Occupy Columbia College!




Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 12:00pm


600 S. Michigan


The purpose of this demonstration is to draw public attention to College practices and policies that are anti-labor and harmful to college faculty, staff, and students.  These include: escalating union-busting activities; declining working, salary, and learning conditions; bad-faith bargaining; and unilateral attempts by the College to control the work place, the work force, working conditions, pay rates, and every aspect of employment, study, financial accounts, student welfare, and institutional mission. 
The Part-Time Faculty Association (“Pfac”) represents 77% of the entire Columbia faculty and is the only unionized faculty organization at Columbia College.  Our members teach most courses and demonstrate a lasting regard for Columbia students.  We are especially aware of mounting financial pressures on students, and we oppose attempts by the College to “prioritize” programs and reallocate resources strictly on the basis of financial profitability.  We believe that faculty working conditions translate directly to student learning conditions, and we seek to improve both. 
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