Need/Offering Housing for Occupiers during NATO?


First look into some low-cost housing options, sharing a motel/hotel room w/ some friends, trying some couchsurfing options, and then maybe posting on the housing board. If nothing works out, then plug in here to see if we can get anything arranged for you. Please bring tents and/or sleeping bags if possible!

Likewise if you are offering a place for tired occupiers to rest their heads, please let us know so we can build a network.


Contact information
Make sure you hook us up with either an e-mail or a cell phone so we can make the connection!
Give us a name we can use when we contact you.
Help us link you in by telling us what your situation is.
If you're looking for a place, let us know how many kids you're bringing. If you're offering a space, let us know how many kids you have room for (if any).


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Put a note here if you have any allergies, can't stand smokers, etc.
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