GA Minutes - 1/13/2012 - 7:00PM



Moderator: Lucas
Stack: Dylan
Notes: Keri

Committee Announcements

Direct Action: Arielle

  • Meeting - Sunday, Jan 15, 2012 at 6:00 PM at Multi Kulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.  Chicago, IL 60642.  This is an open conversation regarding NATO/G8 (and more)
  • Feb 14, 2012 - Getting together pictures of patients and workers from Northwestern

Arts and Recreation: Trina

  • Occupy the Dream brunch 11:30, events following
  • T-shirts to remake for Occupy, bring to Occupy the Dream
  • SOUL has a bus to go to People’s Church on Lawerence after, let’s pack it!
  • Launch of Rebel Arts Collective, Feb 25

Occupy El Barrio: Mario

  • Press Conference - Afternoon of Monday, Jan 16, 2012.  Alderman Solis office asking to support us against Rahm’s "Sit Down and Shut Up" Ordinance

Treasury: Mark

  • There was a mix up and the meeting today did not happen.  There are not a lot of accepting invites to the google group, let Mark know
  • Please send Mark your availability

Social Media: Josh

  • Twitter tags we'd like folks to use:
    • #occupymlk…use it abuse it have fun with it
    • #ochi
  • Apr 7, 2012 - Chicago Spring twitter name not decided yet

Tech: Andrew

  • An administrator left Occupy this week, but tech will go on!
  • Our budget proposal didn’t pass, but we are still paying for servers…and more!
  • A revised proposal will be presented tomorrow

Secretariat: Lucas

  • What do we do?  Make meetings go smoothly, meet once a week, come up with agenda, take minutes
  • There are better ways to make this run.  We need to get everyone’s opinion and make it more democratic
  • Please join us!
  • Meetings - Corner Bakery on Sundays and Thursdays.  

Civil Liberties Defense Committee: Keri

  • NLG Meeting for those arrested has been moved to Feb 5, 2012

Calls for Assistance


  • NW Hospital, DA doing something to respond to their suckage.  Want to hand over to them all people that have been screwed by the hospital.  Bring to her!  She and others are making a banner!


  • We will have housing soon!  There will be an open house! 
  • Arts and Recreation Committee has some cool things lined up for the space, but we need help!  Let’s all engage and start a working group around this.  All committees!  Giant pot of an awesome event.  Email list going?


  • Jan 27, 2012 - Burlesque show at Underground Longe.


  • Feb 17, 2012 at 8:30AM at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St.  There is a protest in support of Taxi Drivers.
  • Andres is our friend and a part of the organization angry about the new ordinances.  We will help them, they will help us now and in the coming months.  Although we can’t post flyers and such in a cab, cab drivers can distribute literature for us.  Who wants to help develop literature and such?


  • Coalition againgst Corporate Higher Education, acting in support of Occupy Chicago.  Beneficial in past with his group is not having formed formalized groups, kind of amoeba, assign point people to ask as coordinators for event, so they don’t have autonomous groups acting independently and causing fighting.  Can help up more forward and act more democratically in general and to involve everyone in all decisions;  not always possible, but can still quickly organize.  Recommend;  less fighting more involvement!


  • If you have access to grace on regular basis, please come get blankets for outside General Assemblies, although we only have a few left.


  • Date for where our events for 17th and 18th are, concerning Rahm’s new sit down shut up ordinances
  • Also, there is a big vote in city council to make Chicago first city in country to ban torture, Illinois council to ban torture has made this happen, it is THURSDAY do it up, do it big, twitter, tell your grandma, this city has a not great history with torture, and the government in general either, so lets support this!

Proposals for Presentation

Presented by Brienne and Sara

3 page proposal summary:

  • Occupy Chicago to endorse May 12 & 13, a the weekend prior to summit
  • Global capitalism in 21th century and day to day lives
  • To organize for radical demonstrations
  • Alternate visions for world we know to be possible
  • Occupy Chicago coalition for NATO/G8 and other community acitivists who wish to help build a coalition for this movement
  • Using Cermak space and asking permission to use the meeting rooms on 5th floor and big space (i.e. GA space) on 7th floor.  Needing all that space for the whole weekend.  It will prevent committees from having meetings, they know it’s a big deal, but they think this is a big deal.
  • Lots of people coming, lots of interest, taking responsibility for finding people who don’t have it, organizing it, with event (possible) that Rahm decides to kick us out, they take responsibility for having a contingency plan to hold it
  • Four (4) keynote speakers invited already:  Noam Chomsky, and Ronelle Wes amongst them
  • 1st time since 1977 NATO and G8 are in the same city at the same time in public place
  • Asking for blessing and endorsement in hosting at Cermak HQ and helping build the coalitioin
  • There will be no cost to us for speakers

Stack on this proposal:

  • Education Committee Rep - There is an opportunity to have conversation about starting to prepare for May.  Eyes are on Chicago, nationally, like Oakland for shutdown, with respects to Rahm's "Sit Down and Shut Up" ordinance, we can project to other occupies, "Look!  Rahm is  preparing for this thing, be ready to come here and stand in solidarity with those who are here”  The timing of proposal is key, we are making headway with "Sit Down and Shut Up."  We are causing a stir, when we pass this, CANG8 can start broadcasting about helping us protest "Sit Down and Shut Up" and start giving info
  • CACHE Rep - For independent events where people asked why are you not adversiting for people to come to NATO/G8?  This is the event world will look at.  CACHE student summit fell through, we all should support this
  • Arielle - People don’t know what NATO/G8 is and can learn more
  • Justin - I am for anything that informs us about NATO/G8.  I love the speakers.  Reccomendation for all to see The Yes Men Fix the World.  It is on Netflix.  Yay Noam
  • Education Committee Rep -  In response to last two speakers, we are also trying to have a series of teach ins along the way to educate people to what NATO/G8 is so we can all be more knowledgeable.
  • Education Committee Rep (1st stacker) -  We haven’t made steps forward in having a kind of occupy conference as a subset of the summit, because the broader event is not part of Occupy, but many other kinds of activists will be coming, we can organize Occupy conferences as a subset of it to talk strategy and tactics from first 6 months of Occupy movement, potiential exists to have that happen, but with assistance….committees, like def com can host panel, fight for civ lib in Chi, with awesome speakers, many options.  Another thing is that we can read up  on what happened in 68, Noone Was Killed, tactical map of downtown and what is the kind of culture Chicago polilic operate under, push for teachin on dnc 68
  • Brielle -  Eric of socialist worker, a short and relevant history of NATO/G8, NATO’s involvement in Lybia teach in planned, March 3 and 4 will be local focus on how this is happening in Chicago
  • Sara -  conclude with "Sit Down and Shut Up" if we host this and it is shut down because it is honorable education, it’s a loss of face on Rahm’s end, it’s a win-win wether or not it gets shut down
  • Brielle - 4 big speakers have been invited not confirmed
  • Unknown -  Rahm’s giving Nobel Speech, how does that line up with that, happening mid-April?

This proposal will be up for a vote on Jan 14, 2012 at the 7:00PM General Assembly.



  • all occupy, teach-ins, St. Louis is doing all the work
  • just want our support, not a ton to actually do for us
  • March 15-18
  • committed to being decentralized, believes will be for our mutual benefit to ORGANIZE
  • proposal makes it so there is a group put in charge of trying to organize and connect occupations in a formal manner.  This would put trust in a group to organize that
  • ramp up outreach and plan actions against NATO/G8, get all Midwest involved
  • whatever outreach and ed committees have tougher, we can get together at summit
  • easier to spread out that through social media network
  • non-binding commitment
  • our groups are not responsible, can help, are encouraged, but its being taken care of
  • Springfield, Elkhart, Muncie, indianpolis, Omaha and more have already signed on
  • super awesome, lots of people signed on, Chomsky turned them down, have other speakers, Tom from Rage might be coming and more!
  • bands and teach ins and Blaise is committed no matter what we do.
  • maybe a bus to go there (not for sure yet)

Stack on this proposal:

  • Education Committee Rep -   big fan.  Has been on conference calls.  Intercity organization is one of the most promising things on the movement on a national level,….gen strike in all of us….this can help build a national network to form a core to pull together kinds of national action to hurt the 1% we should think long term.  Is upport this, sounds like a spokesmodel council, a good stepping stone, need action to be thinking of conferences as like “lets figure what to do”, this proposal isn’t a decision making body or anyting, but it is a great start and I am for it.
  • Blaise -  it is non binding, step towards connecting inner occupy so we can get word out faster, first event that inneroccupy in MW is putting togehtr.  Clarify:  as part of interoccupy in st louie and other occupies attached to this event.  We would create a working group called interoccupy that notifies GA if other city is reaching out to OC for help with anything.  But no commitment

Proposals for Vote


Stack on this Proposal:

  • Unknown - When we used to have gas at hq, it was before we had gate situation there which reduces available space, but what is the explicit understating of where?
    • Response - by statues
  • Unknown - we need to move back bc it will increase solidarity and it is bad when we are alone on the street in the morning
  • Justin -  we reoccupied LnJ, it was good, there were several people who had not heard about it and several people who had not heard of it and this was good and we have potential to grow and anythign that can give us potential to grow again is good
  • Brian -  today it is beautiful, some out there everyday, we should be out there everyday, get everyone on google group every day.  The people at HQ don’t take time off.  We should be out there every day.  The people here who just come to Ga need to come to JnL and quit talking about and it do it every day.  You have an hour every day and come down there are people from everywhere and we are trying to get in where we fit in and these people talk to them everyday.
  • Keilah -  I spoke on Weds, I met most of you at HQ, those peple who come now because it is on the website, those people are confused and discouraged and don’t come back.  Donations are down and there is no box at HQ and it is important for us to be there for our movement to grow.  Being by HQ is good to grow more.
  • Andrew -  Lot of talk about HQ, im in no position to say you have to go, I’m only here weekends, but I say that lots of the talk around the situation with HQ we have lost good people on the divide over what HQ means this is a good way to bring those two groups together if we an reach consensus, I don’t want convo to evolve into fingerpointing and name calling.  I contribute what I can I have my own shit to deal with if I could be homeless on street I would but I cant abandon my family, no more name calling, this is a good stepping stone, some feel abandoned, ridiculous to not let GA happen there
  • Mark -  I support proposal I will vote for it I second BC’s comment this is a great tactical way of naturally improving solidarity, but I will echo the other side I have been there from very beginning going from 7 peple to to average of 100s when it was at its peak what we didn’t do to get ehre was guilt and shame people and have envy laced convos that is so unconstructive, I have respect for people who are still out there I did a couple months stint where I was out there 24/7, I get ulcers, all contributions are important we have fronts everywhere with DA’s and we are all brothers and sisters together and look at how we have divided our labor and be insulted if you think that go do something else, I agree with this but we need to change the rhetoric of the criticism.
  • Paul - Fork analogy.  We need all the prongs on the fork.  It’s a good starting and moving point.  It does have sentimental value but does not have to be a final point.  Soemthing important:  Thank you!!
  • Thomas - I’ve been here a looooong time.  On the corner for a long time.  I respect you all.  We don’t have unity there.  We need a greeting committee for those who see us out there or take it off the website that we are going to be there, there are a lot of people from out of state and sometimes they just see me and he says get on line with us and sometimes they stay around and introduce a lot of you all and we can get in tune and have organization don’t point, because then fingers point back and you, lets control this situation come together at HZ and the reason we don thave these numbers because we don’t have the number……I GOT TWO BROKE TOES AND I’M STILL OUT THERE
  • Unknown -  social media and outreach, I deal with social media and twitter on daily basis, people don’t know we are at horse, and we get tweets about being at JnL like this woman from France, but people tweet that they go and no one is there, if we are going to have people on ground, but no point to have them several blocks away, committee meetings at HQ, layer up and do it!
  • Abel - we are all volunteers, what we do is on our own, we can not hold anybody responsible and we cannot force anyone to do something we cannot make others feel guilty we have to do it ourselves if we want it, for some it is easier I live downtown it is easy but not everyone of us is the same to go to HQ, just bc people don’t come doesn’t mean they don’t want to they support in different ways, but in terms of strategy it is something we have been advertising for the last 3 months doesn’t make sense for us to abandon but having 24/7 occupation at that point is difficult for us, not impossible, but it is realistic, lets hibernate during winter, maintain, and when it is warmer we can get more people downtown, and we will get the old numbers, lets manage expectation.  Pick certain times, we will be at HQ this time so people know where we are
  • Lucas -  one thing not in proposal is time, we started today at 7:30 but we can work it out when we start it is right at our HQ so we can start at 7 when we say we do although this is not part of the proposal its something we can think about sa part of the proposal, we don’t want to exclude people who cant stay late
  • Guy:  I’m also in El Barrio, although it has involved into another discussion about HQ in general and I would favor the latter, HQ, bc he comes downtown for it and people need a place to congregate and the people who I am interested in organizing and getting involved in this don’t come down a lot bc its not their neighborhood.  Presence at HQ is important but for a lot of people its difficulty to get down there.
  • James -  Friendly amendments?
    • No.
  • James - Until cermak, and if we are not going to be there we need to change that on our website bc that is where people think we are.
  • Unknown - 12 people from various cities who are strengthened by the fact we are down there, I srongly oppose our not keeping presence there it is union station everyone comes through there, I’ll still be there, everyone can be there for whatever reasons they want but there are a lot of people counting on us being down there I get eye contact from people now and we have way too much at stake if rahm wins this shit is ogin to havppen everywhere people online are saying what is going to happen with G8 and if we aren’t on JnL, if we aren’t there, we look like a bunch of closet yuppies, who are afraid to get pegged with shit, the guy on the bike sticking his tongue out, I hope we want to stay down there.

Voting on this proposal:

  • Opposed:  0
  • For:  31
  • Abstentions:  1




This proposal was not voted on.




  • Jan 17, 2012 - Occupy Congress in DC, its important for us to go there to be in solidarity in them and their actions, promote solidarity for April 7
  • I am asking GA for $500 and gas

Stack on this proposal:

  • Alyssa -   this is important and I was concerned about too many people fighting wanting to, but there isn’t so I’m for it.
  • Mark -  if people come from all cities, can we carpool?
    • I tried through twitter.  It doesn’t seem to be happening.
  • So how many?
    • 5
  • Andrew:  brought this up a couple weeks ago, I’m in contact with organized, on tech, I was supposed to but life kicked my ass, with ride sharing is I suggest maybe have discussion tonight I might be able to get ahold of this guy bc there are buses in area maybe going out there, when I brought it up I got the same response, field trip?? But then I just said, hey I’m going, we need to communicate.  I want to go but I have no money, I helped plan it and organize it I want to go but it might be too late.  Gives members a chance to interact with other occupations, solid lines of communication
  • Josh:  last time I supported it, I still do, it is important display of solidarity, spring is gonna be touch, N/G, national and international attn. here in Chicago, we need to show solidarity for them, they have asked for us to come, we should come to build support, we should go to stand outside of congress, if we don’t go what happens when we say we nee dhelp when we have to stand up to CPD and Rahm, the money is outweighed heavily but the strength of the proposal
  • Unknown -  problem:  we didn’t have enough details, but at this point those are valid points that got brought up and it is important to go and we should.  Possible friendly amendment to report back what happened and make it into a thing, not just sending some people.
  • Keilah:  they have a multioccupatinal GA, so we can learn about GA’s from around the country and maybe world, I can stream so we can all see it here.
  • Sugar:  when I was at OWS I kept getting asked who is going to Occupy Congress it is going to be huge people want us there it is important to show solidarity show Chicago in good light.  Secondly at one point early on we paid and sent people out for just simple networking in DC they did but this is asking for money to spend for an event not just a networking trip this is a national event lets do it.
  • Paul:  clapping.  Solidarity is a great word.  I want to be in solidarity with FL or Brazil that are better than DC.  I think about the resolution how we ran to the alderman to give us clout but the only thing I saw later was the alderman laughing at occupy Chicago.
  • Guy:  I agree and disagree.  I disagree with sentiment but I agree that it is not all about money we need to continue and outreach and it is a no brainer to go our gov is the biggest problem right now we need to stand in front of cogress and thell them that there needs to be change we will have some great social media on the ground there lives treatm and tweeting amazing to help outreach grow and garner support for NATO/G8 and more!
  • Mark:  cost relative to who was going so I abstained, but after meetings this week, cangate meeting yesterday, made it dawn on me how much this is a priority to network with other occupies face to face, email is great but in person discussion is an important part of our coordination, but its kind of soon, I have no drivers lisence, is this actually logistically possible?
  • Keilah:  if it is approved but someone cant drive or whatever, the money can just go back.
    • Temp check results are positive.
  • Moderator: 2 friendly amendments
    • 1.presumption that there will be a report back
    • 2.if it doesn’t work, the money is refunded
  • Brian:  why not a van?
    • Keilah:  it is twice as much.  I been trying to get a bus, but there wasn’t enough interest.
  • Thomas:  I’ve still been here 4 months.  I don’t know if there is room enough but if there is I still want to go, even if there isn’t room.
  • Abel:  we want a report.  *Abel gets shamed and jogs away smiling sheepishly.
  • Abel again:  this is what we have achieved, why we spent the money.
  • Andrew:  if people choose to stay, its on them, at 9 meeting with reps on front lawn, teach-ins
  • what about sleeping?
    • -ent city!
  • Andrew:  not actually a DC event, good opportunity for networking and things of that nature, with teachins and all.
  • Guy:  given importance of how we go to spread word on N/G, what we have available that we are planning etc…
  • Keilah:  April 7 working group meeting tomorrow or Sunday to draft a statement about what April 7 is, don’t know if it affects what we do, but that will get voted on…
  • Mark:  friendly amendment to provide funding for flyers?
  • Keilah:  I probably can at my campus.
  • Moderator:  3rd friendly amendment


Voting on this proposal:

  • Opposed:  0
  • For:  31



Sugar:  I’m about to piss some people off.  Theres been an issue that needs to be brought to light.  A corruptive issus, we need to bring it to the light.  I”ve been working on Occupied State of the Union.  I’m pulling it.  Off a twitter rumor without talking with me confirmin etg, ignorning info on forum space, proceeded to within DA google group and press group draft a letter and sent it to OWS and inneroccupy claiming that Chi rejected it on face value, upset it didn’t come through Chi first although original outline approved, although I no longer associate with OC, I continued to work on this, it has been known, most of these people didn’t bring concerns to me although I did bring concerns to group to build consensus, letter said I refused to build consensus.  I think its bullshit people blacklisted this across nation.

Andrew:  our strengths is creativity and an open forum to have dissent in a constructive maner and that didn’t not take place which is unfortunate and I’m sorry to see a friend of mine leave and ruben over similar issues and I want to remind everyone that we are going to have competing ideas and it is healthy and helps us move forward makes you have to think about you position and how you want ot act with it and the other think I want to touch on is that bc we are going to have disagreements and fundamental disputes should be handled internally a member who is spurned we can deal with this internally the who world doesn’t need to know our web developer left or why sugar’s proposal isn’t working, the world doesn’t need to know this this the media gets fueled to discredit us and ourselves within the larger movement, those with dissenting opinions should rmemedy the situation with the individual and recommend that no one take that hsit to a public forum.

Sugar:  speech that isn’t going to happen will be posted.

James:  in all the madness, I started looking through posts in my well oiled machine proposal of which only breakout groups stuck, we voted to have forum reps for committees to make sure we get back to people I saw 3 posts that had several views with no responses.  One was for a potentially donated Christmas meal, one for thanksgiving, one from a lady in a wheelchair questioning disability access for events it had 27 views with no responses.  We look like jerks bc they can see who saw this and that there were no responses.  Be mindful, maybe it was answered but if someone wants to make food for us and no one responds that’s bogus, and the wheelchair thing too, lets try to get the committee reps online to check forums to answer q’s especially because we voted to do that.

Guy:  space for different ideas excluding rascism, sexism etc, but setting that aside there isroom for anarchists liberalists socilists nihilists Obama supporters, one of the best things about this movement is the forum it can provide for debate and be radically inclusive and not push people out of the movement when we disagree.  We also have to present for discussion, although I haven’t read the speech, but I was told it was presented to the ga once and turned down, and that is what the person on twitter was frustrated about should that have happened, should we have got to discuss, yes.  I talked to mark about taxi driver think if we have them out our side going into NATO/G8, taxi drivers have a habit of striking.  3rd meeting next Tuesday 17th, MLK struggle for black liberation, amazing speaker

Moderator:  I was moderator and sugar pulled it bc it was going to be an individual action and was going to keep working with other people and was going to bring it back with larger consensus

Abel:  usually we tlak about non violence everybody at ga says this is a non violent movement but we don’t alk about noviolent resistance there is a non violent resistance that takes a lot of strength some people form several discussions feel like non violence is weak or not effecteve, but that is out strategy, esp when we talk about GA, like we should have a fight or gas mask or things like that, we should discuss these things in a larger strategy, the movement we are using, nonviolent resisteance, takes a lot of education and strength, being non violent by itself is easy but non violent resistance is risky and when you talk about those things I think we nee dmore education and focus on that.  Side note for how we feel about our presence at HQ there are dif ideas among different people I created a poll on the website, few choices, it isn’t perfect, but it is like a temp check, go vote.

Blaise:  Rahms ordinance, fines, police, street and sidewalk regs, G/N contracts, etc….call your alderman, we have 3 nos, but we need 26, so its time to put pressure on them, vote is Wednesday, meeting on Tuesday, if you want to assist Tuesday at 1pm at City Hall

Arielle:  myself and a couple olther depaul students have tried to put together occupy depaul I want to encourage those in colleges to identify with each other and not interfere with OC, but do their own thing with what goes on in own school, depaul is 2nd worst in nation for practicing free speech, different in each university, so lets start convos!!

Mark:  Two topics.  So I’m gonna get on stack twice.  First.  The sugar thing.  A fundamental thing that is more general than that.  The things we figha about most constantly, but its forward moving actions when we have dissent.  In the past you see people agreeing perfectly about what they don’t want but when it comes time to talk tabout the future their ideas are poison to one another, when we see the strategic value of HQ or the drafts of the speech or the philosophy, safe sounds place vs occupation, these are the hard parts.  Beginning we were vulnerable we united, but not independently we want to move forward and do things with our ideologies, now that we are an established thing that isn’t going away overnight so that when someone who is more of a reformists “offends” anarchist they don’t argue, they can discuss, if we don’t talk we are gonna step on eachothers toes, I understand both sides of the spectrum with the speech and other issuses, like of autonomy vs the group, the use of the word “occupy” these are the “moving forward” questions we are ignoring because they are tough, we have to do it or we are going to keep accidentally stepping on each others toes, it is time to start talking about ideologies.  I have been bad about keeping up with teachins, but we should all start going more, we cant keep ignoring ideology more.
Second.  Been great headway with aldermen and women coming and taking a stance due to the pressue that has been on them from OC and other groups about the tactits, caution about engaging in convos, but upon reading news, the media has decided to frame this in a way that they are worried the laws are going to stay after the summit.  The convo is about it being fundamentally wrong, not just when they are wrong.  Don’t accept this conversation this is a diversion, a tactic to cover their ass and not really go at it.  After the summit no one cares, but before the summit that is what this legislation is really about don’t let aldermen off the hook with bullshit talk.

Guy:  Outreach, social media…..gaining more numbers, ga/nonga approved actions, please share with social media committee so we can make facebook event, we have lots of folowers, its been proven we have a much higher turnout, problem is we get content too late or someone creates an event invites all friends, gets 1000 coming, then asks them to create another event, so basically share and email to social media, ga sponsored or not.  Lots o people at hq tonight bc of FB.

Andrew:  tech.  please be patient.  We are trying to get things done, if you still don’t have website access we will do it quick as possible, email us, we lots an integral part of our team this week, so please be patient.

Moderator:  stack extend?  Yes.

Guy:  like Mark’s two minute chunk.  Pressuing aldermen:  through involvement in CANG8, there is more motion among activists in this city now than since I’ve seen, many unions and other groups are pressuring alderman getting people to come next Wednesday, people understand aldermen are doing this because of pressure, they see the trib and sun time gives press to this, despite what we thinks politics are, people understand press covers lobbying aldermen, oc press coverage up this week, secondly it is we should push the aldermen in the direction of being against all of it, but even some, this is no just about N/G, it is an excuse to attack anyone who wants to organize at all in the city, 30000 workers will be picketing in may but this will be illegal.

Sara:  teach ins are important, I’ve attended a lot, many community members, no occupants don’t go, we give time to thinking, and that time does things to you, you consider things, maybe you think you are an anarchist but at the end you think, I don’t know who I am, at cermak I will press you, be there, I will be making you come.

Keilah:  I didn’t expect proposal to pass, I’m really happy this process works.  I don’t know how to get the money now.  Lets keep in mind, now a lot of people want to go, if it is important for you to do ok, if you can stay back and let others go, we need an A team to go to DC.

James:  I’m more militant that many of you might know, and I want to plan a defense militia for N/G.  Kill livestream, whatever, at N/G there will be marksmen, sharpshooters and snipers on rooftops on McCormic place and downtown, something creative nonviolent, could be taking huge garbage can lids and use them as shields for rubber bullets and on front of them we put signs on them, but I think that gas masks and that sort of thing, we need to know the police are training and this is low stage war, this wont be sweet, see me if you are interested, talk to me, it is important to protect ourselves and not be rosy posy  

Arielle:  on a lighter note…….we have  freaking sweet banner, admire it, make sweet sounds…….

GA:  sweet, admiring sounds…

Keilah:  I leave to NY tomorrow, driving to DC with livestreamers there, so someone who is going who can take initave who can get the money from Kieran or Micah, I don tknow how long this takes, but we need to leave by Sunday

Andrew: cant contact 8thday til Monday

Keilah:  Can I front?

Apparently yes, she can.

Lucas:  Feedback.  When can we fit this in?  My feedback.  1.  I forgot to say the “intro schpeel”  2.  The way we started at the horse was awful.  We have tools of how to work together and come to agreements, no yelling, its coming together, hearing ideas, hearing other ideas, we all know how to run consensus based decision making.  So.






Friday, January 13, 2012 - 7:00pm