GA minutes March 14th 2012


3/14 Notes from GA


Committee announcements:

  • James: Gender Equality – Coming Out Party is on Friday at 5pm at Cermak. It is a meet and greet with a film screening

  • Lucas: Join Sec. Need help with the basics

  • David O: Outreach – A7 is doing a lot of outreach. We need an outreach committee again. More personal outreach, group outreach and meetings again.

    • Jimmy: outreach would benefit from having a system of outreached model

    • Todd: I tried to put that together but people did not follow it

  • A7: Meeting tonight at 9:30. Need volunteers. Sign-up sheets around the space.


David: Can we add a short endorsement to the schedule”

Passed and added


Calls for assistance:

  • Key holders need to be here more often and regularly so that it is not up to only 3 people

  • David & Alex: CASHE at Columbia is trying to over throw the administration. They have had 2 town hall meetings. Friday is the 3rd and the administration refuses to come. Calling out to the community to create a statement & campaign for a no confidence vote. Occupy Columbia is cool and active. We need support w/SM. Temp check to build a SM campaign, front page, press release.

    • Passed

  • On July 1-4 in Philadelphia, many occupiers (not that 99 group) are working on a national gathering. They are working on a very open proposal to be brought to as many GAs as possible to create a visionary document. They want input on the construction of the event. See Mac for more info. The proposal will come in the next few weeks.

  • The Free Howard Morgan Campaign (OC endorsed) – Sentencing is on 4/5. Would like to pack the court room. We need support w/SM. Temp check to post on front page. Temp check.

    • Passed

  • OCRAC is having an event on 3/23 with many groups like Amnesty international and Occupy the South Side. We need people to promote and if you have sound equipment, we would like to talk to you.

  • A7 also needs a PA system (even a kids karaoke machine would work) email

  • Occupy construction tape – we would like to start using all around the city with a focus on foreclosed homes.

  • Would like to start a new committee (anti-election committee) to change the political system. The 1% controls everything. Maybe Saturday at 5pm?






  • For Endorsement – NNU May 18th “Robin Hood Tax” action and demanding for better healthcare. Proposal on website:

  • For Endorsement - IVAW March: On May 20th the Iraq Veterans Against the War will be marching and returning their metals to the NATO Commanders. We need support w/SM. Wants to build a SM campaign, front page, press release.

    • Q – Would this limit our actions if we endorse?

    • A – No

    • Q – How will they meet with the military?

    • A – Looking to get permit. Ideas are being flushed out. This is only the 2nd time in history has been done.

    • Q – Are you a Vet?

    • A – No, but I work with them as an organizer. It is open to all Vets, not just Iraq Vets.

    • Q – Was NATO involved? Do we know what is happening?




A7 – GA approved 3 months ago. Now there are some details. MSM needs a topic to build our messages. There will be lots of actions in communities around the city in the morning and they will all converge (via CTA) downtown at Butler Field form 2pm-5pm. There will be education and art stages created. Anyone can play a part in this. It will tie everyone together. Chicago has a lot of communities and organizations that have been struggling. OC can become a central conduit for groups. It will be a great kick off before May. There will be encouragement of lots of direct actions through April and May and be some solid coalition building. It will be a central hub where teach-ins will be cross issue and how those issues are related, how to be a strong force. It is not permitted but we are not planning an occupation and will not have permanent structures. Then at 5pm there will be a Freedom Feast where we can learn, talk, and break bread.


Music festival – Statement read:

The Occupy Festival wants to make sure that accurate information about how the festival is working is being brought to GA on a regular basis. Yesterday we sent out a press release announcing the festival. We have been listening to the feedback and have some changes to announce and some clarifications to make.

Due to this feedback we received, 2 changes have been made. 1) The use of the word “sponsor” does not accurately reflect what it being done to raise money for produce the festival. “Donor” is a more appropriate term and will be used going forward. 2) There will no longer be VIP tickets. This is a standard type of packaging, but does not reflect equality. This type of ticket has been removed entirely from the Occupy Festival and we apologize for not seeing this glaring issue.

There have been many questions and concerns. We want to very clear as to how our process is working.

SolidClarity, LLC is nothing more than a legal entity created for this event for liability reasons. It is not some big promotion group trying to make money off of the Movement.

This is both a fund raiser AND a way to share the message of the Occupy movement. It does not attempt define the Movement. It will highlight to the public what the Movement is about with appropriate bands, artists, and speakers. It is an opportunity to get our message to a whole new population (just like Rolling Stone was). This is designed as a fundraiser for the movement. That means raising money, just like other fund raisers, we have to charge in order to raise money for this Movement.

50% of the net profits will be directly donated to Occupy Chicago through 8th Day. The other 50% is going to pay the production company, event organizers, and all the people that are doing enormous amounts of work for no guarantee of pay. We aren't writing this into expenses because expenses are already too high and, as a sacrifice for the cause, everyone is putting themselves on the line completely. If the fest doesn't break even, then we make nothing for all this intense work and Special Events Management loses money. We are NOT paying people to protest. We are creating jobs, unlike many corporations in this country. This is putting ideals of job creating into action.

Bands have expenses and contracts with agents etc. Everyone who is being negotiated with is working to make it as inexpensive as they can.

For funding, the 1st line of raising money is to find anonymous donors. Beyond that, we will be looking for unions, socially responsible businesses (not corporations), and non-profits for funding. ALL DONORS WILL BE REVIEWED BEFORE ACCEPTING THE DONATION TO ENSURE THEY ARE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. All will have creative ways to offer donors visibility. For example, the conversations with unions will be to have banners that are focused on an idea or concept with their logo being in the corner. Such as “Peace” or “People over Profits”.

We have dropped the cost of tickets down from what was first presented. We are offering free tickets and shirts to Occupy volunteers during the festival. There has been work with the People's Summit to offer discounted tickets for those who attend the Summit, we will provide free buses between the events, promoting the Summit will be huge (will be on the website and promoted alongside this event), times were adjusted to accommodate the Summit, and hopefully there will be a Live Stream set up of the Summit at the event.

Occupiers are working with the group to make sure that these things are adhered to and that the Occupy Movement has an opportunity to reach out and engage the public in an appropriate way.

At the end of the day, we hope to have raised a great donation, have engaged with people, and it is a great morale boost to celebrate the culture of Occupy before raging battle against a huge beast. We have been working our asses off and this will be the most intense drum circle we have seen yet!




Anti-War March

  • Cool. Do it.

  • Make it about more countries. Make it a broader action against all war.

    • Q: Is that a friendly amendment?

    • Q: Can we change what a coalition has done?

    • A: Write it up and bring it back to the next GA

  • Time and location clarification: This Sunday, 3pm, and 2100 W Devon

  • I support & joined FB page

  • It is on the 9th anniversary of the Afghanistan War. These groups have their own vision and are all on the same page with focusing on this anniversary. But we can bring a total anti-war voice to it.

  • Temp check passed for GA ownership


IWAR March

  • Most powerful message we can imagine. Who would you want to protest more than with Vets?

  • It would be powerful as a Movement if we offered Vets metals for the work they do in this movement.

  • That would be militaristic. Many people do hard work in the Movement. Not against but…

  • Maybe give them flowers?

  • Self aggrandizing

  • Was not proposing. Just sayin’.

  • Temp check passed for GA ownership – Vote priority for Sat when a group of Vets will be coming


Occupy Festival (this is a list on notes taken back to the fest producers)

What people said they want:

Clear criteria for donor selection (what makes a business socially responsible?)

Many are against the job creation. Seems to much like paying to protest because it is still being paid to do work to further the movement. Everyone should volunteer.

Opposed to any visible logos for businesses at the Festival (not clear if that would also mean for adverts)

Updates at every GA, even if emailed to Sec to read

All donors be published online somewhere with the strings that are attached

That without the Occupy name this event would never work and so everything needs to be transparent and our structure & standards

They want the financials broken down along with the projections to be public. All expenses, that the LLC is/ could be making, etc

No for-profit business donors

Figure pay into expenses vs after. Make it a clear post expense donation

OC to take up a very public line that we are separate

GA approval for all donors

Wage cap or sliding scale % of donation based on net profit. As profit goes up, so does the % donated

How does the merch play into all of this

Have a donation button for those that wish to donate a purchased ticket to be given away

Occupy Festival issued press release; needs clarifying; most important:


--Sponsor does not accurately reflect how this is financed. Donor does.


--VIP tickets have been removed. It's undemocratic.


Solid Clarity LLC are not a monolith corporation out to co-opt the Occupy Movement. (ibid)


50% of net profits go to OC through 8th Day. 50% go to recouping operational costs and band costs.


Donors will be from anonymous sources, unions, socially responsible businesses. Donors will be reviewed beforehand.


To integrate interaction with People's Summit, they're arranging transport between the two events and offer discounted tickets for people attending Summit.


PoInfo -- Q: Who reviews the Sponsors? A: Working Group





Concern regarding the second 50% of net profit. It's unknown how much will go to recoup expenses and how much will go to the promoter. Could we see projections/accounting regarding the expenses?


On the one hand, this is a good way to boost the message, but on the other, it's a very tenuous applications of

A for profit institution donating money violates our principles (See: Ben and Jerry).

Paying people to do work that benefits OC violates our principles. We should only accept money from NFP business and unions.


While SC LLC is not some monolith promoter, the promoter stands to make a lot of money. Others will make money, such as the merchandise end.

This is a great fundraising tool, not an outreach tool.

No problem with a benefit concert. Big problem with a for-profit concert.

It's too late to back out, but we should change the line and affirm that it wasn't our idea.


Response: By deferring expenses, this moves the risk to the promoter.

This CAN be an outreach tool, as it's an event that would attract people not going to OC GAs and rallies.


We need to show our full support for this event. We need to address financing concerns, but be scared off by it.


Response: I'M an Occupier, and it was MY idea. The promoters have made several concessions to Occupy, and it's not fair to paint them as solely concerned with profit.


A lot of OC is strapped for cash. Is there a way to get those people in? Sliding Scale? Promote buying tickets for needy folk?


Response: Event will need volunteers for festival, in exchange for free admission.


We need to raise money in the framework of a capitalist society. Also, media attention has value, and this event would provide a lot of intangible benefits.

Concern regarding how the working group operates


Response: It's consistent with people's experience in other working groups


Response: love the idea of buying other people's tickets. Also working on voucher system for free tickets. We don't want to do a means test, so we're still figuring that out.

This IS a huge outreach opportunity, especially in reference to People's Summit.

Yes, the LLC stands to make a profit, but they're taking every financial and legal risk in doing so.


Since we're affirming our endorsement, we should get some new information before we do so.


I would favor reaffirming our endorsement, if we make two suggestions

I'm flexible on my earlier terms regarding for profit companies, but they can't use their logos. We'll make a special thanks list.

we put a wage cap on it, or at least a sliding scale on the profit







  • Q - Is there a set schedule yet?

  • A – Local community actions will determine their action times but they will all converge at Butler field from 2-5pm. Use banners to determine spaces. Freedom Feast at 5pm. 6 Teach-ins at 2 stages.

    • Teach-ins:

      • NATO/G8 – Confirmed Eric form CANG8, ANSWER, and IVAW

      • Basic Human Rights – Healthcare, Housing, Education, and maybe Jesse Jackson

      • Austerity – Mick from the Reader, STOP, and many others

      • Immigration, Drugs & Prison Industrial Complex – Mick form the Reader, Howard Morgan rep

      • There are more but can’t remember

  • Q - What would volunteers do?

  • A – Cooks & Servers for Freedom Feast, Staff for info tables, Public art projects, SM, document with photo & video, march marshals, facilitators, etc. 15-20 people needed just to serve food.

  • Need to figure out a back-up plan if something goes off track because of the Sit Down & Shut Up ordinances

  • Cops are afraid and stupid

  • We need to work with medics and cop watchers. And trainings from community groups

  • Many community groups are not doing direct actions. Some are open houses, live art, film screenings, empowerment rallies

  • There are broader safety questions. What about police? Without a permit it is all illegal and it will be a target because of the ordinances.

  • We have police liaisons, the NLG, and we are not camping. Cops don’t want to look bad before NATO. We are not expecting a heavy hand or mass arrests. And there will be contingency plans. If it rains, we can only figure that we will dance in the rain. It will be family friendly.

  • Maybe we can bring this back for discussion as it develops.


General announcements combined with soap box

  • Occupy makes me Bipolar. Start hating it. Then I feel good again. It goes back and forth. Thanks for good festival talks and listening (we have problems listening sometimes)

  • There will be organizer training to learn how to organize your work place. 2 day training form 10am-2pm in 700 (NOTE TAKER MISSED THE DATES)

  • For April Fools Day, we should have a mustache march. That way the cops that have one will be forced to be in solidarity. Grow one if you can!

  • I came to OC with my family to network for NATO. But being around for only 12 hrs has made be fall in love with Chicago. Does anyone have a place to stay? I can help with food. I want to help build the Chicago Spring. I am from Albuquerque and there has been a lot of discussion on our name. Some like Un-Occupy because it represents a rejection of white male privilege and that this land was first occupied by the Native population.

  • That Saturday DePaul is having a gathering before the Nobel Prizes for $25

  • Yoga here in 700 at 6pm (NOTE TAKER MISSED THE DAY)

  • If we do an April Fools day action is should be FOR the 1%

  • Do your dishes!


Sunday, March 18, 2012 - 2:15pm