MST Brazilian Landless Worker's Movement




Sunday, April 22, 2012 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm


Corner of Jackson and LaSalle, outside Board of Trade


Jeff Frank (Occupy Chicago attorney and national coordinator of Friend's of the MST)


The MST (Movimento Sem Terra - Brazil's Landless Workers Movement) is one of the largest social movements in the world.  The MST claims land through occupations and builds settlements on the occupied land where peasants farm cooperatively.  In its 30 year history, the MST has occupied land in 23 of Brazil's 27 states and settled over 370,000 families (over 2 million people).  You can learn more information on our website:
There has been a lot of interest from the Occupy movement in the MST.  An MST leader spoke to Occupy Oakland (posted on the website). Jeff Frank will present on the history and methods of the Landless Worker's Movement and what the Occupy movement both in Chicago and internationally can learn from their politics and organizing strategies. 


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