12.5 State-Wide Occupation Gathering & 12.6-7 Occupy Columbia/PFAC Demonstrations

Monday, 12/5

Occupy Your Future! State-Wide Occupation Gathering

LaSalle and Jackson

4pm - 7:30pm


Tuesday 12/6 & Wednesday 12/7

PFAC Columbia Action – No to Job Cuts!

600 S. Michigan

12pm - 2pm


The Occupation is Growing: State-Wide Occupation Event and Columbia College Part-Time Faculty Association Action

Chicago 12/2 – This week, Occupy Chicago will host and participate in events aimed at strengthening ties between Illinois Occupations, and building relationships with unions and community organizations. 

Monday, Occupy Chicago College Outreach invites participants from Occupations in Chicago, the suburbs, and across Illinois to gather at Jackson & LaSalle, from 4pm – 7:30pm, for a discussion titled “Occupy Your Future!” The event aims to establish strong lines of communication between IL Occupations, and to form an external committee to facilitate inter-Occupation coordination.  

Event Information: http://occupychi.org/outreach/event/occupy-your-future

Tuesday and Wednesday, from 12pm – 2pm, the Occupy Chicago Labor Committee and Occupy Columbia invites Chicagoans to stand in solidarity with the Part-Time Faculty Association of Columbia College (PFAC), as they demonstrate for better pay and working conditions, and against attempts to cut jobs at the college.

Event Information: https://www.facebook.com/events/240731965993803/

“The Occupation is growing,” says Sam Abrahamson, an Occupy Chicago participant. “New campus and neighborhood Occupations pop up every day. We are strengthening our bonds with local unions and community organizations. Groups like Occupy the Hood Chicago, and Occupy the South Side are taking the campaign against foreclosure to the next level. As Occupations in Illinois become more coordinated, our numbers and the strength of our message will continue to grow.”




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