GA minutes January 27th 2012


Date: 1/27
Arielle: DA meeting at noon,
tomorrow first meeting for gender equality at 7:30 in Oak Brook
Kelvin: 5-7pm Sunday, GA facilitation training. Tomorrow after GA in 501, long term strategy
meeting. Help with facilitation organization meetings
Zoe: Housing – don't prop the front door open. Respect the space
Evelyn: Press – Press conference today. GA felt that we should not acknowledged us not knowing
May 1st. Media is not our friend and we need to be mindful of what they will use against us
Josh: SM – Twitter decided that they will censor subjects if a government request to censor specific
Brianne: Educations – people’s summit meeting Feb 6th 5-7pm
Arielle – 9am-6pm labor conference at 300 S Ashland
Crystal: - Feb 4th immigrant injustice. Talk about immigration and organizing around it. 1831 S Racine
Lucas – Sec – Over the next couple weeks we are going to experiment with our procedures.
Mark – Working on treasury committee.
Andrew – Donations – There have been incidents that people want to donate to OC but it is based on
profiting off our name and image.
Mike – Rework housing committee to make back up plans.
If you are interested in clowning talk to Evelyn.
Zoe – We need a committee to help deal with Cermak for maintenance, internet, etc.
Start a fitness committee
Todd – Trying to start a news organization.
David – occupy Midwest conference in st Louis. They need help building regional committees
Mark – start an Occupy reading group. Starting a people's research committee.
X - Alderman is proposing legislation that would ban police from imposing on social
media. Reciriculate Occupy news stories, and training on how to be a civilian journalist.
Sam – Get the Occupy Chicago library started. What our roll is for a camp on May 1st and making a
unique camp.
Transparency livestreaming
Micah – Live stream GA's every chance we get. Times when we do not want to live stream GA's
should not be talked about at GA.
Andrew – Don't give the media any more fuel to the fire. Some of the stuff needs to stay internal.
Kelvin – We need to maintain transparency at our GA's to keep with the theme of an open movement.
Mark – Is it a good idea to have non voting GA's called GA's? Transparency is very important.
Mike – Last night was more of a reaction to Adbusters, so we had to take a better look at what we were
doing to understand the implications.
Last night was a concern of covering our own asses about our confusion.
Todd – Some people may not feel comfortable standing up in livestream so we could make people
anonymous in the notes.
We need to be careful about drifting toward being a secret society. So livestreaming would make us
more accessible.
Josh - We have a strict policy against censorship.
Ryan – I'll discuss the structure of GA later in soapbox. A part of being transparent is also to protect
ourselves so that we can't be accused of bs charges.
Matt – Ask ourselves what is private? There are valid points about not wanting to bring everything out
in the open or exposing someone over the livestream. If something is going to be open to the public,
make it open.
Sam – You could always use a mask when speaking. The GA is not a place for secrecy, it is a place to
be open to the public.
Keilah – We can't close off one of our only resources to people.
Ben – We could also attract more people by having a livestream.
Transparency won't protect us. We need to have a way to protect people in GA's
Mark – Some topic like this fall into the gray area. If we provide a bulk of the relevant info through
audio, what is being left out in transparency in the topic of transparency.
Mike – The idea that livestreaming is no different than taking notes doesn't make sense.
Rachel – The GA should be open. Don't do secret shit at the GA. We are going to have thousands of
people coming to us so we need to be accessible. It is time to start being progressive.
We also need to think about the individuals. So we need to consider the needs of the movement and
the needs of the individuals.
Putting things on the internet isn't necessarily being completely transparent. There is partisanship in
Occupy Chicago.
Josh - There is a huge difference between live tweeting and live streaming and they have different
audiences. Body language is key. We need to respect information getting out.
Todd – Livestreaming audio is not that easy. We can also do remote participation if we do audio only.
Tech Presentation
Paying for our website and the cluster of servers, and equipment.
Dan proposal
Proposed at the Wednesday GA. There is a meeting on Tuesday at 4pm that the city council is having
with a group of activists, and legal to get a jump start on what to expect at NATO/G8. What deadzones
are, what mass arrest procedures are etc. They are waiting for our response.
X proposal
Chicago principles.
Clarification – We will define conflicting events by arrest ability
Clarification – What is meant by appropriate separation. Those that don't want to be included by a
group, would be moved by time and space so as not to be confused with the tactics of another group.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 1:00pm