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Extra! Occupied Chicago Tribune Publishes Issue #1

Chicago 12/7 - - The Occupied Chicago Tribune, an independent print newspaper produced by journalists and designers active within Occupy Chicago, is publishing its first issue today.

The paper, inspired by the Occupied Wall Street Journal, is a four-page, full color broadsheet with a first-issue print run of 20,000 copies. It will be distributed for free at Occupy Chicago and in neighborhoods throughout the city.

 “Our objective is to provide an outlet for reporting, commentary and analysis on the Occupy movement, and its unique application in our city,” says Nick Burt, a writer with the Occupied Chicago Tribune. “We are dedicated to honest coverage, and to spreading the message of the Occupation: Now is the time for a new kind of politics that puts the priorities of ordinary people above those of big business.”

The Occupied Chicago Tribune is funded by supporter donations, and a current Kickstarter campaign will run until December 26th to collect funds necessary to print upcoming issues.

Issue 1 Contents:

* Feature on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's budget

* Interview with Jane Addams Senior Caucus arrestees

* Timeline of the global Occupy movement

* Commentary from Naomi Klein and Chris Hedges on the Occupy movement

* Phillip Jackson on Occupy the Hood

* Why hundreds of thousands are moving their money out of predatory banks

* Spotlights on Chicago's neighborhood assemblies, such as Occupy the South Side, Occupy Rogers Park, Occupy Campuses, and Occupy el Barrio

* Five ways to participate in Occupy Chicago


Kickstart: kickstarter.com/projects/occupiedchitrib/the-occupied-chicago-tribune

Facebook: facebook.com/OccupiedChicagoTribune

Twitter: @OccupiedChiTrib




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