Saturday G.A. discussion over preparing to move indoors.




Saturday, December 17, 2011 - 7:00am




G.A. Moderator

Occupy Chicago will soon have an indoor home.  It sits on the  horizon with new
opportunities and challenges for our movement.  Without  a doubt, this new
beginning is on all of our minds.  The celebration  that started the week has
given way to conversations shaped by both  fresh ideas and fresh concerns.  This
Saturday, December 17th, is the time to bring these ideas and concerns to the
table and discuss them as a movement at the 7:00PM General Assembly.

All committees are encouraged to meet over the course of this week  in
preparation for this discussion.  Preparatory consideration should  include, but
not be limited to, the following:

1. What effects, including new opportunities and new challenges, can the
movement expect to arise from moving indoors?

2. What can your committee do to address these effects?

3. What other committees may be helpful  to your committee in addressing these

The goal of  this meeting is for the committees and individuals of Occupy
Chicago to  determine and take-on the tasks we need to accomplish before we move  
in to our new home.


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