GA minutes February 22nd


Wed 2/22/12 - General Assembly

Start 7:16PM


Committee Anoucnements:

-Cermak committee – 1. Sunday afternoon there were coplaints of screaming in the space.

2. people have been caught sleeping in the hallways – NOT OK, will lose us our lease. If you come to the space, and it is not open and no keyholder is here, you cannot stay here to hangout in the hallway, they keyholders are working on forming a schedule but it is an all volunteer basis. There is a public library close by if you need somewhere to go inside.

3. There are a lot of donations from Grace that need to be sorted through, we have one week to go thru the clothes, if we decide it's not needed, it will be donated or trashed. We can't use the space as storage, get you rstuff out or go thru anything you want in a week.

-question – make a rule list and post it inside/outside? - good idea.

4. Please use the computers respectfully. The space should be used only for occupy stuff. idea from OWS - “Individual freedoms don't override the community's help”


-Research committee – our wiki was spammed, sorry, we're working on fixing it.


-Secretarial – idea for establishing a quorum


-Arts& Rec - OCRAC (Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective) launch – this Friday bands, art, at 2215 W North ave, doors at 6:30 PM, $8 (½ goes to us, ½ to Wicker Park Arts Center), it is all ages, but we will be checking I.D.s for those who want to drink. Please go to the front page and approve if you can , esp. if from arts&rec. More events to come in the future.

  • We're prepping tomorrow at the space, so the meeting at Cermak is not happening.


-Apr7 meeting – come to commit to doing work, a lto to get done, tonight after GA, contact us if you have community groups that might get involved


-There is a whiteboard to put your committee announcement info (dates, times, places), and another whiteboard for requests to stay after hours (need a keyholder to sign off)


-OMW conference – please register online, let us know if you can help w/ safety, facilitation, anythingelse, and fill out the form. Follow @occupymidwes (yes w/o the t) for updates.


-Fitness – David Olo is willing to help support anyone who wants support, let him know ahead of time to schedule


-Occupy Northwestside – meet weekly on Sat, usually at Logan Sq library, this week might change. Apr 1 – news that there is an Occupy the Palm Sunday event put forward by church groups on Logan Sq boulevard. March 31 – Kimball Ave Evangelical is putting up a tent city, will update w/ more info



Calls for assistance:

-Trina – 1. Calendar downstairs – update it! 2. Do yer own dishes!!!

-Bunny – Mar 25 – BoA sponsoring Shamrock Shuffle 8k – if we sign up by March 2 as a team we can get custom bibs, want an OC team so BoA has to print oout our bibs. It's a competition – what if we won ;). We could wear protest-type shirts. If anyone is interested – be able to do 5 mi in 1.5 hrs (15 min mi)

-Rachel from library in 501 – Occupied Stories from NY is collecting personal stories, they need some from Chicago, if you've been to an event recently that you want to write up for them,, it will be archived in print in our library and online on their website. Want to document he upswing towards Chicago Spring. They're focused on specific actions & events to document from people on the gorund.

-Tony – some people really like doing your dishes I guess? I guess don't clean up after yourself? (is this sarcastic? - yes. PLEASE CLEAN YOUR OWN f-ing dishes)

-David Ol- we agreed to host fundraising for OccMidwest, ask bring food, water, $$, supply donations. Conference is Mar 15, this is soon, we need to figure out what we have and don't have, it has to happen ASAP. By tomorrow contact me.

-Stop the Suppression of Occupy – endorsed by GA, happening Tues Feb 28 here in Chi and around country, stop the tear gas, the pepper spray, we will be back. We have a working group, got some endorsements, but we need a lot more, we need people there & outreach. Asking for those who were arrested to be there with their friends, Tuesd 4 PM jackson& lasalle, feb28wg@gmaildotcom

-As we get closer to NATO/G8 – we need very experienced street medics to start hosting trainings (POC- we have someone from NNU coming, trainings will happen)

-Jacob – would like to start teaching free improv, have experience teachimg it, can be useful to us for crowds, can alleviate internal fears.


15 min breakout - starts 7:48 PM





Live stream – get notes form david olo

Link to proposal:


Labor Committee – Mike from DA, new to Labor, presenting it on their behalf.

  • This proposal is related to how OC & DA played a role in the Piccolo Occupation. The idea is that if there's an event coming up where not all the details can be released beforehand we need to make sure we get our numbers out.

  • Labor committee asking for support for pre-strike and strike actions coming up w/in 10 days, location TBA

-Stack :

  • Justin – sometimes concerned w/ solidarity w/ unions, but no reason not to do this.

  • Keith – wants more details. (Response – looking for anything we can give them,looking more for bodies than material goods for now, walkie talkies & wi-fi hotspots maybe, press-related is helpful for them)

  • Zoe – some big strikes looming, idea to support smaller strikes first to build solidarity with the unions and OC

  • Trina – we need to put our energey where our talk is re: “solidarity,” support this

  • Question- time? Answer – TBA


-NATO/G8 Week of Action Proposal from NG8 working group

-Link to proposal:

-Week of action from People's Summit to NatO/G8

-Votting to Endorse & Support CANG8 action

friendly Ammendements: 1. This approval only applies to OC approved actions created by OC, any solidarity actions still req'd to go thru normal GA procedures

2. this proposal does not prevent anyone else from planning & proposing NATO/G8 events

-Stack: Keith – Read: Currency Wars , what's happening around the world w/ austerity has to do with what they plan at NATO&G8. It's economic warfare at the conferences. Like the proposal.

-Jason – I like it. Let's make them feel unwelcome. People organizing need to adhere to Chi Principles


(voting Friday on these 3 presentations)


Proposals up for vote tonight:

-Continuation of Occupy Midwest Conference donations/funds proposal.

  • We pledged to give them supplies/donations already, so this is a list that we're voting on. They have a list of needs & we have supplies here at OC that we could let them use & take back, or stuff to let them keep.

  • 1. 10 first aid kits – we have 6 sealed, 10 unsealed, 2. Hydrogen peroxide -we have it, 3. They need 100 trash bags – we have bunch of diff sizes/kinds & more than enough, 4. Wetanaps/baby wipes – requesting 10-20 packs- we have 35 of different sizes, 5. 4 dry erase boards – we have a lot, at least 8, 6. hand warmers – we have a lot., 7. sunscreen – 2 bottles – we have 6 bottles, 8. need ponchos – we have 11 packaged and 20 unpackaged, 9. Ibuprofen/aspirin – we have some

  • Stuff we don't have that they need – extension cords, sharpies, walkie talkies, batteries, cups, napkins, plates, cutlery, coolers, duct tape, tarps


-Bunny- We should give them whatever, dontaions will pick up for us once we start doing our own stuff again, the only problem is the advil/aspirin b/c it's a legal liability, medics can't administer, they have to buy their own

-Proposer Response – they have a wepay set up to donate $$ for aspirin, etc.

-Mandy – Friendly amendemnt – take out medicine – accepted. Be areful w/ the sharpies because we go through them fast. Idea - Give a quarter or less of our total sharpies

-Proposer response – we could take ou own stuff down, let them use it & take it back, but go w/ expectation that you might lose track of it even if it's labelled.

-Trina – we should lend them anyhing we can, but please make an ivnentory & label anything take down. April 7 needs a lot of the same logistical things & a budget proposal will be going forward or that soon. Don't want to lose A7 resources bc of this.

-Justin – we're the biggest city in the midwest, expect to donate a lot, we're popular down there, it doesn't look good if we come empty handed, set some limit like maximum ¼, 1/8 , or ½ of the stuff on the list.

-Bunny – agree w/ above – now that we know what we have – we can say that w/ the understanding that we don't expect you to open packs of wetnaps and count them out exactly, etc.

-Keith – give them the whiteboards, trashbags, how much can we carry with us/ fit in our cars?, give them the handwarmers, give whatever else can fit

-Presenter response – some people are driving down beforehand

-Zoe – we have the ability to request things and people will bring it to us – it's not aproblem to fulfill the stuff we're asking for which is easily donated, easy for us to gain back our losses and ask for new stuff, all for giving them as much as they need. We have a lot fo stuff we're not using, lets go use it now, & we'll recoup the losses

-Ratio accepted as friendly amendment.


-5 min breakout to discuss nailing down the percentage- start @ 8:45 pm

ideas – 25%, 50%, 75% max of our stuff - we're going to temp check each one, wehatever is most popular is the one we're voting on. Tie b/w 50 & 75% - so we agree to vote on 2/3 (66.666%)


Next proposal -

- Formerly Judicial Process, Renamed: Internal Affairs Evaluation Process



(Motion to extend GA, seconded b/c it's 9PM)

-after a conflict, each party asked to leave for one week to picka method to resolve, Internal Affairs Evaluation Committee (IEAC) can use peace circles, non voting GA, etc.

-if someone's membership is in question, the member must be brought to a non voting GA, must be brought to IEAC first

-no voting during this GA but may be used to resolve a situation, structure decide by IEAC, if someone's memmbership is in question a vote mut be held, so a nonvoting ga must happen first to discuss

-Summary – Response to recent incidents of intimidation, threats, violence internally, up until now we haven't had a formal process, in the past CRC and the GA have played it by ear. This sets an official process to follow if there's a definite conflict. The major change for this version si that there is no steps defined that a conflict resolution must take – the people involved can decide, there's no pre-set punishments so we can evaluate ona case-by-case basis


-Ketih amendment - anyone that initiated violence is unwelcome period

Proposer - Not accepted.

-Bunny – yes, ew're a nonviolent movement – but there are degrees, I've had to deal w/ not having process for a long time. Only concern – there was a forcing into a peace circle – we can't ask

Amendment – in order for ask for somebody to be suspended you do have to go thru the process (if victim/accuser uncomfortable person can have an advocate), accused needs chance for defense


  • Person – it's such a broad range of “offenses”, cocnern with not stacking

  • person – I think this is absolutely necessary, can't have this tuff going to GA and taking up al our time. Minor amendment – commmittee has power to make own procedures ?

  • Proposer –not accepted, people involved have chance to choose process, I wouldn't give strict power to the committeebc really it should be w/ the people involved.

-Justin – believe ther should be some stack, but limitied, maybe to only witnesses and participants esp if not available at nonvoting GA,only witnesses should come forward – amendment – special stack for witnesses. Also point of info of difference between nonviolence as a protest/action tactic and as your own non-related ndividual actions

-Proposer accepts the amendment that only witnesses can stack during a voting GA in the event that it was not initially discussed during the nonvoting GA

-Paul – this is a superb proposal compared to what it started out as.

-Jacob – sounds great, as a preventative measure, maybe we can start to post our policies all over as visual reminders, OWS recently released a community agreement, we also should post up the Chi Principles, infiltration should not only be by state/police but should also include those that are removing for the productivity of OC, there are people we afraid of telling “You are sleeping here and we need you to leave now” etc, I made a zine to help us communicate about this from Cornerstone Community Outreach 0 this is where you can sleep, eat, etc.

-Sean – I support this but concerned about the friendly amendment re witneses, if somebody gets up at last min and provides crucial info theere might need to be a stack, someone could even use that to manipulate the process to go the way they want.

-Response – still goes by normal voting GA procedures so we can table it if this happens

Sean -other things – amendment – allow for review process to take place so the people on the review panels don't get power/authority etc.

-response – supposed to involve multiple cmtes, doesn't give one cmte power, the panel rotates on amonthly basis and is open for anyone else to join

-a Mike – in favor, question – is body only created when sthg occurs? (no always exists but)


breakout 5 mins



  1. OMW Conference proposal – vote to give/bring up to 66% of our stuff to the conference in St Louis.

Count: Yea: 27 Nay: 0 (Abstain: 1) Percentage unanimous (100%), it passes

  1. Internal Affairs Evaluation Processs proposal w/ 2 amendments: 1. , 2.

Count: Yea:20 Nay: 1(Abstain: 3 b/c some people left don't worry :p )


General Announcements:

-Bunny – a certain suspended person is claiming to work with the CPD, that person is no longer welcome here at Cermak, no informants are allowed here. We have proff, if anyone wants to see it they can, come talk to me. He's not allowed here.

-Nick w/ OC Trib – next issue coming up soon has been posting articles on Piccolo and interviews w/ AUSL (private corp to “turn around” Chi schools) teachers talking about the horrors of their school takeover, we also got stickers made up, the Chicago Tribune hates that we use Gothic type & sent a lawayer after us, so we mad eup stickers w/ gothic type! Stick 'em where you want

-member of the IsO – event Thurs Mar 1 – Marxism &the working class – come to learn 1831 S Racine 7PM

  • Person - Up for disc. on Sat – Occupy van

  • - Keilah – in favor of livestream proposal, participated in livestream roundtable and most said they would respect what we pass.

  • David – We have a finalized GA format for OMW conference, rundown: loosely based on ours, 4 days, day 1&2 used for proposals and presentations, 3&4 voting g.a.s, day 4 will have 2 g.a.s.

  • Jake – created a social media outlet and need help w/ name – Occupy Tonight or Occupy Latenight – twitter/tumblr usergenerated, everyone likes occupylatenight, 2 – will trackdown to get improov classes here, 3 – me and another guy ccaught somebody sleeping in the unit next to us – what do I do? Use our new process!



-A Mike – thanks for giving me an easy time for my 1st time moderating. Give myself a C+

-David O – I love the keyholders, you guys bust your butts, sacrificing personal lives to open and close. There hasn't been a schedule/system in place yet. We had an incident today that could have gotten us kicked out of this space. It's tiem that we have keypads.

-Bunny – saying you're bringing in the police to bring down OC will get you kickjed out, if you have a personal situation where you deem it necessary to involve the police, that's different.

-Zoe – so, the keyholders were meant to be a temporary measure, but few people responded to sorting the problem, no one wants to solve the convoluted issue, I don't want keys, it was supposed to be temporary, it's been hard. Problem – how do you make sure people aren't sleeping here w/ keypads, same problems w/ having keys. Ifsomeone wants ot make that proposal, they should do it. This is sort fo a call to assistance – don't come to me anymore, put somethnog together, come to me q/ questions only.

-Keilah – I did research on keypads – I'm hoping during spring 700 goes away, so aybe only have ajeypad for 501 b/c keypads are expensive, clocks out at 10 o clock, could have an overriding code that keep sit open. It's expensive but it creates less problems. Somewhere near $500 for one keypad.

_Alyssa – learn women's names!!!!!


Saturday, February 25, 2012 - 11:30pm