Occupy Chicago General Assemply (roving, Little Village)

Saturday 6 October 2012

Moderator:   Steven

Stack:  Sara

Notes:  Keri


Announcements/Calls for Assistance

Hearing for Danny Johnson, 10am Tuesday October 9th, Skokie Courthouse 5600  Old Orchard Rd.  Room 207, Judge Haberkorn……show up, dress appropriately for court, no political messaging on attire (on request from attorneys)

Art Auction at MAGI Cultural Center, 2149 W.  21st, Thursday November 8, 6pm-10pm….to support NATO 5

Sunday 7th, at Multikult 1000 N. Milwaukee, fundraiser for Keystone Pipeline, suggested donation $10, vegan feast!

C.O.R.E meeting on school closings, Thursday 4:30 pm 8148 Stoney Island, Avalon Library

Monday 8 horse DA meeting, discuss Take the Horse anniversary

To get involved/find out more about fighting for housing rights and human rights in Cabrini email:



Occupy El Barrio general announcements

Food Not Bombs, used to be in Pilsen, we are restarting it!  Every Sunday 1:30 pm 18th, Loomis and Blue Island.  2 so far, huge success!  Speakouts, convos, come join!

Jail Support 26th and Cali, Saturday nights, food, shoelaces, meeting needs of those recently released (Food Not Bombs cooking food to take down there!)

Next week’s GA at MAGI Cultural Center, 2149 W. 21st St (red door), close to Damen Pink Line

Stories from our friends from Cabrini

Holston Management, private firm hired by CHA, putting pressure on citizens to move out.  Testimony of a person attending meeting of how her life has been turned upside down due to false accusations brought by CHA, by way of this company.  Again, email to get involved.  (in the vicinity of 3 blocks in each direction of this case, there are approx. 50 evictions)

Looking for more lawyers to help with this situation.  Contact: 

“it seems……that his private corporation is more powerful than they are.”—regarding politicians speaking out against unlawful evictions in Cabrini 

A clause in the lease says they can’t organize tenants.

2 parts to grievance procedure: formal and informal.  Some public housing is still open, as well at 1/3 of Cabrini.  With informal, have hearing with management company, at this point, tying to ‘work it out’. If its not satisfactory, apply for a formal hearing.

Racist statements made by Parkside Condo Association Board.

Chicago Anti-Poverty Law Collective: (email to get involved as a lawyer/paralegal)

Knocking on doors is not an arrestable action until you are asked to leave (and you don’t)

We are creating an email list to be ready to help our brothers and sisters in Cabrini, again email josephpeery@gmailcom



-We don’t start any meetings unless someone is taking notes.  (vote Wednesday)


Petition for a Citizen’s Patrol

Oct 12-14 2nd Occupy Illinois Summit in Peoria (more info at GA Weds)

Anti Columbus Day action at noon at Buckingham Fountain, Monday


Call for disabled artists to antagonize Rahm by way of their talents  J

Call for new DA ideas, come to DA meeting (this Monday 8pm at the horse)

Suggestion on a better way to count votes

We need to hold momentum from CTU strike!  Attend meetings, see above.

No Strings Attached proposal, voted last month, bi-monthly accounting on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays to give financial updates.

A way to organize who is working on what, committees, groups, individuals could be organized to be easier to reach…..”know what’s up” list or something to that effect

Instead of voting box, a suggestion box!  (rumbles of appreciation for this idea..)

Motion to Dismiss…..GRANTED!!


Saturday, October 6, 2012 - 7:00pm