GA minutes January 14th 2012



Please note, these are transcribed from notes handwritten in the cold with some editing. 


Moderator: Andrew Smith
Stack: Matt
Notes: ?

Saturday, Jan 14, 2012
7:45pm GA Start


  • MLK events at MultiCulti and People Church On Sunday
  • Press Committee Announcement: Coalition Against NATO
  • Jan 17, 18 First press conference 9am - 2am City Hall
  • Press Walk Through
  • Occupy El Barrio Event
  • Facebook Twitter
  • Tech committeee site changes and design

Call for Assistance

  • Melody - I need help locating personal vehicle and identifying whereabouts of family members.
  • Occupy Will help with list of organizations to assist people.
  • Contact all your alder person. Google Alderman. 


Proposal: Peoples Summit at Cermac Building for G8/NATO

Organizing preparations for everything happening at G8 actions. Organizing preparations for everything happening at G8. Planning for actions and teach-ins in  public spaces create opportunity for Occupy Chicago to build alliances with national and international members and groups. Many well known speakers have been invited. (See for additional details - Sec)

  • Stack Comments: Preparing for G8 and organizing all necessary steps to welcome fellow occupiers from around the world to join with them to protest G8 and NATO actions all over city. 

Proposal: Occupy Midwest Conference in St. Louis March 15 through 18 2012. GAs, teach-ins, music. etc. Opportunity for preparations for G8 in Chicago in cooperation with Springfield, Omaha, Madison, Milwaukee. Copies of proposal available for all who with to read it now.

Proposals: Education Committee People Summit May 12 and 13, 2012

1st Vote: 20 voted to pass proposal. Proposal passes.

Occupy Midwest Conference

2nd Vote: 20 voted to pass proposal. Proposal passes.

General Announcements

Contant your aldermen.

Tomorrows MLK events. (See -Sec)


  • Andy - Some GAs are low attendance. Its fair to have a minimum amount of people at GA to vote for really big financial proposals or really important proposals on topics of concern. Voting at GAs 4 days a week. If people are able to attend GAs so the issues that are important to them are discussed and people are a part of the discussion so the vote is a process that everybody present is well informed on the proposal. 

[end of note. Soapbox continued going.]


(Secretariat editorializing: clearly we need more people helping us so we can have assigned note takers and moderators before GA's start.  Email us or come by one of our regular meetings at 4pm Sundays, 6pm Thursdays at Corner Bakery on Jackson and Michigan.)



Sunday, January 15, 2012 - 5:45pm