Chalking is NOT a Crime! Pack the Courtroom for Marissa Brown’s Hearing hAPPY new year 2015 wishes

WHEN : Monday,  Dec. 17, 2012. 2:30pm

WHERE : Circuit Court Of Cook County, Belmont & Western, 2452 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60618

WHY :  On Nov. 9 the Budget Showdown protest was held at Senator Dick Durbin’s office located in the Kluczynski Federal Building. Hundreds of people and many organizations showed up to protest against the threatened budget cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Among them was Marissa Brown an organizer in the Occupy Movement, an instructor of Occupy Freedom School and mother of 4. As a single mother, Marissa relies on Medicaid to insure her family.

While at the protest, Marissa was arrested by a CPD officer & charged with felony destruction of public property for allegedly chalking messages of peace & unity outside the federal building. This charge resulted in a 6 hour detainment. While detained, Marissa’s phone was confiscated making it impossible to contact her children who were unaware of the arrest for two or three hours.

UPDATE: According to the wonderful attorney who is handling this case the statute for the alleged offense Marissa was charged with is NOT a felony it is a misdemeanor. This is great news but it can still carry a sentence of up to 1 year in jail so it is still very important for allies to come out and show support.

This charge is utterly ridiculous and just the latest example of a pattern of protesters being targeted for intimidation and Police State tactics to discourage dissent by the People. Please come out and support Marissa Brown at her court hearing on the Felony Chalking Charges.

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