GA minutes February 3rd

Note: Minute taker had to leave early.  If you have the rest of the minutes or any other minutes from a GA please send them to secretariat.

Zoe - 1st meeting of Cermak committee after GA, to help with organization and management and answering phone calls and talking to the manager etc.


On Feb 6 and 8th from 8-12pm there will be internet installation


Rachel – Press Committee – Help write a press release for Occupy the Superbowl...they will be on the Today Show tomorrow.


Kelvin – 3-4:30 next Friday at Grace Place general committee meeting.


There will be assistance in facilitation on Sunday


Andrew – Donations – Work on agreements with outside organizations on profit sharing for donations. There are people that are interested in helping us fund raise.


Joshua – Occupy El Barrio – Occupy Immigrant Justice tomorrow in Pilsen 1831 S Racine from 6-10pm


On Feb 18th there will be a free film screening and discussion at 18th corner of Racine, at the human thread gallery.


Visual Media – Help cover all occupy events with others that take pics and vids of events. Call out to committees that if you want recorded you can send and email to Visual Media


Mark – Treasury – There will be a meeting Sunday at 2pm in 700. There is a GG. Talk to mark or Lucas.


Conflict Resolution – Provide mediation for conflicts and peace circles.


Mike Occupy NW side tomorrow 11am lib at the Logan Square


Matt – Labor – Meet every Tuesday at 6:30


Abel – Donations – Set up a way to receive any size packages.


Mark – HQ WG – Leaflet HQ. If you have anything that you want to distribute, let them know.


David-Working group for occupy MW conference. Let him know if you will be going, or want to help organize for the event. Working on a proposal for funds or supplies from OC. Could bring with and back potentially. Also trying to revamp internal coordination. Will be...



Keilah – Work on getting schedules from all committees


Jenny – Neuro-social engineering group – help facilitate through science and how we talk through social norms.


Rachel – Occupy Indiana – Invitation to occupy the superbowl, rally, march and ga. Only room for 4 the drive there. Room for 10 to stay there.

Richard – Tomorrow at fed plaza a march against our oppression to Iran. Starts at 12pm


Sugar – The fund raising event raised 860 dollars, we are getting a van to get art supplies to bring back to cermak, need help transporting and unloading.


Want to get a WG together to highlight the unemployment issues.


In response to our issue last Sunday with police brutality and deleting footage. McCarthy says that police should be recorded.


Feb 19 there will be an action


The printing press is being dropped off tonight so we need to make the screens so that we can make t-shirts


Occupy the Chicago River to have a boat to block the river, and have a DA on the Chicago River.


On Feb 15th City Hall they will vote to get rid of coal plants so there will be a planned action for that. Working on long term visions and goals WG so that we will have something to bring to the table when other occupations come to us


Need help at HQ with body presence. Let's start having marches from HQ to Cermak


Go to a house with a bunch of people are recording to show how ridiculous the IL law is.


Massage and Acupuncture and Energy Work tomorrow in 501


Need to come back to HQ because people are getting to comfortable at Cermak


There is someone who is trying to buy a van for us, and we are looking for people to put on the title. We need to do this soon because the person offering may be traveling soon.




Saturday, February 25, 2012 - 4:00pm