionate advocate and supporter of the Occupy Movement. He is the author of four widely acclaimed books, including Broken: One Soldier’s Unexpected Journey Home, Burn Down the Sky, and his 2009 memoir on the genocide in Bosnia , Everything for Love: A memoir of love and war. Turck has been a guest on numerous radio shows and has spoken frequently on the topics of nationalism, genocide, and human rights.




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