Thursday 12.22 * 3PM * Rally to Save Our Schools!

Parents, students, teachers, and community members will hold simultaneous rallies and marches at seven schools slated for closure under Rahm's union-busting privatized education plan and demand resources for existing schools.

A leaked memo from the Chicago Public Schools reveals that Rahm's new team would like to close nearly 140 schools in the next two years. We don’t want control of our schools handed over to private interests. Privatization means education only goes to those who can afford it, while our property tax dollars are funneled through TIFs into corporations like Sears and CME who grease the right political palms.

“It is critical that we increase our capacity to fight against these misguided policies that only hurt our students and children,” said CTU President Karen GJ Lewis. “School closings, turnarounds, consolidations, and phase-outs simply do not work—and we have 15 years of evidence to support this. Shutting down one under-resourced school and sending its students to another under-resourced school makes absolutely no sense at all.”

Currently the Chicago Board of Education is dominated by 1 percenters, including billionaire Penny Pritzker and former Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Trade, and current president of the Board of Education, David Vitale. In recent years, parents at many schools have led vigorous efforts to fight the closings and been able to stave off the attacks through militancy, partnerships and resilience.

“Instead of fixing the structural problems within our system, CPS’ answer has been to blame the parents, blame the teachers and blame the students themselves,” Lewis said. “Our children deserve equal access to a high quality education in the neighborhoods in which they live. The Board must stop starving our schools of the resources they need and shutting them down when it’s politically and economically feasible to do so.”

Find the school closest to you on the flier and lend your support Thursday at 3pm!

Casals Elementary
3501 W. Potomac (1250 N)

Crane High School
2245 W. Jackson (300 S)

Herzl Elementary
3711 W. Douglas (1400 S)

Piccolo Elementary
1040 N. Keeler (4200 W)

W. Smith Elementary
744 E. 103rd St.

Stagg Elementary
7424 S. Morgan (950 W)

Woodson South Elementary
4511 S. Evans (700 E)





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