Occupy My Heart: A Revolutionary Christmas Carol




Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - 8:00pm to 9:30pm


Studio BE, 3110 N. Sheffield Ave. (belmont Redline stop)


(The show is free of charge. Seating is limited)

Based upon the Dickens classic, "Occupy My Heart" tells the story of Josh, an ambitious Chicago banker, who one cold and snowy Christmas Eve loses his job and girlfriend. Josh happens upon Kay, an old love, protesting with the Occupy movement. Where they once found cause to change the world, Josh is now lost to the greed of Wall Street. Where once he fought for the cause and dignity of every man, Josh’s heart is now indifferent to the suffering around him. But on that frosty Christmas Eve night Josh will be visited by three spirits that will show him that other world, the one that might have been with Kay, a world of hope and decency and dignity for all.

Can a cynical heart be changed in a single night, enough to ask or beg forgiveness and a second chance with Kay? Can the changing of one heart be enough to change the world? Set against the backdrop of the Occupy movement, Occupy My Heart is an hour long play written as a celebration of the movement, to bring the spirit and message of the Occupation to a broader audience. There is romance and comedy, politics and regret, heartbreak and hope. Above all this is a story of the 99%, for the 99% and by the 99%. Occupy My Heart, A Revolutionary Christmas Carol is the story of us.

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