12.2 Occupy UIC Confronts ‘Mayor 1%’ Emanuel

Friday 12/2

Occupy Rahm! Defend the Future of Chicago’s 99%!

UIC Student Center, 750 S. Halsted

11am – 2pm


Friday: Occupy UIC Confronts ‘Mayor 1%’ Emanuel

Students speak out against education and public service budget cuts

Chicago 11/30 – This Friday, UIC’s department of political science will host Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the third installment of their Fall 2011, “Future of Chicago,” lecture series. The event will take place at 12pm, at 750 S. Halsted, on the 3rd floor in the Illinois Room. The talk is free and open to the public.

Occupy UIC and Occupy Chicago will have a presence both inside and outside the talk, beginning at 11am. Organizers say they plan to confront Emanuel on his decisions to cut education and public service funding, while pushing tax breaks for corporations. They will also speak out against Emanuel’s disregard for freedom of speech and civil liberties.

“We call him ‘Mayor 1%’ because it’s clear he cares more about serving the interests of corporations than the people of Chicago,” says Corrie Westing, a member of Occupy UIC. “We won’t stand for greedy politicians like Emanuel calling for millions in corporate tax breaks while closing clinics and public schools, and busting college faculty unions. With a mayor like Rahm, Chicago doesn’t have a future.”

Occupy Chicago has been a vocal opponent to the Sears/CME tax break bill, defeated yesterday in the Illinois House.

“If the politicians who supposedly represent us want to serve Illinois, they’ll fight for tax breaks for working families instead of huge corporations posting record profits,” says Daniel Massoglia from Occupy Chicago-Kent. “We’re putting public servants on notice: Do your job, serve the people, or expect us! We’re pitting people-power against corrupt politicians, corporations, and the banking industry, and we are winning.”

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