GA Minutes Saturday, July 14th, 2012 at 7pm


GA Minutes 7/14/12

Committee Announcements

·       Occupy the Midwest conference is August 23-26th in Detroit.  Contact David Olo for details and to arrange transportation options.

·       Jult 28th there is a tea party debate that John K will be debating at.  The debate is entitled “Big Government or Big Business; who caused the recession?”.  He is looking for input in preparing for the debate. 

·       Occupy the Southside is having a discussion on race struggles in Chicago’s Occupy movement.  It is at 7pm at 500 W Cermak, unit 501 on Monday, 7/16. 

·       Follow @OCHICalendar on twitter for updates on what is happening!

·       Occupy Rodgers Park is having GA Sunday at 5pm at Lunt beach

·       CASHE is meeting this Sunday, 7/15, at 738 W Fullerton at 6pm. 

·       CTU Solidarity campaign is Monday, 7/16 at 630 pm at 333 S Ashland

·       Occupy El Barrio is having their GA this Tuesday, 7/17 at 630 pm at 18th and Blue Island

·       The Next Occupy Chicago GA is Wednesday, 7/18 at 7pm at the Horse


Calls for Assistance

·       David Olo is working on starting up a permiculture committee to grow your own food.  Talk to him if you are interested in this!

·       The printer at Cermak is not working and needs to be fixed.  Tom has bought new ink cartridges for the printer, but can’t get it to work.  We need someone with tech experience to take a look at the printer.

·       Tom is working on putting together a one day “free school” where people can come and learn about different services in the city. Contact Tom if you are interested in helping out

·       Occupy Debates is getting started.  Talk with John K if you are interested in debating or know someone who will debate us.  Also, John needs an artist to help make flyers for the Occupy Debates

·       The tech committee is starting back up.  We need developers and updaters.  Talk with Kelvin if interested.

·       CASHE and Occupy are preparing for the college student’s return to Chicago in the fall.  Talk to Lindsay and Kelvin if you also want to help prepare for fall events.

·       Need people to organize for the New Era Windows Co-Op that is trying to be created.  Contact Kelvin for more details.



1.      David Olo would like Occupy Chicago to host a fundraier on August 4th in the late morning and early afternoon.  We would offer products and services for a sliding scale/suggest donations.  This would be a family friendly event and hopefully raise some funds for the Ochi General Fund.  This event would look to include the following:

·       Farmer’s Market

·       Propaganda Table

·       Dance Classes

·       Bike Classes

·       Yoga

·       Massages

·       Tarot Card Readings

·       Bale Sale

·       Balloon Animals

·       Lemonade Stand

·       Arts and Crafts

·       “Why I Occupy” Compilation

·       And More!

The vote for this will take place at the next GA, on Wednesday.                     

2.      Stop Police Crimes is having a hearing on police crimes on July 21st from 10am-4pm (registration starts at 9am) at 815 W 63rd Street across from Kennedy-King College.  They are looking for Occupy Chicago’s endorsement of the event.  There is going to be speakers telling their first hand experiences with police crimes.  This will also be voted on at Wednesday’s GA



1.      Occupy Chicago should vote to endorse Global Noise, a day of action in November where movements from around the world all have a large action on the same day, and make lots of noise!  The event details are still in the planning and if you want to help plan that action, talk with Micah. 

We need a theme to surround the entire action so we are all standing up together.


Abstentions: 1

Against: 0

Support: 21

Endorsement passes unanimously!



1. Occupy Brochure

As an outreach tool, people are working on creating an Occupy Chicago brochure that explains who we are, what we want, and all the basic workings of the movement.  David and Vicky want everyones input to answer the questions “Who we are” and “What we stand for”.  Make sure that the suggestions fit with the audience, and that is people that do not Occupy yet.


·       We are a leaderless movement of leaders.  We don’t have an –ism that we all follow so something that incorporates everyone.  We are the 99%

·       “We are” is hard because we hear anti-capitalistic, but are we all that?  It’s a fusion of everything

·       If we can’t actually agree on what we are, don’t try.

·       We promote the empowerment of people, the 99%.  We advocate for and practice democracy.

·       We don’t know who we are and we are still figuring that out

·       We advocate mass participatory democracy.

·       A group of people coming together with the same idea.  We have already established that.  We are the 99%

·       Avoid democracy.  Use feelings to outline the struggles and establish who we are that way.

·       Remember your audience.  I like what the brochure says currently.

·       We are the ones standing against the bankers and the 1%ers

·       Feeling and empowerment: we all agree on a lot so use that.  Empowerment of the mass movement.  Translate resentment and anger into something we can all agree on.

·       Who we are and what we want; our actions tell people who we are.

·       It’s not who we are but what we do.

·       We need to not be so idealistic cause it’s an occupy brochure.

2.      ‘Big Government versus Big Business; who caused the recession”.  John needs input for the debate on the 28th.


·       Can’t distinguish between the two anymore because they are so interconnected.

·       It’s our fault cause we let this happen and we need to step up and fix it.

·       The political system is the ultimate fault.

·       It’s our responsibility to fix it.  Organize society so everyone is controlling themselves

·       Tea party debate, so frame to who you are debating

·       The country is run on the theory of money.  We are controlled by a few giant corporations who are paying to determine how this country is run.  This money runs the government and not the people.

·       Wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few and so the control is concentrated in the hands of the few.  There is society and it’s impossible to get rid of it.

·       Great discussion, but there is event between occupier and tea partier.  It’s for show.  Who will slip up first?  “Pull punches” and be careful of what you say.

·       We are all taught to think and survive as individuals and not as a community.

·       Speak their language, use common sense and you can get them!  They know there is a problem; they just don’t have a solution.  We can bring them in with some education.   

GA ended 9:30pm



Monday, July 16, 2012 - 1:00pm