GA Minutes Wednesday, July 18th 2012



GA Minutes July 18th, 2012

Committee Announcements
Help is needed for a protest this Friday, July 20th against the bank on Erie and State and expose corruption in the bank system there!

Anniversary working group: meeting once a week on Wednesday for the one year.  S17 and s23.  Friday is looking to be a city wide chalkupy.  Sunday is the day of the anniversary, with music and drum circles.  There is talks about going into the shopping district Sunday because it's a weekend and that is where people are.  There are talks about making it an anti-consumerism march.  That night will be a full occupation and Monday will be an action at LaSalle and Jackson.  5pm next Wednesday is the next meeting. 

Sabi sends his love to everyone and wanted to say thank you for all the support!  Keep sending letters to the NATO 5 and Migs and Brent need commissary funds! 

Occupy Rodgers Park is working on home reclamation and needs everyone's help to get that going on the north side.

Occupy the Southside had part two of the white elephant in the room series; a discussion on race in the occupy movement.  Third one is next Thursday 6:30pm at Woodlawn.  They are going to have this discussion every other week and will rotate to new places across the city.

Calls for assistance
We are working on an Occupy Chicago Brochure with general information about what Occupy is.  We need to fill it with content and a printing service to make them.    We want your input for it!  Contact David Olo to help. 

David Olo is working on a long term book project all about occupy; a handbook to occupy.  He is looking for input and really wants others to contribute to it.

Why I Occupy Book.  First edition going out on August 4th.  We need everyone's input for it.  Again, contact David Olo to help.

Kelly, with the strike solidarity for ctu committee, needs people's letters on why they support the strike and is going to put them up online.  Individual or group letters are welcomed.

Alex from Occupy El Barrio they are having a day of action July 27th.  Fiesta Del Sol is going on and they are going to Free Pilsen.  The event is focused around austerity and gentrification.  More details about the event will be on posted soon.  Tuesday there is  banner making at 6:30pm at Cermak.

CPS had a special meeting this afternoon and it sucked.  A dozen people got to speak and they all supported the teachers.  They are going to discuss the report behind closed doors and hopefully will know soon what is going on with the report.  Next Wednesday is the next meeting and people should go if they can.

Occupy Naperville is looking for OChi support.  They are looking for a move to amend in their city level and they need support at the city council meetings to get this on the ballot there.  They meet every Saturday.  Google occupy Naperville for contact and for the next city council meeting.

July 25th rally at CPS headquarters at 125 S Clark, Chicago at 9:00am, in support of the teachers as they demand a fair contract. 

Thursday, July 19th from 6:30-8:30PM there is a Chicago educational facilities task force meeting at the UIC forum at 725 W. Roosevelt Road.  The meeting is in rooms D-E.  Come down for the meeting and oppose Blizard in this open session before the CEFTF. 

July 31st there is a rally and march from Daley plaza to CPS headquarters at noon in support of the teachers unions. 

Occupy Obama meeting is Thursday at 6pm.

Document :Alternate Governing body, based off of the declaration of independence.  Recall the federal government and cause reform.  Mailing list for alternate governing body, search it and join it.  


No Presentations

1.  David Olo would like Occupy Chicago to host a fundraier on August 4th in the late morning and early afternoon.  We would offer products and services for a sliding scale/suggest donations.  This would be a family friendly event and hopefully raise some funds for the Ochi General Fund.  This event would look to include the following:

·       Farmer’s Market

·       Propaganda Table

·       Dance Classes

·       Bike Classes

·       Yoga

·       Massages

·       Tarot Card Readings

·       Bale Sale

·       Balloon Animals

·       Lemonade Stand

·       Arts and Crafts

·       “Why I Occupy” Compilation

·       And More!

The vote for this will take place at the next GA, on Wednesday.

Conflicted because we are having money issues but I don't like the money value for each service.  Would like to see teach ins associated with the event.

Abstentions: 7
Proposal does not pass

2.  Stop Police Crimes is having a hearing on police crimes on July 21st from 10am-4pm (registration starts at 9am) at 815 W 63rd Street across from Kennedy-King College.  They are looking for Occupy Chicago’s endorsement of the event.  There is going to be speakers telling their first hand experiences with police crimes.  This will also be voted on at Wednesday’s GA

This is led by African Americans which is important to see people of color talking about issues in their community.  This is really important and needs to happen!

Against:  0
For: 23
Abstentions: 1
Passes unanimously

3.  There is going to be a protest at the air and water show, which is a big advertisement for the military.  We want to put the death back into the air and water show.  World can't wait is going to pass out flyers.  IVAW is going to talk to people after talking to recruitments.  We are going to chalk up the lakefront the night before and have die-ins over and over throughout the day. We are also going to have teach ins.  This is for the Saturday, the 18th.  Lincoln park, from North Ave to Fullerton.  Highlight drones.

This is a really good idea.  We need to protest this death machine advertisement!

Against: 0
For: 21
Abstentions: 2

Passes Unanimously

Topic suggestions: Fundraising, Escalation of tactics


We have home grown produce to sell so we need a market to sell it at.  We need to get the public involved

The money thing is a problem, we are in debt several thousand  dollars.   Everything we have done has been suggesting an alternative way of doing things so we shouldn't sacrifice our messaging.  We need to document our actions so people want to donate more.

People who can afford it should donate what they can.  We don't need to have fundraisers.

Why are we in debt?  Who is the treasurer?  Why do we even need money?

We are in debt because we thought we had money so someone spent their money thinking they would get reimbursed but the money was set aside for something else.  We need to manage our funds more.

We need to use Cermak more for fundraising.  We can turn it into money somehow.  Can we rent out Cermak to people who are interested in renting it for a night?

As far as the event, it's sole purpose was to raise money.  We had suggested donations because otherwise people wouldn't give anything.

My concern was how to draw in the larger public so I abstained.

There were many ways that we could get the word out.

There are philosophical issues about the market.  What are our goals and how do we go about doing it?

We don't have to compete with anyone.  We can start small and let it grow.  We have to start somewhere and have to raise money.

What are we supposed to do?


Escalating tactics

We need to make continual progress and make do something better then the day before.  How do we make ourselves incorporate more people through our tactics?

I thought all the anarchists left.  Before we do anything anything, we need to stop fighting between each other.  There is bullshit and fighting going on and that needs to stop before we can start talking about bringing more people in.

We need to occupy a public space again.  We need to be more visible and put up more fliers.

Starting to think strategically about how our message affects people, both in and out of the movement.  We need to draw in people as they become disenfranchised from the system.

Radicalizing the movement is more talking about doing things that would create friction and what is not the norm, not talking just about ftp.  We are moving towards the norm and the average, but we need to stay radical and cause friction.   We need to go against the norm.  People will join us that sparks imagionation and questions why is the system so fucked up.

I just got back from the national gathering and we got to see all the awesome things everyone is doing across the country.  We need to talk to other occupies to grow and learn.

I was out at the taste of Chicago and put out fliers and information out there for people to take and learn more about the action.  I meet people that are totally radical that are not yet involved in occupy.  They don't always show up, but sometimes they do.  We need to reach outside of our circle, the people that we normal hang out with.  We need to reach out and not become isolated as Occupiers.  You can be totally radical without being militant or violent.  Anyone can fight with police.  We need to keep our ideolog out there.

The black panther project that was most threatening for the state was the breakfast program.  We can incorporate that into the teachers strike about to happen.

We need to change the way people think before we will grow.  We need to help the groups on the ground to change preconceived notions. We need to make them believe our cause is righteous.

Most people organize before a spark happens.  There is important long term organization that needs to happen before another spark happens again.  We have to think long term.

We should reach out to the youth, The high schools.

People like going to events that involve removing clothing because it is so different.  It encourages people to go against the grain and encourage how they act in and view society.  Tactics funnel back into the message.

We need people to get together and go out in the communities and flak to them.  Get people involved.

I occupy especially to spread information through education.  I hate colleges and universities. Let's get a real free school started.

Someone asked me why I joined the movement.  It's about not creating an authority that controls the people.  We want a community where people are really free.  I see a lot of talk about how can we create marches and get people involved when it is very isolating.  we need to create something that we can bring people into.  It's our job to teach the next generation how to continue our work.

Every now and then, you get this frustration of why are we not doing this or that and it's misguiding. You need to make it happen.

We collected funds for Migs and Brent to send to them (each received $20 in commissary funds from Occupy Chicago!)

We need to show our support for the people of Syria as they fight for democracy and liberation!


GA ends at 9:30PM



Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 2:30am