Who is Occupy Chicago?
Occupy Chicago is a nonviolent nonpartisan people’s movement. We welcome all, who, in good faith, act to reclaim our economy and democracy from corruption and corporate influence in government. We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory democracy and non-partisan debate that welcomes dissent.
"Who We Are" http://occupychi.org/who-we-are

Short documentaries on Occupy Chicago/Occupy:
"Occupy Chicago Day 8" http://youtu.be/ZjPHgJZB37A 
"OccupyDocumentary: A Film on what is now left of our Democracy" https://vimeo.com/43090236
"American Autumn: an Occudoc" http://vimeo.com/44539639

Where to find us?

OCCUPY CHICAGO GENERAL ASSEMBLY - EVERY Saturday at 7pm @ the corner of LaSalle & Jackson

The Occupy Chicago General Assembly is an open forum for discussion on a whole range of issues. This is a great place to get oriented, bring ideas you would like to make happen, and meet other people who are already involved.


We are on Facebook: OccupyChicago (www.facebook.com/OccupyChicago)

We are also on Twitter: follow @OccupyChicago and @OChiCalendar


What are we doing?

We are empowering the people of Chicago to take back this city and country from the control of the 1% and return it to the people.  We are standing against corporate welfare, political greed, and all who repress the 99%.

Why are we doing this Occupation?

We are joining thousands of people across the globe who are standing up against the powers of corruption and greed.  We are here to reclaim our democracy for the people.

Where can I find up to date information on Occupy Chicago?

For the most up to date information please visit www.OccupyChi.org
Or on Twitter: @OccupyChicago and @OChiCalendar
Or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/OccupyChicago

*These are the only official websites and social media accounts for Occupy Chicago. Please be careful of other websites collecting funds or posting information that may be inaccurate.

Is it safe to participate in Occupy Chicago?

While Occupy Chicago is a nonviolent movement, the Chicago Police Department is a tool of the state used to maintain the status quo, and as a result, exerts political repression on the movement. Nationwide, there have been incidents of arrest and police violence towards peaceful protestors exercising their rights.  But most of our events do not result in police brutality or arrests.

How do we ensure our rights to demonstrate and peacefully protest are respected?

The National Lawyers Guild is an amazing team of lawyers donating their services to ensure the Chicago Police Department does not trample on our rights. The NLG Occupy Chicago Hotline is: 773-309-1198.

Are we occupying a public space 24/7?

Twice Occupy Chicago attempted to take a camp at Congress and Michigan and hundreds of us were arrested.  For the first 4 months, we maintained a 24/7 presence at Jackson and LaSalle, occupying the financial district. Now we can be found all over the city at our various actions and events.

How do I send donations? What kind of donations?

Online monetary donations can be made at www.occupychi.org through the "Donate Now" button on the top right of the page.  To donate by check, please make them payable to "8th Day Center for Justice", write "Occupy Chicago" in the memo, and send them to 8th Day Center, 205 W Monroe St # 500  Chicago, IL 60606.
If you would like to donate supplies, you can bring them to our weekly General Assemblies on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7pm at 500 W Cermak Rd, Room 501, Chicago, IL 60616.