GA minutes March 12th


Occupy Chicago General Assembly, 3/12/2012


(1 New GA attendee!)

1. Committee Announcements


  • Gender Equity Committee: “coming out” party this Friday (3/16)

  • Education Committee: CrimethInc. event this Tuesday (3/13)


2. Calls for Assistance


  • Trina: there’s an action in planning that will involve caution tape and canvassing the city in propaganda; fliers about April 7th in 501 that people can grab and start handing out

  • Guy: Jeremy Hammond, occupier still locked up, for more info go to

  • Lady: occupy eviction blockade at 3811 S Wabash, 24-hour occupation to stop bank from foreclosing on ex-cop’s home

  • Mike: People’s Summit working group needs lots more people to get involved, come to next week’s meeting on Monday at 5:30pm in room 501




3. Proposals


  • Emergency Proposal: Endorse 3811 S Wabash Eviction Blockade

  • Proposal 1: Allow IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) to use room 700 for 2-day training on organizing in the workplace

  • Proposal 2: Endorse NNU (National Nurses Union) march against G8




4. Voting


  • Emergency Proposal: 0 Opposed, 14 For, 0 Abstain Passes

  • Proposal 1: 0 Opposed, 14 For, 0 Abstain Passes

  • Proposal 2: 0 Opposed, 13 For, 1 Abstain Passes


5. General Announcements


  • 99% for Spring Non-Violent Training at Multi-Kulti, Apr. 9-15

  • Cool Guy from Occupy Detroit & Occupy Our Homes is here! In town till 15th before heading off to Occupy the Midwest!


6. Soapbox (Skipped)


Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 1:00pm