Agenda for the Wednesday, January 25th GA

This is the agenda for proposals for the GA tonight (Jan 25). The assembly will follow the Normal Order. This list is not in chronilogical order because it may change last minute.


We will vote on an emergency proposal that came out of a meeting, which GA approved sending some people to, that was held yesterday (Tuesday). The link to the proposal is here:

We will stack to discuss adopting the Chicago Principles. The forum discussion of this, which is quite lively, is here:   This proposal was presented and discussed Saturday, discussed some more on Monday, and will be discussed tonight. The vote on it is scheduled for Friday, where we will have more discussion on it.

The new Tech funding proposal will be presented and stacked on. A vote is tentatively scheduled for Friday but may move to Saturday. You can see the proposal on the forum here:

Finally, if there is time, we are going to have an open discussion on what the new space at Cermak means to the movement and how it will affect our public presence.


We hope to see you all there.




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