GA procedure

Please note: that these are just guidelines, and some times there is a need for change such as relocating. If this happens, it will be announced during  the previous GA and typically updated on the website.


OCCUPY CHICAGO GENERAL ASSEMBLY - EVERY Saturday at 7pm @ LaSalle & Jackson

The Occupy Chicago General Assembly is an open forum for discussion on a whole range of issues. This is a great place to get oriented, bring ideas you would like to make happen, and meet other people who are already involved.

"The General Assembly is the main regular gathering of the members of Occupy Chicago. It is also the primary manifestation of the democratic practice and spirit of Occupy as well as a vehicle for introducing new people to the movement and growing the movement.  By coming together we get to know each other, we can plan to do things together, and we see that we have strength in numbers.  All Occupiers are therefore encouraged to attend the GA.  Together we can change the world.  Apart we will not."      [Approved by Occupy Chicago General Assembly, 10/27/12]


7pm General Assembly Default Agenda Order:

(note this can vary depending on what is happening in a specific night)

  1. Welcome, introduction and explanation of hand signals
  2. Committee announcements
  3. Calls for assistance
  4. 5-10 min. breakout discussion (if there are calls for assistance)
  5. Presentations of proposals for future voting
  6. Proposals read and stacked for voting tonight
  7. 15 min. breakout discussion
  8. Voting
  9. Group discussion - topics chosen by temp check
  10. Soap box


Proposals & General Assembly:

  1. Proposals must be presented to the GA and on the Discussion Forum for a minimum of 24 hours before it can be eligible for a vote.
  2. Presenters have 5 minutes to read the proposal to the GA. Follow the initial reading, there will be an opportunity for the GA to ask clarifying questions to which the presenter may address directly. 
  3. After being presented and online for 24 hours, the presenter can bring an item to the GA for a vote. The presenter will have 5 minutes to read the proposal, then the Stack line will open for any comments, ideas or questions. The Stack line will be open for 5 minutes, and anyone who joins the line during that time will have 2 minutes to address the topic at hand.
  4. Following completion of the Stack line, the moderator will move to any other proposals to be voted on that night following the same procedure.
  5. Once all proposals up for vote are read and stacked on, there will be a 15 minute breakout discussion period. This time should be used to address any problems or friendly amendments to the presenters.
  6. Following the breakout discussion, the proposals will be re-read to include any adjustments then a vote will be taken. To pass a proposal must receive at least a 9/10ths majority.