Friday, 1/27: Occupy Chicago Press Conference

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Press Conference
Friday, January 27 ~ 1:30pm
500 W Cermak, Suite 700
Enter at 2147 S. Lumber

Occupy Chicago Moves into New Space, Organizes for Chicago Spring

Press Conference to Highlight Area, Neighborhood, and Campus Occupations

Chicago 1/26 -- Occupy Chicago welcomes the media to our new space at 500 W. Cermak for a press conference on Friday, January 27, at 1:30pm. Speakers will include participants in Occupy Chicago, who will talk about our new home and our current and future organizing and goals. Members of Chicago’s area Occupations will also attend to speak about the impact our new space will have on the citywide movement. In addition, representatives from Occupy our Homes, Occupy the Dream, and National Nurses United will speak. This event is an opportunity for the press to view our space and interview local Occupiers and our allies. Please note, the press is only welcome in the Occupy Chicago space when invited for a special event, such as this press conference.

Occupy Chicago moved into two units at 500 W Cermak on Friday, January 20th. These units, 3,100 and 2,489 square feet respectively, will be used for meetings, events, creating art and music, educational teach-ins, generating literature and materials, and General Assemblies. The space will not be used for sleeping, or as a point to rally at or march from.

“Having a centrally located hub for the movement will greatly enhance communication and collaboration between Occupations in Illinois and around the region,” says Micah Philbrook, Occupy Chicago committee member. “The space will facilitate more effective organizing, bigger events, and broader public outreach.”

The choice to move to an indoor space was prompted primarily by Chicago’s harsh winters. Occupy Chicago is an open, inclusive movement, dedicated to accessibility. While we will maintain a presence at Jackson & LaSalle, we believe furthering our organizing at the community, citywide, national, and international levels can best happen in a safe, warm environment.   

Occupy Chicago has issued an international call to Action for April 7, 2012. The date will serve as a rallying point for Occupations to take to the streets and reinvigorate for a Spring full of action and movement building.

Occupy Chicago has formed a working group to organize actions and events during the summits in Chicago this May. Occupiers and other concerned individuals are expected to arrive by the tens of thousands to speak out against the war and poverty spread by NATO and the G8.

“Occupy Chicago knows that the First Amendment is our permit to organize and protest. We will not heed Mayor 1%’s call to sit down and shut up,” says Rachael Perrotta, a participant in Occupy Chicago. “Get ready for the Chicago Spring. Come to our new space and be part of our movement. Our General Assemblies are at 7pm on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat at 500 W. Cermak, room 700. Together, we can remind our elected officials who hired them, and fight to get big money and corporate influence out of politics.”

Occupy Chicago wants to thank all of the kind people who have donated to our movement. Some have given money, some have brought us hot coffee on cold days at Jackson & LaSalle. Each gift, large or small, helps our movement grow and become more successful. Our space is being funded in part by a benefactor who makes monthly contributions, and in part from other donations. Occupy Chicago is seeking material and financial donations to sustain our organizing.

Material donations, such as furniture, office supplies, and non-perishable foods can be dropped off at our space during our General Assemblies, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm.

To donate online, visit and click the "donate" link.

Checks can be mailed to the following address. Please make the check out to, 8th Day Center for Justice / Occupy Chicago:

8th Day Center for Justice

205 West Monroe #2w

Chicago, IL 60606-5013

Media Policy: Occupy Chicago's new hub has a strict media policy which has been voted on and approved by our General Assembly: Members of the corporate media are not allowed into Occupy Chicago's newly acquired space at any time, without prior approval voted upon by our General Assembly. The press conference being held on January 27th is a one-time event, and we invite all members of the press and media to join us.




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