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Tata value homes are worthy as well as suitable for the residents. Corporate homes are also offered by the Tata housing company. Tata housing is working for the ease and comfort of the tenants. Here anyone may get the opportunity to discover his happiness. He also will be capable of bringing a notable lifestyle. The professional management of Tata housing is always ready to serve the clients with the best living places.

tata hosuingSubh Griha’ is a community of apartments of tata value homes at THDC has delegated a task to the Subh Griha. It is providing the assistance to the residents. Usually, Subh Griha develops the concept of community housing. In order to ensure a stress less life for the customers, Subh Griha offers reliable homes. Amenities offered by Subh Griha include hospitals, schools, apartment ventilation, lighting system, recreational facilities as well as community hall. Subh Griha also offers many other facilities like neighborhood retail-space, post office, integrated-township approach, play ground, vegetable market, open space, fish market, self-sufficient segments etc.


World’s largest e-commerce platform is going to be launched by the Tata Housing Development Company as tata value homes ecommerce. If anyone wants to book a particular unit, he may make a search in the rental website of THDC. This website is providing all types of information required to book a specific unit. It also offers the entire processes of booking a home. An individual may easily book a unit by following three steps and they are selecting exact location, reviewing the details as well as booking online. Their business website is also offering the opportunities of global access. So, getting a reliable property through the THDC is not a sophisticated task.


Managing directors and the CEO of tvh at declared that they are committed to supply the innovative rental units. They are also offering special opportunities to a group of people whose economical condition is not strong enough to buy a property. Tata sympathizes with those people. Tata told that there are lots of people in our society who move to the cities for ensuring their earning source. Some times they are bound to live in the organization supplied accommodations. Tata also told that about forty eight percent of the lower communities have to live in their rental houses. THDC is working for those people. They already have taken initiatives steps to alleviate such kind of problems. Tata is giving the opportunity of living in a quiet and peaceful environment. Here a person can lead a tension free life with his family as well as friends.

Subh Griha is going to offer a special package for the customers. Customers will get the opportunity of ensuring their expected units across the Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai as well as Punne. tata value homes ecommerce is going to develop the 1st township of Subh Griha in Boisar. THDC delegates the task of supervising the construction work to the IGBC. However, Subh Griha is committed to eradicate the problems of living places by offering the special units to the clients. Subh Griha’s extensive research will benefit the customers to the great extent, no doubt about it.


Increasing level of the lifestyle changes motivated the authority to introduce the residential formats. The developed concept of the tata value homes ecommerce may contribute for easing the life of the people who are suffering from the dwelling house problems. Integrated township of THDC is going to offer the facility of getting a suitable living place. Subh Griha offers attractive facilities in Boiser like rain-water harvesting, retail zone, open spaces, vermiculture, vegetable area etc.


However, if anyone wants to book Tata value homes in Boiser, he should follow a few steps and they are discussed hereunder:


SBI branches will provide the application form. So, applicants will be able to collect the form quiet easily. When a person is going to provide personal information, he must be careful. He should refer the contract details for the further advancement of managing the unit. After completing the application procedure, he must step forward for the booking process. After submitting the application form, he should accomplish the booking process within twenty days. Application form may cost around Rs. 200. He should manage around Rs 10000 for carrying out the procedure of initial booking. He must pay the amount through the SBI bank. After 15 days of the final booking, the authority will publish the 1st list and the waiting list. Tata housing will deliver the allotment letter as well as the payment schedule. So, book Tata value homes and ensure your perfect home.

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