CTU Vigil and Board of Education Speak Out




Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 6:00pm to Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 12:00pm


125 S. Clark


The efforts to close, turaround and consolidate public schools has been raging in Chicago since 2004 when Mayor Daley began Renaissance 2010, a plan laid out by the Chicago Commercial Club to close 60 to 70 schools and open 100 new schools as a means to weaken the Chicago Teachers Union. Since that time, a number of community groups and teacher organizaitons have banded together to stop a number of these efforts to destroy our neighborhood schools. Mayor Emanuel has signaled that he wants to reignite the school closing effort, but this time at a much higher level. His team wants to double the number of non-union charter schools to 20% of the total number of schools in Chicago. A leaked memo from the Chicago Public Schools reveals that Rahm's new team would like to close nearly 140 schools in the next two years. This fight might turn out to be the difference between a district of publically controlled neighborhood schools versus a district dominated by semi-private and unaccountable charter schools.  Currently the Chicago Board of Education is dominated by 1 percenters, including billionaire Penny Pritzker and former Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Trade, and current president of the Board of Education, David Vitale. In recent years, parents at many schools have led vigorous efforts to fight the closings and been able to stave off the attacks through militancy, partnerships and resilience. They deserve our support!
12/13: Vigil at 6pm
12/14: Get up early and Occupy Board of Education Hearings, 4am


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