January 6th GA minutes

(These are raw minutes, may be edited at a later time -Sec)

1/6 moderator David jailbird Orlikoff
Camille time
Dan minutes

Committee announcements
James -- alleycats -- posters, message-oriented (non explicitly occupy) stickers, rahmageddon, rhamen noodles, rhamalamadingdong,
Trina- a and r - Saturday punk benefit at empty bottle, 1130 door, show noon-- all ages, need overage accompaniment if under 21
- feb "for the love of revolution," womens day in April
-occupy the dream, Jan 15 MLK bday, IIRON, SOUL, other groups 1000+ expected, 230 event people's church at Lawrence, RSVP so we can organize food
Sarah, education, Monday 5pm meeting at underground cafe 600 Michigan
Lucas -- secretariat needs additional people -- meetings Thursday at six, Sunday at four, corner bakery on Jackson and Michigan until cermak open
WC Turk -- occupy my heart play, 1000 bucks, sold out all shows, positive press nationwide, huffpo, hartmann, trib
--occupy novel in the works, details forthcoming, look on forum

Neal from midwest anti war mobilization
US profit driven war campaign orienting towards Iran -- hypocritical foreign policy
-- US demonizing Syria and Iran, possibly trying to build up sentiment for war in Syria
-- best way to encourage freedom and democracy is to get one percent off backs of th people
--wants to rally people, and endorse a call for emergency response at federal plaza should we engage Syria or Iran, either directly or by proxy
--text of the resolution is on the website under discussion forum
STACK on anti war call
Janine we should be able to respond if attacked, hawkish liberal, object
-Iran has sordid history towards Iran, similar rhetoric in 79, we overthrew the last democratically elected govt of Iran in 50s, creating horrible circumstances. It's very easy to get people riled up about war; Iranian people will not be helped by war. US politicians don't have their interests at heart; strongly oppose
Another support-- distortion and misinformation a certainty; war is about reasserting domination of region. NO justification for supporting awar there on ahmedinejad. Distortion re these countries will strengthen fundamentalist Islamic reactionary rule
--reservations -- proposal unclear re what constitutes a military action. Without that, couldnt vote. Another point-- Syria is actually massacring citizens right now
Other concern -- is there working group creating plan of action for response -- should we start one? Just war concerns should be raised here.
Temp check -- do we occupy bc of exploitation? Yes. If so, then we should oppose war, bc war is a tool of exploitation.
Proposal comes up tomorrow for vote.

David Orlikoff -- DA, targets and arrows for NDAA guantanemo action. Need someone to take arrows for #J11
North side -- Phil has organied outreach to coirnerstone community. Possible bar event to publicize and spread word-- northsiders with connections should talk during breakout
James SM #J17 solidarity action, Samwise says will be proposed tomorrow
Transportation committee needs tech help as well as volunteers with vehicles
Samwise re #J17 -- exceedingly graceful -- funeral for bill of rights working group planned -- last "rights" from priest, other things. Viking funeral probably out :( talk during breakout session.
Todd -- professional news organization will be awesome, meeting 10 tonight at pumping station
--no vote tonight on tuesdays tech proposal
Keilah -- oakland port shutdown, ows nye, let's caravan to dc for #J17
Alex from occupy st Louis -- got robbed for 3k, how do we reach out, need advice for fundraising/outreach
Erin--Iowa caucus was great, she brought back friends; she and Emilio have discussed a "nonviolent militia" to keep people safe during mayor 1%'s proposed police state for NATO g8
Temp check for extending breakout groups from Erin fails
GA resumes
Todd on tech committee requesting funds
Short proposal, followed by response to general qs from forum
6000bucks to cover site hosting for past three months, and next three months
--large form printer and supplies for 2'x5' posters $1600
-- not itemized list bc of uncertain needs of new hq, a base for local occupations as well as h
Web server, mail server, application proxy, backup server. At the moment, different locations. This system is required. This system has been robustly successful; we had backups when data processing co in Germany deleted ours, meaning minimal downtime.
Many licenses, plus services; 7 monthly invoices.
Buildout -- concerns that items will be useless after indoor location leaves. Other than cheap stuff, apeverything can be moved. Also, we need large form printer regardless of whether we have indoor location.
No security equipment included in proposal.
In summation; wireless mesh networking equipment for likely cutoff of 4G and 3G at NATO g8; we could maintain own server.
Andrew from tech
-- money really needed, web site has already been down and fixed quickly
--- all of tech has donate own money already; tech would like to either reimburse or not have to expend more funds in the city. This proposal is so needed -- otherwise, we can't continue.
Sara -- we can do things on our own to lower the price
Most important is server stuff, work with other items based on our own connex.
Erin -- this will help all committees, this proposal will protect and aid communication, growth, security. Full support
Trina - not comfortable voting without some kind of paper listish thing for money expenditures
Lynette -- supports giving tech support. Have we asked SM and craigslist for our needs.
Keilah -- a web site crash without pre allocated funds could mean days of downtime. I trust tech.
Janine -- I support tech, occupy networks cool
Support -- this costs money, but we have money, this is needed. Printer would be huge for graphic arts. We have been using own money, we have donations for a reason.
Trust for Todd is absolute -- expenses required; buffer is needed too
Ruben -- potential for outreach huge. Also, this infrastructure will be huge
Dan friendly amendment -- let's approve, but have a period of time to explore other ways of getting/making supplies
Todd welcomes amendment and taking people's input on buying.
Abel -- supports, and donations can provide some things like, perhaps, LCD screens, mouses, etc
Sam -- sticker shock, but has been won over. Friendly amendment -- accounting as they go . Approved.
Tony - 6gs seems reasonable, especially for what is needed at cermak or any other indoor space
Mark -- this IS a significant amount of money. 30% of remaining budget. but if this is really needed, support. however, our money management has been less than tight. We need to improve our process, and will abstain from vote.
James -- outreach to ows, we opened trade, can they help? They got a 25k donation tomorrow?
Do we have guidelines for printing, who does it,. Of we are gonna spend like this, we nee to take a more active attitude towards fundraising. Friendly amendment -- see out of pocket expenditures and split. Not friendly.
Andrew tech and donations -- first goal of donations was to make it legal, then stepped back. However, need to revisit this.
Abel donations -- now that we have a fiscal sponsor, that's when money was moved to online wepay. Not much has been done since then, so he is keeping track of spending via email, he has copies of checks. We need to discuss more the cash expenditures.
Two friendly amendments -- pursue other means to get supplies, and each purchase documented.
Motion to extend five additional minutes passes temp check
Three vote counters
Motion to table fails
9/10 yea to nay ratio requires
Motion fails
6 nays, 7 abstentions, 30ish yays
Point of info-- OWS -- ochi rules -- He will take a proposal back to NY
Possible mediation sessions for blocks -- what blocks are= you can't live with something
Gen public informational meeting, tues, jan 10, 1030 AM. Show up at 10 if you want to get in the room, which requires an ID. 160 n. Lasalle, 8th floor. If you want to bring signs, make it covert. People will gather outside as well, multi tiered protest. See sarah for a gripe number. Also, sunday, 52nd and halsted, protest sign making meeting. FYI: about the proposed 125 million rate in cease for gas. Previous year, with hundreds of millions of dollars of profit, 17  million increase.
Keith -- identity theft situation -- 2 people stole identities, used it to pay gas for other people. 2.5 million out. We need to hit people's gas big time because they are gonna be able to rip people off.
Mark -- gonna create a treasury committee, talk to him if you want to join.
Abel -- Micah and kieran already have relationship with 8th day-- we cannot have too many people communicating with 8th day; mark will hook up with them
Lynette -- occupy northwest side, 2pm, Logan square library,
blocks an interesting idea, ows has a facilitation training vid online
Erin -- blocks a good call, good idea
Nemo -- was in NY and MA, back; this movement is amazing, lots of love, don't get too drunk tonight.
Keilah -- at OWS spokescouncil at break; proposals, quick, with temp checks, and quick turnaround. Can be integrated here.
Andrew -- we used to have blocks requiring explanation and discussion here, we've gone away from that. We should go back to truer consensus with explanation of block.
Janine -- bout to neg it out -- Self defense a fine line from violence
***<3~~Edgar takes the horse interlude~~<3***
Sugar -- occupy fundraiser tomorrow
James -- will absolutely be prepared at NATO g8
NATO g8 will never be a occupy only event. We will form a working group
Keith -- house resolution 2990 from the teach in today could end the fed
Return to consensus important to consider

Ows supply and friendly funds lower cost amendment


Saturday, January 7, 2012 - 6:30pm