Happy nEW yEAR 2015 WISHES Goodbye Cermak! Moving Day, Yard Sale, & Goodbye Celebration

Whether you loved it or hated it the Occupy Chicago Cermak space will be closing January 31st! Please come out and relive the good times, grab a piece of Occupy Chicago history and hook up with fellow Occupiers old and new.
We are organizing a weekend of cleaning, packing and celebration! We are pleased to be moving into our new home located in the bustling Chicago & Ashland area (1543 w. Chicago ave.) In this new space we will hold Occupy Freedom School classes, workshops, rebuild the Peoples Library, create an activists hub and most importantly outreach to the surrounding community. If you have been waiting for the next level of Occupy Chicago to begin then now is the time to get involved!
Join us January 26th for a daylong farewell at Cermak with morning comprising of cleaning, packing, moving & of course eating. Then in the afternoon we will be having an Occupy themed yard sale (you pay what you can for what you can take). Then join us at 7pm for the last GA at Cermak.
9:00am – 10:00am Breakfast
10:00am – 3:00pm Cleaning and packing
3:00pm – 7:00pm Occupy Yard Sale
7:00pm Occupy Chicago General Assembly
9:30pm – ??? Farewell Celebration
(Enter the bright red door that says “Work Lofts” above it. On that door we post a phone number to call. If you call that number someone will let you in. Occupy Chicago’s space is on the 5th floor, room 501.)

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