General Committee Meeting, 12-28-11

General Committee Meeting Minutes


Date: 12/28/11


Attendees: Tech, G8, Press/Social Media, Education/DA/Arts and Rec/Donations/Housing, Internal Coordination


Proposed Open House event idea.

  • Invite the public to our new offices
  • Have stations for each committee for information about their committee or Occupy Chicago
  • Entertainment, music, food and drinks
  • Freebies
  • Tour of office space and how we intend to use in and how anyone that wants to help can use the space.


Will send email out to committees to prep for Open House event.


Anticipated move in date is still rumored for Jan 1st .  If that holds true the open house will be tentatively scheduled for January 8th.  If the move in date is pushed back the open house date will be moved accordingly (ex: we move in January 6th or 7th then we will push the open house to the next weekend.)


Committee Blog page was resolved by tech with a spot on the website for “unapproved posts” which has posts from committees that have not yet gained 3 approvals.


Proposed idea to have weekly committee events at HQ to re-energize the culture around HQ. 

  • All committees will show up to HQ for some laid back fun event with some type of theme behind it but everyone will be allowed to and encouraged to do whatever they want.
  • In addition it is encouraged to bring something constructive with you that you can work on/with other people/committees on.
  • Activities can range anywhere from casual discussions, soap box sessions, drumming, a collective activity, dance party.
  • Next Friday, January 5th at 5pm will be the “first” Committee HQ event


Set up a survey on the website to find out how people us the website and get their information from Occupy Chicago.  Do they mainly go to twitter, the front page on the website, the forums, the committee pages, facebook, or emails?  Might provide some insight how we can better customize the website to effectively get our message and events out to people.


Revamp the welcoming committee to have a spot for them at HQ


Have a spot for brochures, rules, OC summary


Mail out brochures/info




Internal Communication


Front page promotion requires 3 approvals from the committee creating the content, and 3 approvals from outside committees.