Housing Campaign


Taking It Back
The foreclosure and eviction crisis in this country poses a serious threat to the stability of our families and our neighborhoods. This crisis was created by banks that committed acts of theft and fraud, profiting from the losses of those who invested with them, while the rest of us were forced to pay the price for their crimes. The folly of Wall Street bankers has led to record numbers of foreclosures and evictions, and the situation continues to worsen. In July, August, and September, foreclosures in the state of Illinois jumped 31% from last year. Some of these homeowners were victims of predatory lending. Some lost their jobs as the economy collapsed. Others are simply struggling, with medical problems, or other serious issues, in an unforgiving economic climate.
As our neighbors struggle to find and keep jobs in this economy, modify their mortgages, and weather other financial traumas, the bankers who created this crisis merrily go about their business, secure in the knowledge that the government sees them as "too big to fail," and will bail them out whenever they threaten to take the country down with them. Occupy Rogers Park believes that it is the people who are too big to fail, and that we should not continue to allow these institutions to destroy our lives and our communities. If our government will not represent our interests, then we the people will represent our own interests. If the government will not hold these banks accountable, we the people will do so. If our government will make no provision for our neighbors, who are being flung into the streets, through no fault of their own, then we shall do that as well.
We will resist the eviction of our neighbors from their homes. We will challenge the banks who brought us to this point of crisis, and who now refuse to work with those they've harmed. We will reclaim vacant homes, and give families much needed shelter, whenever possible. We will build a greater network of resistance, within our community, and together, we will rise. We have already formed connections with groups around the city, and country, who are working towards these same ends, and we believe that this movement of eviction resistance and home reclamation will continue to grow.
Join us, as we take back our community, and take back our lives. Know that if you are willing to fight for your home, there are members of your community who are willing to fight with you.
You are not alone, and you are not a loan.
"To the financial establishment of the world, we have only one thing to say: We owe you nothing. To our friends, our families, our communities, to humanity and to the natural world that makes our lives possible, we owe you everything." - Debt Resistors Operations Manual, OWS
If you'd like to make a donation, to help us restore homes in our community, and reclaim housing for struggling families you can make a donation here:http://tinyurl.com/orphousing