January 25 GA Minutes

Jan25 GA Notes


Committee announcements

Press conference Friday at 1pm—come be vibrant and loud!

Crafts committee: they make things and are awesome. Come Sunday at 5pm

Housing committee: needs help and people! Come and help contact Alyssa

Blog post on sec blog on website with todays agenda with links to forum. To get a prop onto agenda it needs to be on the forum. Before every ga there will be a post on the sec blog about what the agenda will be

Cldc: nlg meeting for motion to dismiss 2pm merchandise mart.

Aclu meeting: big meeting to ask about protest rules for may with lots of important groups in Chicago

Research needs people!!! Contact pickle or research committee. They’re swamped! Email ocresearch@occupychi.org

Tech- making a budget proposal tonight. No vote tonight. Has visual paperwork to pass around

Treasury- had a hiatus while in DC. Needs availability for first meeting. Send them to mark banks.

Arts - Occupy Chicago rebel arts collective launch feb 24


Calls for assistance

Occupy Indianapolis: Occupy the superbowl!!

They can give us their rubric for treasury

Todd- news network. Wants help. NEWS POWER!

David—On feb 2nd 1st unitarian church is hosting a series of ocsouthside events. Teachin on school closings and their effect. Promo material needs distribution. 7pm at 5650 south woodlawn (east hyde  park) Hull chapel.

Keilah— buttons committee—will work as subgroup of arts. Wants to put in keypad needs details of potential issues

Rachel –occupy the Midwest conference march 15-18. you should go!! 4 spots in her car 14th-19th

Justin: Consolidate arts committees to work together and organize!

Propoganda: need visual artists contact arts@occupychi.org

James—coordinate movement of stuff from grace to cermak and organize pickups of donations with trucks/large vehicles—needs large vehicles

OWS propaganda imagery—has printers willing to help

Nato/g8 info booth poster/info foldout! Lets put one together!!!

Collage of flyers and artwork on a wall


Break out



Tech: Tenative Friday possibly Saturday vote. Is posted on the forum

Abel: budget proposal—now has more details! Line item voting. 10 pages so read it!

See forum post for details of proposal


Ryan—How long will the ink suppy last us? Todd—4-5months efficient ink system

            What is ustream broadcaster? Todd—software to upgrade ustream abilities

            No dedicated camera, still using peoples phones and cameras

            Todd—radio module and antenna are a part of the router

--do we need all this stuff? We went a little bourgeouis with our money. We are an outsider group, too much stuff

Keilah—we have a neighbor who has offered to print us large format prints! Do we need a printer? Do we need a platform for ustream when no one uses it? We’re on the run anyways, will this actually make a difference? If we don’t use the free account, why would we use a $200 account? Higher quality will make it more viable for use.

Picul—we have a personal responsibility to RESEARCH tech’s list and make an educated decision. Printer—we want to be independent, full access and ability, don’t overly rely on our neighbors

----spend money on website and continuing operations

---support tech and their decision making. They did research, we should trust them

---Trust that this is what tech needs. Clarifying question. Is all money coming from current donation account? We can hold a fundraising campaign for this?

LINE ITEM VOTE (or set item votes—bundling)

--are we getting these items tax exempt? Limitations to who they can donate to—consider this

--small tech things are going on cermak supply list—can we wait on some of these items to see if they come through donations?

--Does not include any security costs or internet costs


Emergency proposal—voting Friday?

CLDC and legal went to a meeting—product of meeting that they went

Members of a coalition planning on protesting

-meet with city as a block

-gain information about police and fed response

--no info given by OC, no signing, purely info gathering

--1-2 reps from each organization

Propose sending 1-2 reps from OC to Tuesday 4pm meeting to gain info about summits.



--no reason to block this

--good idea, good opportunity, hopefully we learn SOMETHING from it

--democratic process as to who will go. Kerri and Dan are willing to go again, as they went to the previous meeting

--SMALL MEETING—will get us more candor

--do it


Chicago Principles Proposal

On the forum

Stack discussion for Friday vote

--what will guidelines be that we are agreeing to? Tactics are not a trivial matter. There are times when you have to disavow other methods and organizations

--absolutely adopt these! Activist diplomacy! We are upstarts, we’re gonna play nice, we’re not snitches, you can trust us. This means that other groups will respect our tactics and not bring those tactics to interefere with ours. Lets not look like dicks

--we should endorse this. We should remind public of our nonviolence

--if we don’t agree, other groups will still do things we may disagree with. We can’t control behavior, but this puts in a communication mechanism

--all respect each other! All have something in common in protesting nato/g8. accepting/rejecting this will not change others tactics or our image. We will continue to be nonviolent. We can control how we act in coalition efforts

--Those are the guidelines.


--THIS DOESN’T CHANGE OUR EXISTING PRINCIPLES. Help us remain non-violence by separating us from violence—we will have a pledge with other groups of separation of time and space from other tactics. They will agree not to get their violence up in our koolade and we will not snitch or be jerks

it’s basically a no snitching/no betrayal clause and a separation of tactics clause. Its REALLY important that we adopt these principles and understanding the historical background that they come from. They are an attempt to unify the left and combat internal fighting. Statement of solidarity around common goals.

--minor change—violence clause---clarification of language

--Are we publishing this or just agreeing to this?

--do we have ability to edit this?

--solidarity with COALITION broader than occupy Chicago—solidarity with 99% even if they have other tactics

--never say never, there might be fake groups that we need to denounce

--maybe the only time to denounce is murder?

--friendly amendment “snitches get stiches”. Nonviolent?


General Announcements:

--working group of people that want to keep up lasalle/Jackson presence meeting at 5pm tomorrow (Thursday) at HQ

--Linnette—NW side occupy needs people! Contact miss.chicagobulls@gmail.com

--erin: garbology association—garbage picking for cool stuff for BoO. Working map of interesting dumpsters and yellow gloves. Will let you know when the first meeting will be.  See erin if you’re interested

James—target people who don’t know about occupy or where we are or what we’re doing. Can we get an external sign with contact information? Let people know that we’re here!

Picul—lets use our giant windows!!! Yaaayyy! Research committee Wednesday at 5pm (501). Supply occupiers with GOOD DATA with an awareness of our own bias. Help occupy to better understand and articulate our position. Work with education and create a wiki. Pull info together and put out really substantial, reliable information.

Schedule board for use of spaces is downstairs

Talk to management before we put up signs/advertising


Ryan—we were named after a protest tactic, we identify with a tactic. We never had a camp, but we occupied J&L. Sporatic presence there now. An outside occupy presence is important—outreach, inspirational. Maintain large consistant public presence—need an ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM to make it work. With the space and a van we can go anywhere and have a great outdoor presence! Spirits lifted and occupation!  Need someone who is 25+ with a clean record to ‘own’ the van. What is liability and requirements? Multiple drivers?

Mark—occupy reading group, working with education committee. Occupy book club. Totally open to whatever lit you want to read—hopefully lots of nonfiction

Peoples research community to create new paradigm of conducting research outside of corporate/university framework. Declaration of scientific responsibility. Spread to grad students!!!! Principles on research

James the-99-declaration.com national general assembly with delegates from across the country.



New space at cermak, what does it mean?

James—its important that now that we have the space not to forget how we all got involved. If your not with occupy, you don’t know that we’re here. Lets get people involved 1-1. Flyer trains and buses, small talk about occupy, introduce new people and fresh ideas! New perspective on things. We’re all different lets get new ideas out there. How do you publicly occupy? Outreach!

Alyssa—lets be GOOD to our space! Respect the building and space. Address the issues of access to space so that we’re not always relying on our lease holders. Can we set up a system to email in ideas


James (again)—Friday press conference. James will be here to help beautify the space in the next two days.

Max—press conference Friday is a BFD so COME OUT. Make us look good. See how we’re using our space. Do art in the space. Live in the space. Own it. Friday 1pm BoO. Wrap up by 3pm. Will also need people to shepard reporters in here.

David—venezualian consul at Midwest workers association tomorrow Need translator and someone to film it. 5152 south halsted (2nd and halsted) 47 street bus? Taking about new revolutionary labor laws in Venezuela—given back to the people! Spanish/English translator 5pm need video person too.

Abel—Ditto James. Get back out there! We’ve lost a lot of people in the last few months.  Lets make this inviting and appealing! Get information out and make it available!

Donation/treasury/finance system needs work to make it more transparent and accessible. People power needed. Money needs to become accessible for projects in order to facilitate the good ideas that come around. Every little bit of time you can donate helps.

If you’ve got a really good account of davids arrest-send it to him.

Calling rahm Hitler is super offensive and makes us look kinda stupid and teenage angsty


Special Emergency Announcement

Sam—crazy adbuster announcement about spring occupation/camp. Month long people’s summit. Chicago spring/May is gonna be CRAY

            Should we be upset about this? Is it a problem that they’re using the occupy chi name?

Erin—wow. Um. Organize a chat around theme of tonights soapbox. Connect with the people who are here. Where we came from—5pm marches. Serendipity of coming together. When we all used to echo each other. Winter didn’t kill that, we’re building without knowing it. It will bloom in the spring. We have a home here together as we did on the streets and everywhere! Lets remember what’s at stake in a positive way. We have all sorts of great loose ends to use at our advantage—know our own history.

Trina—be careful of us vs them language in how we approach people. OPEN conversation. We need to make sure we’re welcoming and make people feel like they are a part of this. Also looking for occupy vets.


Keilah—I want a cutesy name BoO? 

Zoe—respecting space hours! Building opens at 6am. Decide when the space is open. Don’t wander. RESPECT NEIGHBORS AND BUILDING. Contain yourselves to units

Flyering at night—get them to james, tony, or grace place.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 7:00pm