GA Minutes for Jan 30


Committee Announcements

Jim with arts & rec (w/ graham(: they are putting together a festival on the 12 & 13th of may just prior to g8nato conference. We’ve partnered with Chicago Special Events Management. They are getting permits. Proposal forthcoming. There is a working group planning it and POCs on each committee.

Keri: making 4 announcements

            1. meeting with the CPD. The city wants them to sign a non disclosure agreement, they won’t. UPDATE City is demanding nondisclosure, so we aren’t going.

            2. Guy with Occupy the Superbowl called me, the teamsters want to shut down the game.

            3. on the 11th after GA, there’s a CLDC fundraiser.

            4. Forward Alignment Guys doing massages and ear acupuncture for us twice a month. First one is at 4 this Saturday.

Jake from Vis Media: going to meet every Monday after GA or around 9:30

Zoe From Housing: we’re trying to get the housing committee back up and running, looking into squatting and outdoor camps, etc.

2nd Clown Fitness committee, to get us in shape and clown with the police.

Harlem Rent Party? Proposal to reach out to artists

Calls for assistance

Billy wants to build a bike rack, needs metal

Keilah was hassled by cops, looking for footage

Mark Bookclub and science club

Thomas: tamale benefit for Midwest workers association, brochures will be on file tables. Rahm had a secret meeting today: he’s grouping elite officers to deal with the movement.

Keilah Mccarthy says we should record cops.

This guy revealed abuses of police pensions, wrote a book about it “Truth or Treason.” His complaint was ignored. He has recorded his conversations with the FBI. Companies are screwing whistleblowers.

Zoe wants to form a Cermak committee so she doesn’t have to do all the work.


1st proposal

For occupy to join in a national day of action (called by Oakland) around prisons (get text later)

Meeting to plan Saturday at 4pm at 500 Cermak

Contact Working with campaign to end the death penalty and some other org who’s name I didn’t catch.



2nd proposal

Crossroads would like to give Occupy in general an award. They give this award every year to groups working for peace, social justice, etc. Benefit is March 2, they want to invite some members of Occupy. They can’t invite us all, unfortunately, but they want to send four tickets to each Chicago Occupy (el barrio, rogers park, etc). Also want a speaker. Other awardees: Barbara Randsby and Chicago Freedom School.

They don’t want to be gatekeepers and trust our democratic processes to decide how to distribute and pick an awardee. The upper cap is less flexible but the distribution is. They need to hear back from us by Feb 22nd.



3rd proposal

National Day of Action around free speech and freedom of Assembly, Feb 15th



Space proposal

Open the space 12 hours a day 10am-10pm, hopefully moving to 24hr.

The proposal is to organize shifts to monitor the space.

There is a debate about whether or not we need keypad, but it is being taken up by the Cermak Committee.

            Questions about theft and whether or not the space should be open 24/7

            “Every time we lock the doors and turn the lights out, we’re wasting money.”

            It is against the rules to store your personal belongings he.

            We have to worry about being framed for things.

            What if a cop plants drugs? Response: there are security cameras in the building.

            We don’t need to define personal property, we understand what that means. “Don’t be an asshole, we’ll be alright.”

            A lot of concerns about respecting the building. Having people in the space 24/7 will discourage bugs, plants, etc. We are trying to lessen the chances of us getting evicted. Keyholders don’t have time to be opening the space all the time. We need people working on Occupy stuff, which is what this space is for.

            Security comm. is training people to deal with unwanted visitors here.


Tech proposal for vote


            a lot of these items sound useful. We need to utilize these to the max. Supports proposal

            Is there already a smaller printer? Answer: Everyone seems to have smaller printers they can use. How many months of internet service is included in the proposal? Answer: we’re approving it indefinitely.

            Keilah: why are we spending $200 on ustream if we aren’t going to use

            This is not a personal jab, but I work for a printer who will give us a really good deal. I would suggest that if you have a problem, you should propose a solution. Offers that we work with his company as a plan B.

            Tech has put more money and labor into this movement than anyone else. Lots of people know people who know people who can help, but it never materializes. Adds that we should live stream everything and wonders why Social Media doesn’t livestream more.

            Chris on viz media: as a videographer, content counts more than quality. It’s a lot of money, let’s make sure it’s worth it.

            Stacker doesn’t watch ustreams because they look like crap.




1 abstention, 20 for PASS


6 opposed, 13 for, 2 abstentions FAIL


4 opposed, 16 for FAIL

skipping ink and paper


1 opposed, 19 for PASS

projector screen

2 opposed, 18 for, 1 abstention PASS

FM transmitter

1 opposed, 19 for, 1 abstention PASS


0 opposed, 20 for PASS


19 for, 1 abstention PASS

cheaper vs faster web

1 cheap, 17 fast, 2 abstention FAST INTERNET FOR THE WIN


At this point, your humble minute taker got a headache and did not record minutes for general announcements and soapbox. He apologizes from the bottom of his heart.




Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 1:45pm